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  1. Carlos had a weave so his head wunt nobody he had no hair so he bought some for his dome they took some from his back a bit from his crack fecked off to swansea and left us int cack
  2. A few years back I was driving away from The Den with my 12 year old son. As I approached a main road from a side street Tango and his entourage passed slowly and took great delight in flobbing all over our car . Admittedly it was a newish Merc so he probably decided I was a cockney two hat. Nice harmless bloke
  3. Colin did a great job for the pigs based on aggression intimidation, the likes of Morgs, browny Monty, scaring refs and linos. Now he is reinventing himself as loveable rogue for a career in punditry he would be useless. Wouldn't ruin his new image for our sake. Relieved
  4. thought the plan worked very well. We did a pretty good job containing their fancy loan players first half. Buxton did a very good man to man job on Taarbat. varney and tuds had a thankless task chasing long balls. No way could JJ have started the game, he was blowing after a few minutes but what an impact as sub. And what a great goal from JJ's run, Tommys cross and Soars great far post header. Well done Wednesday
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