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  1. badfan

    Weaver as new GK coach?

    Yep, Weavers doing it.
  2. It's better than the current shirt. But still regular stripes for me.
  3. badfan

    Whose going Tuesday

    I'm all over it for a tenner.
  4. badfan


    OP - we should all be pulling together now. No need for this crap aimed at the fans after such a decent performance. Everyone enjoy the weekend and look forward to a better future under Jos.
  5. badfan

    home tickets

    It's shameful pricing. On top of that I feel we've lost our identity a bit. It doesn't feel like Sheffield Wednesday anymore. The club have got this 150th season wrong in every department.
  6. badfan

    Dean Smith

    No. No I wouldn't.
  7. badfan

    The Kit

    18,000. But I guess that would include training tops etc too.
  8. After last year he's not done himself any favours. Sell him and move on. He's a liability and we can strengthen in other areas. About time we got rid.
  9. badfan

    Proud dad moment tomorrow

    I'm also taking my god son to his first game today. He's six and came home from school a few weeks ago saying he likes Sheffield United... I thought I'm not having that. So fingers crossed seeing the stadium today and the game plus a big bag of sweets will turn him. If not I'm just gonna keep taking him with me until it sinks in.
  10. The Irish Bar in the shopping mall at Budapesterstraße will have it on. http://www.irishpubberlin.de/
  11. badfan

    Huddersfield Away

    I'd happily pay £100 but it ain't gonna happen!
  12. badfan

    Away Leg Ticket

    I guess I'll have the lowest amount here at 100 but you never know!