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  1. Apparently it really is personal . Last nights ref once said to Steve Cooper "Are you on drugs!?" Cooper replied "No!!" Ref said "Well with a face like that you should be !"
  2. Will fit in well then, we have been dogger for the past 2 decades.
  3. Westwood is said to refuse to be on the bench. I would not have started him yesterday and would have made him be a sub. Dropping Wildsmith sent out the wrong message.
  4. Has he ever played attacking football, I have not seen any evidence of it during his managerial career!! We will no doubt be very organised defensively, however with our very shortage of fire power up front be interesting to see how he is going to get us scoring, given very limited options.
  5. Jobs for his mate. I understand appointing him as a scout but now promoted to asst manager is rather odd.
  6. Josh Dawodu signed after leaving Arsenal's academy.
  7. Cant see him being played Saturday, doubt he is fit enough. I personally think Pulis will sign an experienced keeper.
  8. Just about yea Exactly goal scoring is a real problem in TPs teams. Its all about stifling the opposition and nicking games on set pieces, you only have to go through the record of clubs he has managed,
  9. Nothing wrong with attacking play but dont make out TP sets out teams to play that way because he does not. Its all about stifling the opposition and nicking games from dead ball situations. History proves that. Now we might get results that way, but many teams can overcome those tactics. The game has moved on, of course its about results and sincerely hope TP proves us wrong as I would be delighted even if bored by the football. All I can see us going back to signing 6ft journeymen, but we will see. I will support him but really not impressed.
  10. Pulis does not like people to keep the ball, just get rid as quick as and then chase it down.
  11. I always support a new manager regardless of my concerns. So spin the wheel and lets see.
  12. Agree if we only have 10 games left and he was just fire fighting . The guy will cost a fortune and leave a dire legacy.
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