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  1. broomhead


    I can say with absolute certainty that at least 1 chair got lobbed cos he was stood behind me with his missus and child.
  2. Block 235 Row 1. Stopping at Travelodge at Ealing.
  3. Hi JJ, what are you up to these days?
  4. broomhead

    Predict where we will finish.

    11th in comfortable fashion!
  5. Good band and good lads, also owls fans unlike the arctic monkeys.
  6. It's a picture of his son Steve, he's over in New Zealand, he says he's working over there but rumour is he's in prison.
  7. broomhead

    Horrendous food!?

    Had a pie a few years ago at Hillsborough, top was like a biscuit and on taking it off it looked like a cat had done a dump in it. Still ate it!
  8. broomhead

    People who left early today

    Leave if you need to but don't block my view on your way out and when we score on 90 mins and you suddenly re-appear don't be upset when I stick up 2 fingers at you.
  9. Hopefully my new Lewis 'The White Cafu' Buxton t-shirt, if it arrives in time. If not it will be the curry stained owls polo shirt worn at brentford.
  10. broomhead

    Anyone Else Woken Up Still Buzzing?

    I feel sick, too much lager and harvest pale. What a day that was!
  11. broomhead

    Coming to Wycombe on Saturday?

    Know a pig that went there and the 'lap dance' included 'getting his fingers wet'.
  12. broomhead

    Tranmere ticket

    Fair play, I'd happily watch it again, I'd even miss an owls match to get involved!
  13. broomhead

    Tranmere ticket

    That's the last resort but my scouse accent is poo poo even after watching anna friel Lezing it up in brookside!
  14. broomhead

    Tranmere ticket

    I know but it doesn't hurt to ask. So anyone got a spare?
  15. Has anyone got a spare they can sell me for the tranmere game. After watching the Exeter game I will expect to be inundated!!!