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  1. He already owned Hillsborough, so why would anybody have a problem with him selling to himself?
  2. I saw this too. I though sell on clauses only kicked in above the original fee. So if Reading sold Hector to Chelsea for £4m, they would only get a percentage of any fee above that. Can't see anyone paying more than that when he's in the last year of his contract so not sure where they think this money is coming from.
  3. Just hope we've got a decent sell on clause in case he does go on to be the player he can be.
  4. If that's who Reading had on loan last season, their fans seem gutted that they can afford Joao but not £3m for him. Never heard of him myself.
  5. i think its a great idea. If he has a bad game i can stop his wage for that week. Or at least my £5.
  6. Thought the Taylor report largely cleared the fans
  7. Clare held his hands up in apology at the end of the game so i'm sure he knew he was at fault for the 3rd goal.
  8. One of my favorite goals and one of my favorite matches in all my years watching Wednesday. That season was peak Hirst
  9. Probably because they have fat fingers like me. I love some reight stuff on twitter when all i wanna do is scroll down my twitter feed.
  10. I think Reach is too similar and they get in each other's way. Last season our left winger ( Bannan/Forestieri) came inside and Pudil was our entire left hand side. Just doesn't look balanced this season to me
  11. I would love to know his shots to goals ratio. He seems to only shoot when he is almost certain he will score
  12. Fulham were the other club according to Nixon
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