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  1. Sadly the on going debt is old news.. Just underlines the dire mess.
  2. Based on the fact that Hull are saying the deal is very close to completion! Cant see that bothering DC, its very different when clubs do their bidding for our players through the media.
  3. I want to know how he gets her to leave, i ve tried everything!
  4. Warne said he moved the goalposts as far as he could but Hillsborough that's pushing it a bit.
  5. Agreed. He could have signed for another year then missed most of it through injury. Vaulks ideal replacement and touch wood fit as a butchers dog.
  6. Nice surprise, thought he would stay in championship. Very good signing.
  7. When he was running full pelt was best it was like a great big bloody wardrobe running at you. You would not want to run into that.
  8. It was the player who wanted to move and things didn't pan out for him at Mk either . Shows the player has much to learn. Wolves had no issues with how Corbeanu was looked after at Hillsborough.
  9. Does he have a choice? He is under contract. Too risky asking untried kids to be back up. I expect Dawson to fight Stockdale for the shirt. Its all down to CD to prove himself, hoping Stockdale will improve Dawson's game.
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