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  1. Daryl Catpiss

    Anyone remember this guy

    just in case anyone wants depressing at the squad that took us down that year. 1 GK Kevin Pressman 2 DF Peter Atherton 3 DF Andy Hinchcliffe 4 MF Wim Jonk 6 DF Des Walker 7 MF Danny Sonner 9 FW Gerald Sibon 10 FW Andy Booth 11 MF Phil O'Donnell 12 FW Richard Cresswell 13 GK Barry Richardson (on loan from Lincoln City) 14 MF Petter Rudi 15 MF Philip Scott 16 MF Niclas Alexandersson 17 DF Ian Nolan 18 MF Simon Donnelly 19 DF Jon Newsome 20 FW Ritchie Humphreys 21 MF Lee Briscoe 22 DF Steve Haslam 23 FW Gilles De Bilde 24 MF Mark McKeever 25 MF Scott Oakes 26 MF Barry Horne 28 GK Pavel Srníček 29 MF Matt Hamshaw 30 DF Derek Geary 32 FW Owen Morrison 33 MF Alan Quinn 34 MF Alex Higgins 35 MF Peter Holmes 36 MF Tony Crane 37 DF Tom Staniforth 38 DF Kevin Nicholson Not really a suprise we went down looking back.
  2. Daryl Catpiss

    Anyone remember this guy

    part of our scandinavian midfield alongside petter rudi.
  3. Daryl Catpiss

    Blast from the past - Marc Degryse

    hated that shirt, purely cos the collar was designed to lie flat in a weird way
  4. Daryl Catpiss

    Sunderland - V - Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    No tap ins or penalties remember.
  5. Daryl Catpiss

    Sunderland - V - Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    I've got the immediate twitter alerts on for the club twitter, they've just told me we've gone one nil. Think it's a bit behind.
  6. Daryl Catpiss

    Dejphon Chansiri

    He clearly never watched moneyball
  7. Hartson doesn't even know how to hold a microphone when talking. Bellend
  8. flipping hell, who's got Daves FIFA controller
  9. Anyone fancy turning the brightness down
  10. Doing OK here,our third string versus a premier side
  11. Daryl Catpiss

    Walked out

    You should ask dc for a refund mate.
  12. Daryl Catpiss

    Jordan Thorniley : Success story

    his dads an ex rugby league player, used to play for Warrington and Widnes in the early to mid nineties.
  13. Wilder you bitter poopydoo