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  1. Only just seen this thread so thought I would add my story as I was actually witness to this bizarre event! Was wandering around the park as it started raining and heard an announcement from the stage mention that a massive cake had been made in the south stand On the possiblity of free cake and happy to get out of the rain I dragged the Mrs over and into south stand reception where this security guard/steward said "cakes through there" pointing through to the south stand concourse and of all things a queue! To my shame I joined the queue thinking 5 minutes and well be inside (1867 room I think it's called) 20 minutes later and finally get let in by which time I'm questioning what I was in a queue for, to just see a cake or eat some? Anyway when were finally in the room the 20 odd people in front of us were munching away on slices of cake been passed over by the chef/bakers. I had 2 slices and got to say it was nice! At this point I got to see the cake ball which was just incredible and the pictures hardly do it justice! It was kind of bulbous and lopsided with cake sort of bulging out in different areas and I think the people sat down were taking a break but probably also mesmerized by it. Then the big man himself Mr C popped in and I swear he shook his head when he saw and then quickly left after having a couple of photos with fans etc. Finally and what made my day was when one of the chefs started slicing away at the front of the cake ball after exhausting the top section and as you will have seen it just collapsed and went all over the carpet while everyone cheered. Here's my pic pre collapse and Im still chuckling about it now!
  2. Sure i just heard the sound of a bubble bursting! UTO!
  3. Thanks for making us owls happy again on matchdays. I wont forget that great run of undefeated games at hillsborough. Not many seasons have i gone to a match knowing i would see a hard working team fight for the shirt until your arrival. Wednesday legend and im sure your next club will feel lucky to have you.
  4. An absolutely shambolic performance and if we can't break down a 9 man yeovil then what hope have we got with Irvine in charge? Also why bring teale off?! I thought he was one of the few making an impact, Irvine out!
  5. Im still confident of a top 2 finish with the new players we have signed so far and hopefully a couple more. By the way, what were the odds on Rossi? Wouldnt suprise me to see him winning with Ducati!
  6. Yeah same here, tried this but still no luck
  7. I cant sign in either, keep getting the same error message as in the above post.
  8. I believe the whole investment nonesense has taken the whole clubs attention away from the serious matter of winning football matches. This is my first post on here but I don't recall any focus on investment when I first started going to games in the 90s or until recently. Get a good hard working team together n just win games, that's how you actually progress... And then tell the yanks to get lost. UTO!!!!
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