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  1. I thought virgin was ok (no contract) but got a better deal with o2 (through having a mobile with em). got to say i'm enjoying a slightly better service with o2. Virgin went down on me a couple of times..........but not in a good way. http://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif
  2. What an album!! Used to play mario kart to death with this on repeat with me mate aged 14.Those were the days.Agree that Experience is best album, loved poison and 3 kilos on mftjg.Fat of the land is trousers, but did anybody get The Dirtchamber Sessions mix cd???Its awesome.
  3. The whole series was genius, the drugs episode is pure gold. Cake anyone?
  4. Dude i'd really advise you track down the footage of The Stone Roses Live at Blackpool, Empress Ballroom vid. As a fellow "kid in the riot" i beleive this might change your opinion. Special stuff.
  5. fantastic selection from amazon jus wish they'd provide some of RHhgate 's avatar as bonus when u order four albums or more!
  6. Downloaded a game (have done this many times before) and no problems with it when i played the first time. However after i minimized the game amd made a call, the game dissapeared. Noprobs, i thought, wont do that again. But when i try to access my Games folder (and also my Applications folder) i get the Operation Failed message. Not happy cause there was a number of games and applications in those folders i cant access anymore. At a fiver a pop this is now hacking me reight off! Checked it out on't tinters and there is all this busines off re-flashing and updating the firmware??? Im a absolute novice with all this and wondered if anyone could help. Have tried turning off and removing the battery/mem card but to no avail. Anybody know owt about it?
  7. Ive completely ignored the thread title of ONE album! Im a badun, will listen to girlfriends music collection on loop for two days as corrective punishment!!
  8. The Charlatans - Tellin Stories The Chemical Brothers - Dig Your Own Hole Radiohead - The Bends The Libertines - both albums a must The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses ( i really like The Second Coming as well) The Prodigy - Music For The Jilted Generation The Von Bondies - Pawnshoppe Heart Supergrass - In It For The Money Outkast - Aquemini DJ Format - If You Can't Join 'Em... Beat 'Em Anyone of these as ive tried to cater for more than one taste.
  9. Feck me! tis that rather tasty bit of fluff from everybodys favourite cockney knees up, round the old joanna, apples n pears, rabbit, rabbit, rabbit,( sorry, carried away there) East-Bloody-Benders!! (of course if everybody already knew this you have my permission to release the hounds)
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