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  1. Sheffield Wednesday Fans vs Sheffield United Fans | in memory and continuing the fundraising of Julian Batty. Just giving this a bump - the game is this Saturday (9th July) at Concord Sports Centre. Kick off will be at 1:30pm, and there's the slight possibility of a ladies five-a-side game beforehand if we can find anybody willing to get involved. There's plenty of room for spectators, loads of free parking and easy public transport access so come along and cheer/abuse the Wednesday team to a famous series-equaling victory (we lost on pens last year...) We'll also be selling raffle tickets, with all money raised going to Weston Park Cancer Charity. Prizes include Gary Cahill's signed match-worn shirt from Chelsea's last game of the season against Leicester. We've also got LOADS of prizes donated by local businesses (full list on the website). We're aiming to raise £1800 for Weston Park Cancer Charity - a cause which Julian actively supported. As of now, we're almost 50% of the way there with £850. Donations can be made through our Just Giving page and are very much appreciated. All the important info can be found on the Batigol Cup website and regular updates are posted on our Facebook page Get involved!
  2. SteveParkway


    Undoubtedly, on both counts. He would probably have jogged it there and back for a good cause. We'll be having a few pints for JB tomorrow.
  3. SteveParkway

    York pub with sky sports

    I went to the Stone Roses bar to watch the Barnsley away game a few weeks ago as their website claimed they were showing it. When I finally found the bar down a backstreet, the grumpy poo behind the bar casually told me they weren't showing it. No reason given. 0/5, would not recommend. Ended up in The Terrace. Loads of TVs and nice beer. 3.5, would go again.
  4. SteveParkway

    OWLETTES - Who's your favourite Owlette ???

    I liked her AGES ago. Infact she took the court order out against me over a YEAR ago now.
  5. SteveParkway

    OWLETTES - Who's your favourite Owlette ???

    I've changed my mind, She's awesome. She looks like the sort of girl i could take to the park for some cider and smack and then round the back of Spar for a drunken fumble. In a CLASSY way.
  6. SteveParkway

    OWLETTES - Who's your favourite Owlette ???

    She's all yours, I'm WAY too lazy to attempt to stalk her on facebook or anything. Infact, I'm OVER HER.
  7. SteveParkway

    OWLETTES - Who's your favourite Owlette ???

    I can't be arsed to go back and quote what Bach said about Faye, but I agree 100%. She looks edgy. She wins.
  8. SteveParkway

    Blackpool - sold out

    I have 10 spares with me. PC gone mad...
  9. SteveParkway

    Our score board

    Get rid of it altogether. No matter how much you spend on it, it's still going to say things like "Owls 0 Sflaphorpe 3". It's a depressing read.
  10. That's poo , if anyone spots Noel Edmunds paying on the turnstile, word will soon spread and no-one will bother going in. Beating pro's with a hammer is always going to be a one-sided game when Noel's involved. We need EXCITMENT
  11. A FREE SWFC Bendy Pencil from the OFFICIAL SWFC SUPERSTORE on every seat. And a promise of Sturrock to return as PLAYER MANAGER
  12. SteveParkway

    SWFC and the Music scene

    Yeah, he could be a problem when we get the inevitable call...i'm sure he could be persuaded. With a length of 2 by 4 with a rusty nail through the end. Just out of interest...do we know you?
  13. SteveParkway

    SWFC and the Music scene

    Bochum Parkway will be more than happy to play at Hillsbro. 73 tickets at £2 each = £146. Every little helps.
  14. SteveParkway

    Dronfield Owls old /new and Exiled

    Oooh, Lovebear in "nearly buys Bochum Parkway's drummer's parent's house" shocker! I'd forgotten about that dramatic "almost" incident. I was actually quite excited at the time. I'm over it now though. And as for the cow crossing, I got caught in it for the first time the other day, it was RUBBISH. Worst 5 minutes of the month.