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  1. Got to be Wimbledon surely, with us playing at home on consecutive Saturdays. A night game would really be taking the ********. Think members should be able to select their own £10 game in order to benefit from this 'at least one' (what they really mean is '1') offer.
  2. Wake me up before you go go, who needs Kanye when we’ve got Luongo
  3. Dean is a step up from Batth, as said above had he not had a fall out with that tool bowyer he wouldn’t be here
  4. The fact he's fallen out with bowyer is a massive plus imo. Not mant biggercunts about than racist lee
  5. She’s on her way, she’s on her waaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy, German bird is on her wayyy
  6. fizz me we don’t half embrace mediocrity at hillsborough surprised we don’t have a statue of Lee bullen
  7. Liam Palmer been with us forever and I’m honestly struggling to think of one performance of any note.. why the fizz would he be remembered fondly.
  8. Well he’s clearly a better bet than Moore. but that says errr entirely nothing
  9. 85 was the only book I ever filled... Helped by an overnight stay in hospital when I was treated to about 20 packs. Still got the album in my mums loft
  10. Yep Darren would like to sign him
  11. Same tune to tonyfuckingpullis he bought the club shopppp he bought the club shopppp, Tony Pulis he bought the club shop
  12. So simple isn’t it.. that’s all it’s needs, no daft shields etc we have a instantly recognisable logo right there. our current badge, bet most people wouldn’t know which team it is from first look
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