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  1. Lonchar left b4 xmas. hes playing for Worksop u19s
  2. we signed abdi with a known injury and who dosent fit into the system we were playing at the time and gave him a big contract. we signed a non prolific striker close to 30 on big money giving him a 4 yr deal. we dont have a scouting system in place. with the way the club is run, i do believe it, well im not going to say i dont believe it
  3. ive heard fox is on £28k. how can you go and sign a player from L1 and give him a contract like that. someone must have got a good commission from that
  4. unfortunately ive not been available to watch the u18s this season. ive been told by a family member that not only is their some talented players in our u18s team this season but their is a good bond between them on and off the pitch which hopefully will help them finish top come the end of the season
  5. they have got to prove FF made a racist comment. their is footage of mellis kicking tom lees
  6. since his few injuries the past year, Lonchar doesn't look the same player to me
  7. I was told at an u23s game b4 Clare made his 1st team debut that he wasn't signing a contract along with another player for the u23s, so I don't think it matters what we offer him he'll be on his way
  8. he might move abroad for nothing then a month later move back to an English club for less then half the money we would get for him
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