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  1. Dejphon Chansiri

    He clearly never watched moneyball
  2. Hartson doesn't even know how to hold a microphone when talking. Bellend
  3. flipping hell, who's got Daves FIFA controller
  4. Anyone fancy turning the brightness down
  5. Doing OK here,our third string versus a premier side
  6. Walked out

    You should ask dc for a refund mate.
  7. Jordan Thorniley : Success story

    his dads an ex rugby league player, used to play for Warrington and Widnes in the early to mid nineties.
  8. Wilder you bitter poopydoo
  9. Pigs players don't look happy coming off the pitch
  10. Pigs players don't look happy coming off the pitch
  11. And another yellowF
  12. Definitely frustrating them. They're also a bit dogger