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  1. so you going bold bazza just like me , grow a tash it stops people looking at your forehead !
  2. could we see more footy fans drifting into grass roots footy , players wages is a big issue for me , the game is going away from working class ethics . in my heart i will always have swfc , but i might go watch a non league game , beer on terrace cheap food and tickets ... blue & kit of course ...
  3. snowing in bristol .. now
  4. hate 82fc with a passion
  5. Didn’t want to go to the Carlos love fest .. alo money is tight at mo
  6. Favourite away wins..

    whacking bristol city inside and outside ashton gate a few years ago , cmon the gas
  7. Favourite away wins..

    mental game lots of teddies flying
  8. best chairman =howard wilkinson
  9. although i stayed away after blades defeat and until CC was sacked (been to forest-A & burton-H) since , i would never ask for a refund , thats just wrong
  10. I've not been since blades game I'm season ticket holder, shall return now CC has gone
  11. Glad he's gone time to move on and support the team , let's hope we get a good manager and some entertaining football to watch ..
  12. if his team talks are anything like his press conferences , then the players must be confused like *** !
  13. Season Ticket Renewal

    ive a 2 season ticket , will i renew NO , to be honest havent been since blunts game , been an Owl since 83' good and bad times no glory hunter here . the passion on the field is lacking and quality is there and its not working , the club i fell in love with isnt the same as the one i see in front of me now ... No blue and white stripes No home grown manager No Uk owner look at the way their treating G.Hirst shocking a fan and son of a legend yes i'll always support swfc but attend games ... well
  14. A Bristol City view

    nah dislike 82 fc too much , BHBB bristol :-)
  15. A Bristol City view

    Lansdown is a tax dodger lives in Channel Islands , he loves Bristol so much that he hasn't paid the players of 82' dislike sh!theads 82fc with a passion, Otib the Gas !