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  1. I take my 6yr old and the odd swear word doesn't bother me and I think every other parent will be the same but I've had it when every other word is a f-word and it I intimidates them.
  2. It's a long term relationship.

    not in the player recruitment retainer. big fall out
  3. It's a long term relationship.

    that ship as sailed
  4. U23s away to Barnsley

    just found out it is away but tomorrow. some fixtures have been moved from home to away like burnley 2 weeks ago
  5. U23s away to Barnsley

    u18s are playing tomorrow at middlewood rd
  6. Liam Waldock

    wouldn't matter if their was. wednesday have been good to him and visa versa
  7. Liam Waldock

    I didn't call you names
  8. Liam Waldock

    was my argument with you. the poster missed what I was getting at so he doesn't need another one like him to pipe up
  9. Liam Waldock

    funny thing about that is at the time he raved about him on FH he actually hadn't seen him play at that point. we are friends with him
  10. Liam Waldock

    then slag the club off in the right thread not a sarcastic comment like you first made
  11. Liam Waldock

    it will be in the wash, ready for when he plays again for the u18s or u23s
  12. Liam Waldock

    you don't give a bobbar but yet you post. if you are pissed off about the players, management, chairmen, ticket, kits and any other thing, their is plenty of threads for you to post in on OT but none are them are liams fault. It's an emotional day for the family for this reason. both grandads are not with him to see this acheivement. one who until 3 yrs ago watched him at the academy sun rain and snow until illness took over the other he never got the chance to see him play once. it's for his mum dad sister both nans his aunties and cousins, one who is 6 and idolises him and as got waldock on the back of both last season's shirts. so I am not a stranger if I insult you again. my name is Gavin WALDOCK. I'm his uncle. ₩ P.S I was at the game yesterday with my lad with the waldock on his shirt. liam was at the game also with his mum and dad and I can tell you when I went round to see them last night we were all feeling the same as you are and still are. P.P.S if you mean by timing owls putting it on OS, well today as been planned since Xmas last yr when he was told he would be offered his pro deal but he couldn't sign it until his 17th birthday and guess what it's his 17th birthday today.
  13. Liam Waldock

    can you imagine working hard at something and getting rewarded, going into to Middlewood rd smiling to sign for his boyhood club, his family proud and then going on OT to see a first class tail write this.. KNOBHEAD
  14. Set pieces

    I've been told we don't even work on set pieces in training and you can tell because everyone we have one it's hope for the best
  15. if the chairman left it until May and no contract had been signed on the price they originally agreed to then it is his fault. he knew last year we were looking to leave sondico.