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  1. The sound of a barrel being scraped is torturous. Just stop it.
  2. This has been happening for past 2 or 3 yrs,. Players not good enough and mentally fragile. Its like a curse we can't shift.
  3. Been here 2 minutes and already written off by some. I love how we give people a fair crack of the whip.
  4. We should keep up with the times and employ a sports psychologist. Majority of top players use them and recognise their value.You only need to ask people like Cristiano Ronaldo to realise they are integral to a players development and well being.
  5. Don't matter what he says he will get slaughtered and mocked. Fact is there are 30+ games to go, and we are 7th. We are in total transition and crying out for some continuity. Constantly berating the manager will not take us forward.
  6. Strange how things change, for years i thought clappers were down the vd clinic.
  7. Agree totally that the manager has a massive role to instill belief and use formations , tactics best suited to the squad you have. However the thread starter is correct , all teams need sports psychologist, they should be part of medical team. Many players struggle emotionally regardless of talent, hence why many fail to reach their true potential.
  8. Yea he asked the player's to miss glorious chances. The game should have been well over
  9. They have some key players missing, so never a better time to play them, BUT this is Wednesday, famed for being charitable.
  10. Me too, recall toilets were closed at half time had to pee against the wall!
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