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  1. Also the Portsmouth game could end up being a right damp squid , if we either can’t make the play offs or are already guaranteed a spot
  2. This.. should have been 3 for 2 a lot may not be able to make all 3, especially as one falls at Easter and the saving on these 3 games as opposed to paying separately is not great.. an u11 3 game ticket saves £1 per game and an adult ticket less than £3 per game approx
  3. I’m sure it does, but you never see it happen at others grounds like you do ours. cant understand why so many people do it, what are they in such a mad rush to do!? unless we’re getting battered I’d never leave early, not many better moments in football than a last minute winner/ equaliser.. and as mentioned the lads deserved the plaudits at full time Saturday
  4. No kids sizes left either and none coming in apparently... bit of a joke really, if we get to Wembley we’d sell loads
  5. Maybe it was 6-1 and 7-1 then, think they were in the same season? Yeah if we’d have kept up the same level and not made the changes with Gregory and berahino, then we could have genuinely scored 9. Can see why they were rested but would have been nice to have scored 8 or 9
  6. We won 7-1 and 8-1 mid 80s, qpr was one, think oxford was the other
  7. Grown men buying wednesday clothing
  8. Agree re wigan but in the same sense we have as much chance of 2nd as mk
  9. Petty decision not to allow free entry for 1/2 season tickets
  10. I think we’ll be the team now that runs Wigan closest for 2nd spot, can see us getting within 3 or 4 points of them, but in the end we’ll probably just run out of games. If we’d not chucked all those daft points away we’d probably be pushing the chuckles for the title
  11. Stick a gnome with a comb over next to one of the elephants, sorted
  12. Coventry took 9k few seasons back. They'll probably give us 1.5k
  13. Yeah 75 points would usually get you at least 6th spot
  14. It wasn’t quite the.... “big hitters, lads on forrrrty grand a week”
  15. Hes not done bad out of it though, he’s now our head groundsman
  16. Should be reyt, they probably have more than one pitch fork
  17. Looks about 12, is he on work experience
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