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  1. We are in a mess of the chairmans making and now DM is having to rebuild from top to bottom. Some people's expectations of instant results is staggering, its almost they have forgotten the size of the job ahead A little perspective wouldn't go a miss.
  2. He probably has very little experience sadly like a lot of the officials in lower leagues. The only consolation is all teams endure the same issue.
  3. The officials yesterday did not understand the rules, my guess is if you had sat them down and had an exam on rules of the game they would have failed miserably. Another moan you don't stop the game for players going down with cramp, and as for being able to take a quick free kick absolutely zero chance which is a joke.
  4. We have two many wimps and bottlers in the team. Any games where physical battles are required we are over run easily We need a Ken Knighton or Glen Whelan type player, no leaders in the side to show the way. Our lack of physicality and leaders is a concern.
  5. Please tell me what his natural position is, because he seems too lightweight for midfield, tackles like Adam Reach!!
  6. Tbf to Moore if we had took our chances in the first 30 mins inc pen miss, things would be a lot different. We need to put games to bed when we are on top, lack confidence then creeps in and play becomes sloppy. But seen enough to see there is good potential and its all about working hard on the training ground. Plenty of room still for optimism.
  7. Its easy to be critical of team selection, when we have no idea of what's happened in training and managers thinking. Looks an attacking line up to me.
  8. No idea. But its time we knew our best team. Chopping and changing will only continue poor results.
  9. Having a shop there is good idea. The development though is absolutely crazy, hate the places and done nothing but damage to high streets and town centres.
  10. Most comments from players are banal, cliched and trite. Don't bother me nowt wrong with some triva in this world, keep the banter coming. Go elsewhere for high brow material.
  11. Fantastic player who was a joy to watch. However not a nice person with extreme right wing views.
  12. Having read The Athletic account, i forgot that we missed ,2 easy headers to bring the game level. Wouldn't have been deserved but 2 sitters tbf.
  13. Its a horrible colour but it is only a football shirt. Can live with that if that's all we have ti moan about!!
  14. We have had 2 bad games, scored 0 , conceded 4. We will probably have even more bad games but we have to be patient, things are changing for the better. If takes a couple of seasons to get things right so be it.
  15. We need to prepare for games much better, we have to be on form every game if we want a sniff of promotion.Furthermore DM needs to be quicker in changing things, when things are clearly not working. He was too late on Saturday and game was over by the time he changed things. Its going to be a long season and will be even longer if we don't show the right attitude.
  16. Absolutely needs reporting. Well done for doing so.
  17. Fans have been far too euphoric just because we have signed a few. I said at the start this league is not easy and anyone who thinks it is need to wake up. We have to have the physicality in order to cope in this league, yesterday we looked extremely frail. Unless we get the physical and mental strength of this team sorted, technical ability alone will not suffice. Yesterday was a warning, we will find out soon have we signed another load of bottlers!?
  18. So wide of the mark. Getting loans with league clubs is really competitive and very difficult. Nothing wrong with conference teams, there are lot of decent players who play at a good standard.
  19. Excellent move, will benefit no end playing regular in a competitive league.
  20. He is here for the season so just enjoy the here and now. No point whittling about the future.
  21. Good for insomniac's, though the sound of snoring is irritating.
  22. You have no idea what his new contract would entail, sure it will reflect our current position. Also whatever you think of the player, he will bring in a decent fee should we ultimately need or decide to sell .
  23. Why do people talk about what happens when we get back to the championship. Got to get out of this league first which is not a given, a dilemma of who plays for us if we get there is not a concern. Pats is an asset in the here and now, which is what we need to focus on at this time.
  24. Got a strong feeling he will definitely play apart on Saturday. Chris Brunt feels SB will be a success for us, that's a good enough for me.
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