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  1. Manchester_Owl


    Correction. 2 points and we are mathematically safe on goal difference assuming the worse outcome possible.
  2. Manchester_Owl

    One Win = Mathematical Safety

    Mathematically 2 points and we are safe.
  3. Manchester_Owl


    I might be wrong but my maths is telling me that we need 1 more point and we will be safe based on having a better goal difference.
  4. Manchester_Owl


    There must be some sort of equation (considering all of the fixtures that are left), which shows how many more points we actually need to be safe.
  5. Manchester_Owl

    The standard of defending

    No the free kick for the first goal. It was never a foul.
  6. Manchester_Owl

    Manchester Owls Steel City Derby Match

    No worries mate.
  7. Yes. Just up the road from the Victoria where you were going to go.
  8. Manchester_Owl

    Manchester Owls Steel City Derby Match

    If that's your thing. Come join us.
  9. Come down and join us all at the Red Lion.
  10. Manchester_Owl

    Manchester Owls Steel City Derby Match

    For shizzle. Stripes, pin stripes, Ipswich style shirts, new old Owl badge. Old new Owl badge, moustaches, Brazilians, Germans, Dutch and a bit of courage.
  11. Manchester_Owl

    Manchester Owls Steel City Derby Match

    The more the merrier!
  12. Manchester_Owl

    Manchester Owls Steel City Derby Match

    We've had decent turn outs in the last couple of seasons. Easy to get to, decent pub etc. Come join us.
  13. I've arranged for the Red Lion pub in Withington (our usual Wednesday hotspot) to play the derby Match on Friday 12 January 2018. Bus number 152 (magic bus) will get you there from town. Think it's a quid. Colours are allowed so wear your blue and white garms. The pub has reasonable prices and we had a great turnout when we played Hudds in the playoffs let's get as many in as possible. Post on here and let me know if your coming so I can let the manager know. #UTO
  14. Manchester_Owl

    The final straw

    Terrible attention seeking OP. Why our fans implode before seeing who is going to replace Carlos baffles me. OP refers to a bunch of ex Wednesday men who the majority have not succeeded here. Yes they may be passionate about the club but they didn't then nor do they now have the capability to succeed here. Just wait until we see who Chansiri brings in as a manager and what transfers are made before hunting the guy out of the club. Whether people appreciate it or not for the majority of the Chansiri's chairmanship we have had some brilliant times, Brighton Home and Away, Arsenal, Wembley, Newcastle etc. Football is just about the memories as it is about the present day. Forget that at your own peril.
  15. No. Baring an unbelievable miracle.