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  1. Tbh thought relegation points would have been higher this time. We would be above Derby if we had not had 6 pts deducted. Shows how bad they are and we are garbage.
  2. Its crazy that we are not relegated by now, shows there are teams just as bad which is hard to think possible.
  3. We manage to stay up by winning next 2 will only because 2 other teams were poorer overall so yes we deserve to stay up. However can only see that happening if the gods are on our side sadly in 60 yrs that's never happened.
  4. A shoot out at Derby would be too much for the heart to take.
  5. Not happy about radio Sheffield commentating, as bias as Rob and John, far more tolerable all round.
  6. Protest about protesting is the new protest.
  7. We have been falling away for the last ,2 decades Boris.
  8. He has no intention of leaving, best case scenario is he changes track and appoints an experienced ceo and takes a back seat..Both events unlikely.
  9. Its only a matter of time , Jesus we have already fallen, its a case of how far will we fall.
  10. League form means nothing in cup football
  11. Actually think he dislikes Rotherham more than us.
  12. No DCs double hat trick of own goals has done it.
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