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  1. Cuts both ways though. There has been some really vile stuff on twitter and fb. People should criticise without being abusive and personal. Anyway lets get on with this new man, personally also glad we re giving black coaches ago , there is far to few in the game.
  2. First goal to be fair was a foul on Hutchinson, after that we fell to pieces. Anyway first half I was convinced we were on drugs ,second half showed my suspicions were correct.
  3. L You say DC wont read the article and then you say Alan Biggs should ask DC very pertinent questions . How can Alan Biggs ask these questions when DC wont read the article let alone give interviews .and answer questions. DC wont answer to anyone.
  4. Some people on here the other night said they are not trying etc which I think is gonads. I certainly think they put the effort in but the quality is lacking particularly up front and in midfield but thats is down to poor signings! No way can NT be held responsible for that, he can only work with what he has got which we know is poor.
  5. That was an assault more than a foul and has no place in football. Brentford are probably the best side in the league but not afraid to be cynical, which to be fair is really not needed particularly as we are absolutely garbage.
  6. It was a joke when Pulis turned up , the issue was about scoring and he just wanted to spend time on the defence that is and has not been the problem all season.
  7. The whole family of the Reyton's lead singer are massive Owls fans.
  8. https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_Chu Nobel prize in physics, get him in.
  9. Not scapegoating, but as I said before he should not be playing , while we are in this relegation scrap. Whether he is leaving or not he does not have the required experience. Sadly today it showed,
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