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  1. a pitch invasion after getting to the play offs would be the epitome of tin pot
  2. ‘we’re gonna Wembley, we’re gonna Wembley, you’re not’
  3. be confident of that then. big Daz would batter the tramp
  4. People can mock, but he’s 100% a club legend top man
  5. Hope he gets the ‘Darren moores barmy army’ at full time Saturday… he deserves it
  6. Massive credit must be honest wanted him out earlier this season (the football was dire) and after Sunderland never thought he’d come back from such a heavy defeat, but he has. if we don’t go up, I’d be very confident he’d get us up next season
  7. Can’t be doing with all these jumping on the wagon, bought my ST on the north where it is as we usually have a few spare seats around us. plus it’s usually these sorts who make ridiculous comments and have expectations that we are man city
  8. Joke theres no other ground on the country with thousands of seats sectioned off liverpool Man U supposedly biggest ‘derby’ in England separated by a few stewards
  9. As a 12 year old at the time and 31 years on and still my best ever Wednesday memory
  10. Guaranteed we’ll make it difficult for ourselves, probably draw tonight and Saturday..
  11. he’s playing in league one,.. cos he luvs the Wensdi
  12. He’s our striker hes our number 9 scoring goals in the blue and white he came from stoke city and goes by the name of Gregory spirit in the sky
  13. Surprised the pigs didn’t jump on that bandwagon years ago
  14. That’s what our 150th year kit should have been
  15. Why did he not get leathered ? (The Cheltenham fan)
  16. They already have 74 points... 78 points should be enough, whatever their run in, no way they won’t get 4 points from 6 games
  17. Agree 3rd and 4th have gone, but it’s basically us, oxford, Sunderland and Wycombe for 5th and 6th, the other teams below would have to go on a mental run. Looking like high 70s points wise. Think the other 3 will all be a bit inconsistent like us in the run in, so say we need 13 points from 8 to finish on 79 and secure 6th.. we should be capable of 4 wins , 1 draw, from last 8
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