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  1. moore out bannan in as player manager , wears his heart on his sleeve , assistant manager hutch ??
  2. Born Bristol so look out for Rovers results . Moved about a bit Up to lakes on solway coast didn't like Carlisle where I worked so I used go watch Queen of the South Then down to near Crewe seen the odd port vale game . Next move is Blaenau ffestiniog .. I enjoy watching the local team there But I keep an eye on owls scores throughout only go to see owls at away games in and around where I live at the time .. did have a 2 year season ticket but work and traveling made it hard work Sigma Olomouc is my Czech team had a girlfriend out there and was an excuse to get away and have a few beers
  3. yeh not many there 30-40 i made it , booby gould (ex rovers manager) was stood in the away too , had a chat to him
  4. DM has got in several players that arent good enough or below par
  5. I've booked in the home end . Tick that your a home supporter
  6. love and live Wednesday but couldn't put up with fickle fans , needs a buyout by fans and a vote in chairman
  7. What was his hand signal for ?? After scoring
  8. was it because pulis was going to bring hutch back ?
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