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  1. The only football club to have a day of the week named after it.
  2. Your right nobody knows what he does but that doesn't stop people believing they do .
  3. Because the chairman is never there i guess. DC must obviously trust him.
  4. That would be the sensible approach, signing younger players with resale value. We don't need to spend loads if we can keep the bulk of the squad together, a couple of strikers, a couple of defenders and a keeper will be main priorities.
  5. Sadly he was very poor in play offs semi. Really like him but think we can't afford to pay someone for spending a lot of time on treatment table. Time to move on imo.
  6. In 1993 cup final, a Sunderland fan was in the pub wearing his Sunderland shirt. He said he was following Wednesday in the cup as we knocked you out in 3rd round. What a lovely guy he was
  7. People keep raising the same arguments about DM even though they are not true. Some people do have a problem only they know why!
  8. Jack Tucker is a right mother f***er. Well there's the title.
  9. Why do people keep suggesting old injury prone players???? Bizarre.
  10. We all wanted promotion, but it was always going to be difficult, despite some on here banging on about tin pot clubs and this league it is easy etc. The play offs are a lottery. Fortunately most of us can see the progress the club is making, definitely automatics next season under DM. The circle of just sacking managers does not work. Upwards and onwards with DM.
  11. No it is not obvious. We through some silly points away, but we got 85 points and one of the best home records in the EFL.
  12. Darren Moore is the man for the job and deserves immense credit for what he has achieved on and off the pitch. I am staggered that some people who should know better cannot even acknowledge the progress we have made. Had to build a complete squad, bring the fans onside, cope with covid, injured players, keep the chairman on side, the list goes on. Anyway fortunately they are in a minority and even DC must surely stick with him. Automatic promotion with DM next season.
  13. Me too mate, after ,60 yrs. I have a mega hangover feel so flat and didn't even drink last night. Now i will have to drown my sorrows and mourn for days.
  14. Absolutely, and to rub salt into it, my boss at the time was an Arsenal fan ... complete c**t! Had to endure it twice that season, was really depressed.
  15. Don't keep talking sense, you just confuse the rabble.
  16. Can see Dawson being first choice, ,, couple of centre backs to replace Hutch, Dean and Storey. Then a couple of quality strikers ( ,,one a big target man)to replace, Sow , Kamberi, will let DM decide on Sadio and NML. But we will have a squad capable of winning the league.
  17. Without doubt. They were better side out of two legs.
  18. Use your nervous energy and excitement to cheer on the team . Do your bit. WAWAW.
  19. Forget about the 1st game , its another home game we have to win. Play as good as we know we have been and we will win. Anything less and its over Even if we don't score early we have to remain confident and positively noisy for ,,90 mins.
  20. Last time we got out of this league we beat Wycombe. The gods are lining up nicely.
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