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  1. theres a post saying you can get tonites game, is it a stream link?

  2. That song pretty much saved my life on a couple of occasions
  3. roger how could I forget about the first 7 minutes of Storm by Godspeed You Black Emperor
  4. The Horrors - Still Life That dug me out of a big flipping hole once on a week long MD comedown
  5. Dunno whether it's because Hutch is wearing it or it's the actual kit itself, but I absolutely love the white kit. So, so nice.
  6. That is a title tho If you couldn't think of one it would be blank
  7. Forgive my trespass, m8

  8. Not anymore my son!!!!!! Love you too you old melt
  9. Loads mate. On my phone though so can't remember how to upload them. Some great ones on the Sheffield Wednesday Facebook page though
  10. HullOwlPhil (for those who remember him) nailed it. Best team won, best fans lost. We're all biased but I don't care what anyone says - when it comes to backing and support we were unquestionably premier league class today. We're so close, we're on the brink. Just push us over the edge.
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