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  1. People who "hate" Monk, will "hate" the next manager also if they dont bring immediate success, some of our fans have delusions of grandiosity when it comes to the club. They seem to forgot we have been swimming in the same pond with the likes of Barnsley for the past 20 years.
  2. Yea moan perhaps but legally they is sod all you can do.
  3. Well A) They need to read the rules ,as the punishment happened after the season ended.. B) The case is not over yet as appeals are pending. C) Your going down.
  4. " I want to finish my career at Wednesday" "How much!!" "Sod that I'm off!"
  5. Its got nothing to do with Charlton , zero absolutely nothing. They dont know anymore about the case than you or I. They are going down because of their point tally simple as. And no I would not complain if you finish in the bottom 3 then you deserve to go down, thats football all this bull about wanting clubs docking points is for me crass in the extreme.
  6. Lets remember that clubs can moan all they want but the rules are clear. You dont get enough points you are relegated Perhaps Im just old fashioned. .
  7. Absolutely we have to play them at their own game, make sure there is insufficient time to change things for this season. Charlton are canvassing support of other clubs which to be honest is very distasteful. Surely if DC finds evidence of clubs emailing the EFL asking for immediate relegation, is that not an offence to try and pre prejudice an independent hearing, that is still on going.
  8. I would only listen to our own lawyer, no point hiring the best and not listening to their advice.
  9. Will DC appeal , I suspect the decision will be made when Nick De Marco has read the transcript and given his view.
  10. How do we get compo on a rolling contract of which both parties can a null
  11. They will be published when the cake has cooled, probably another month .
  12. The issue around the accounts is interesting and I would suspect that caused much headache. The accounts have been legally audited and agreed by HMRC. It seems to me the panel are claiming accountancy fraud , which is some what baffling. Accounting fraud is the illegal alteration of a company's financial statements in order to manipulate a company's apparent health or to hide profits or losses.
  13. Need to see the transcript first, I have a feeling it is not as clear cut as what you say.
  14. It could actually be the best motivating factor ever. Well we can hope.
  15. Think you need to be careful when you are making allegations that DC is "bent". Evidence would suggest that is far above his competence level.
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