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  1. surely it will be bantercard as per the away kit ??
  2. whats with all the silly numbers... i cant make any sense of that great shout Ronio.... id like to see that happen... althought maybe a bit more of 3's and 4's for Reda and Llera and the CM's
  3. Have Wednesday not always had creative wide men.... Waddle, Brunt, Marshall & JJ to name a few over the last few squads... I agree with you Owl18
  4. different story now though in my opinion... we need a champtionship goalscorer unless Madine, Maguire and Nuhiu can all come up with 10 goals this season or at least one of them we will struggle to score goals and cant afford to rely on JJ, Antonio and Maghoma can we ?
  5. Why is there a link to Turkey and yet he is reffered to as a Hull Player... are the issues over the actual ownership of the player
  6. sad to see that crappy Lindley Catering gets so many different reviews for its catering per the each stadium, although none of them are great reviews... i wonder why !!!
  7. Creative players or passionate players who were honoured to play for the 12th biggest club in England .... Waddles, Harkes, Francis, Pearce, Wathurst even Whelan and Brunt
  8. not released... only on transfer list so i am being told by a local source within LCFC ... but he played well Vs England the other night and the LCFC fans liked him mostly... not young but ideal for us i feel
  9. he is 30.... why would you sign a player who is 30 and championship at best
  10. here here... no idea why Leicester have released him although they have to many centre backs
  11. class comment... watford are udinese i hope Leicester go up... selfishly because it means financially speaking I will profit from the sucess of the club at work locally
  12. when you put it like that... COME ON WOLVES !!!
  13. MM is currently paying 2 managers... i dont think he can afford to pay a 3rd !!!
  14. all very valid points... i just hope we are championship next season ... just so see what DJ does and how our squad will look.
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