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  1. love and live Wednesday but couldn't put up with fickle fans , needs a buyout by fans and a vote in chairman
  2. What was his hand signal for ?? After scoring
  3. was it because pulis was going to bring hutch back ?
  4. DC for his absolute mis management of the club , and the loss to the pigs was the last straw . those thinking we'll get out of this mess no chance ... time to set up a Wednesday AFC ...
  5. speaks out .. normally applies to someone objecting to something title should be lee bullen gives view on .... i stand by your click bait headline grabbing comment 100%
  6. https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/revoke-the-12points-for-wigan-athletic EFL unfit to govern , how can they decide whos a good owner , then let it fall apart
  7. not matter whether i like the kit or not i cant justify spending £60
  8. if he's done his coaching badges i'd bring him in as a coach
  9. he lived local to were i live now and all locals say he was drink driving home when he crashed , blind in one eye which ended his career he and probably a few others did the same at the time ( drink driving)
  10. ended his own career by drink driving accident
  11. DC has shown since he got here he can’t make a wise decision from manager appointments to the hirst saga And the on going leppings lane fiasco
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