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  1. Alex Hunt and Liam Waldock
  2. gavlad

    Fraser Preston

    since his few injuries the past year, Lonchar doesn't look the same player to me
  3. gavlad

    Sean Clare future in doubt

    I was told at an u23s game b4 Clare made his 1st team debut that he wasn't signing a contract along with another player for the u23s, so I don't think it matters what we offer him he'll be on his way
  4. lads that are on scholarships are no where near that a month
  5. gavlad

    George Hirst - sorry

    he might move abroad for nothing then a month later move back to an English club for less then half the money we would get for him
  6. gavlad

    Under 18's win again!

    Lonchar is on a pro deal but he's in his 2nd year and has had a few injuries forntye last year
  7. it'i not 100% but I've been told.it might be on youtube
  8. I take my 6yr old and the odd swear word doesn't bother me and I think every other parent will be the same but I've had it when every other word is a f-word and it I intimidates them.
  9. gavlad

    It's a long term relationship.

    not in the player recruitment retainer. big fall out
  10. gavlad

    It's a long term relationship.

    that ship as sailed
  11. gavlad

    U23s away to Barnsley

    just found out it is away but tomorrow. some fixtures have been moved from home to away like burnley 2 weeks ago
  12. gavlad

    U23s away to Barnsley

    u18s are playing tomorrow at middlewood rd
  13. gavlad

    Liam Waldock

    wouldn't matter if their was. wednesday have been good to him and visa versa
  14. gavlad

    Liam Waldock

    I didn't call you names