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  1. Don't know what he needs to do to get a chance
  2. He's needs to get some 1st team action b4 anything else as he's too good to be playing u23 football now
  3. Your welcome pal. My guess is If he has been offered a pro deal while he's still at school, not only is he doing well because he's been involved with the age group up but he might have interest from other clubs. Composation goes up if he signs for someone else even if he doesn't sign a pro deal with us. It might not be the case here, but I know that can be the case.
  4. They can be offered pro deals, but they can't sign it until they turn 17.
  5. The season we got to Wembley, the 1st team players on most money was FF and Bannan on £20k a week. Easily sustainable. After Wembley we signed Fletcher and Abdi and gave them £35k a week contracts which created friction in the team resulting in FF walk out at Norwich. Abdi signing didn't make sense as he didn't fit into Carlos formation or style of play so who signed him. We then signed Winnall in January and even though we needed to strengthen other positions we then signed Rhodes who again Carlos didn't want, giving him a big contract. So yeah I was happy about Wembley but I was concerned
  6. might not he ready yet, but i bet they can take a good corner
  7. offered new contract when Jos was still in charge. turned it down. i think he was up at SGP Thorncliffe with Stocksbridge PS a couple of weeks ago
  8. ive heard ogrady, preston, wallis, mcculloch, clarke and williams are leaving. dont know about the rest
  9. He was in the 1st half of the season, but for all the good reviews he gets, its his coaches that he must impress. For me I'm a little surprised by their decision because yesterday and last week against the piggies, we looked better going forward when he came on and Hagan moved to the wing
  10. all the u18s have been offered deals for next season except Eyad
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