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  1. bluezer


    He's got to go ffs
  2. bluezer

    BBC Sport running a competition

    Amy Declinehouse - Back To Cack
  3. Well done FF. Great gesture.
  4. 3-1 . Well done Atdhe
  5. Gerrin .....Come on Wednesday
  6. bluezer

    Paul cook or Paul Hurst

    DC and Cook? It's a sign.
  7. Dreamland Well done big un...
  8. There are 3 in our family that didn't.
  9. bluezer

    Was it Over the Line?

    Looked over to me at the time from the North stand.
  10. Come on Wednesday we can win this.
  11. Jos' first league win toneet...Nuhiu bullet header ! Come on Owls.
  12. Was Johnny Rotten...drop the punk bit Phil.
  13. Come on Owls let's do the bees knees again!
  14. bluezer

    #RIP Bill

    RIP Bill Condolences to you and family Dunsby.