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  1. Just give it Thompson until end of season, because any appointment at the moment is a lottery. Rather stop all the speculation and get on with the rest of the season. If the players are happy with it then may as well for now , lets face it its not the time for someone to come in and try to suddenly change everything round. Not ideal I know but neither is this on going speculation. PS A sign a target man asap on loan.
  2. He got onto the list because Sharron Elkabas his agent put it out there , maybe to get a contract extension.
  3. You mean Nixon. Its funny really he likes to give the impression he has all the knowledge of whats going on. We all know that DC cant run a bath but most of the noise re appointments directly comes from agents who feed journalists.
  4. Tha'ts your opinion, I find it rather entertaining , its like a good old family squabble, dysfunctional family of course ;- )
  5. Job vacancy advertised for an accountant at S6 https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2021/january/job-vacancy/
  6. That assault on Haaland , Keane said he never regretted it. Horrible man, would loathe to see him anywhere near the club.
  7. Anyway that great oracle Alan Nixon says we are way off appointing a manager. DC obviously speaks to Alan Nixon daily
  8. Being a lifetime veggie , I just graze on the Hillsborough park grass before kick off!?
  9. Mirror obviously speculating on Cooks comments and betting odds. Sadly means nothing we did not already know!
  10. If money was no object, i would give him a longer contract, however times too uncertain. At the mo Bazza & Reach will be off in summer imo.
  11. Limited finances in current club, shorter contracts are being offered across the EFL. There is currently no money in the game and sadly things will get worse for many clubs before things improve.
  12. https://ww.soccer24hd.com/game/match/3537/Exeter-City-Vs-Sheffield-Wednesday.html
  13. Its apparently an appointment until end of season, so no need to give an outsider the job, given no one with any credentials will want a short term job, fighting relegation with a chairman who is unpredictable . Makes sense to keep it in house and hope we stay up, DC then sells club and we can get a proper manager in place.
  14. My favourite at the time he has all the attributes to be a top player in the premier. Anyone who watched him close could see spells of brilliance when he was ours, needed more game time and someone who believed in him, sadly Bruce left.
  15. We rode our luck first half but we got tighter second half, the commitment second to none. Fireworks after the goal great touch!!!
  16. I suspect your right that TP breached his contract and that is why he was sacked outright . Also makes you wonder if TP had been stirring things and leaks re players wages etc. One thing seems clear the players did not respect TP, suspect TP thought his reputation would give him immediate respect among the camp.
  17. On this occasion I really think he is telling the truth. His record with previous managers is that he gives them time, if anything too much time. He was obviously wrongly advised over Pulis. I am so glad he has gone, lets hope TP ends up with the pigs that would be something to cheer us all up. I can just hear him now in his press conference " I will save the club, I have never been relegated bla bla One can dream .......
  18. His English has got worse and this is what happened with the EFL hearings, the panel allegedly accused him of putting it on. Definitely toe curling stuff. *Andy Giddings though his voice would send a glass eye to sleep!
  19. If following the club was about who the chairman was, boy I would have stopped going decades ago.
  20. If Pulis intended to bring back Hutch, then that is a sacking offence in itself!!!
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