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  1. New 20million pound defence incoming
  2. Let me know if he's got a time machine, and went back and made himself get on that bus
  3. what happened at the xmas party that keeps getting alluded to, under gary monks reign
  4. What you have to remember though Neil, is there's pretty much a new squad of players to do it to now, aside from wildsmith, palmer and bannan, the rest are relatively new
  5. Patterson having a strop there, chucked his poppy arm band at the bench after sitting down
  6. I got a cheque from the club and shredded it. (Dated reference)
  7. ok, i'm confused, i'm sure i posted on this thread yesterday
  8. i'd be fired from work if i handed in something like this, under the heading of 'review' I'm a graphic designer for VAR
  9. Definitely, a defeat even to one of the minnows in this league could be beneficial in the long run, you learn more from defeat than you do victory. This could be the kick up the arse the team didn't think it needed
  10. Maybe a change in policy following the backlash with what got shown for eriksson in the world Cup. Perhaps
  11. i seem to recall there being a query on whatever happened to the transfer money for bougherra, on here
  12. its the universe balancing out donnelly and o'donnell in 1999
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