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  1. Should have taken into account the grown men in replica shirts, breathing all over our players whilst they take selfies with them, may be a bit upset too
  2. Can’t see why anyone over the age of 12 would be disappointed by this event not going ahead
  3. pitch invasions, for getting to a play off final though epitome of tin pot
  4. Bet he’d have taken a pen for us if it was against anyone but them worst pound for pound signing ever
  5. Not sure you’ve heard, but adidas don’t make our kits
  6. Good point you turned that round well. im not saying it’s good, just better than it has been (which admittedly isn’t hard)
  7. it did… thing is we were outside the play offs most of the season
  8. This… will the atmosphere improve, because we’re playing free flowing football and going for promotion or because big bob and his mates had a reyt good pie
  9. Hot running water and soap would help, especially during a pandemic some of our fans could even bring a wash bag, and their weekly wesh
  10. It’s unbelievable to think we have fans in their 30s who have never seen a successful or even good Wednesday side. im 43.. my first recollection is seeing us get promotion in 84 and was a regular visitor to Wembley (5 times in 3 years 91-93). of which apart from being able to witness the silky skills of beni and paolo it’s been largely utter s h I t since 93
  11. the north and south are not suitable long term. id love stay at hills borough if it could be brought into the 21st century , just don’t think it’s possible
  12. Same with the south, looks impressive at first glance, but they built on the foundations of the old stand, hence why rows are so small. And why changing rooms, media facilities, catering etc are not fit for purpose. and why the roof lets in no sunlight
  13. I bow to your engineering knowledge. so we’re going to buy up and knock down a whole street, this Sheffield, would probably take 20 years and similarly how do we flatten the kop and rebuild without going onto penistone rd and how do we rebuild the north, south?
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