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  1. Bit late for that they have given him permission to talk to us.
  2. When we was at school our PE teacher used to get you to head a medicine ball as punishment. Unbelievable when i think about it now. The head is so vulnerable, makes sense to me, people who think differently really need theirs testing.
  3. Those players on loan who lose interest will never make it in the game. Its only a short career which will be a lot shorter if they stop trying.
  4. Yea he nicknamed Colin, "anagram" according to my boro mate. Really good signing, very pleased well done.
  5. Yea, and the times i have seen him play he looks a competent keeper unlike our two, who continually fill you with dread.
  6. You must be really bored since you left the White House , what happened to the golf!!
  7. If Moore thinks we can develop him further then so be it. We need to be savvy with finances, some will work and we can cash in in them then reinvest. Its a logical and pragmatic strategy, that is cheaper than splashing cash on aging players. Something we should have done years ago.
  8. Agreed but I think have 10 games you can really see what sort of season lies ahead, that is my usual criteria. You have to give allowance for players to gel etc.We also need to remember window doesn't close until end of August, expecting a couple of loans from PL.
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