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  1. missed out on a ticket for barnsley , so went to the hull game . not to sure about man city ,would like to go derby also.
  2. i cant make it there sorry.try havin a meet'in brizol rather than weston in the mud .
  3. nevermind ! takin me girlfriend over there soon for a break so there will be two owls on the island is it big enough ?
  4. hi sorry we didnt meet, went to plymuff on the 0915 dep from bristol (i got on at newton abbot) 11 20 ish arrival at plymouth , the penny was not open so went up to the brit.we work for railway so it was free , and we sat in 1st class.i know at least 5 owls in bristol/bath , seen/met more tho. dont know if any of em was at Bris tho.
  5. st george, long ashton, totterdown, bradley stoke. i've got owls black away shirt with 37 on. cya down south!
  6. will be staying in Newton Abbot friday nite . my mate will be travelling down from brizol tho.let you know time later this week
  7. got our tickets three of us going down , probably use pennycomequick pub at bottom of hill from station.
  8. yes did go to cardiff , next game i'm going to is wolves away , catching 1028ish train from temple meads
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