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  1. Needs to drop Bannan and Reach and bring in Luongo/Lee and Forestieri.
  2. Drop Bannan, problem solved. Y'all don't want to hear that though.
  3. I think it's about time season ticket holders get the option to watch these midweek games free of charge. Could save me a fortune.
  4. If he starts tomorrow and plays at least 75 minutes, he will get a goal. I will then revert back to this post.
  5. This formation allows the wingers to get crosses on the box for Fletcher. It's gives Nando the freedom to roam, which is what was needed yesterday. This allows him to go wide or down the middle, as long as it's high up the pitch. Back 5 explains itself and with regards to midfield, one (or two) of the big boys needs to get dropped to get the balance right.
  6. Fletcher. Forestieri. Harris. Lee. Hutchinson. Murphy Palmer. Borner. Lees. Odubajo. * Westwood. Bench. Dawson. Iorfa. Bates. Luongo. Bannan. Reach. Rhodes. *(One more wee wee tail up and he's getting dropped).
  7. Bullen's reasons for not taking him are ridiculous. He shouldn't be our manager. With regards to Nando - a lot of criticism coming his way about his performances. The last stand out performance was against Norwich away (champions), towards the end of the season, when he pulled off one of the best goals the division has seen. It's absolutely criminal that he isn't even getting picked for the bench. And yes, he would have been the difference today because the guy scores goals. It's what he does.
  8. Why take Fox if you never intend on playing him. (I'm not advocating playing Fox BTW). We had a clear system from the first two games and now that is out of the window. If the midfield are unable to unlock the Millwall defense then you replace those midfielders with the ones on the bench. Shoehorning players will create a bad atmosphere.
  9. This needs addressing.... and yes I'm referring to my own quote here....... he didn't play Bannan from the off, however what he did was much worse. He took off two defenders to accommodate Bannan, Reach, Hutchinson and Lee all getting a game at some point. If we were unable to breakdown Millwall then replace the midfield/attackers with others on the bench. Do not move Hutch and Reach to fullback positions, that should only ever happen in an injury crisis. This alone, win lose or draw is probably why Bullen shouldn't be getting the job.
  10. Bannan is just an example of my point. That third season under Carlos where injuries became a problem, Carlos was criticized because his "fringe" players weren't able to step up. This happens for one of two reasons, they aren't good enough, OR, when they are good enough they still don't get a chance of a first team spot and when the time comes (when every Tom wee pipe and Harry are injured) they aren't up for it. Lopez should have started in that final instead of Hutchinson. We just beat Barnsley convincingly, without Bannan, who is injured. Fitness has been a big problem for us. First and foremost, play players who are fit. We brought in subs who showed like they aren't here to fill numbers but want a starting place. Starting Bannan, next match, despite if we win or not, does not send out the right message, unless it's specifically tactical and he is given a specific job that others can't do and that reason is explained to those who have a shout at a starting position.
  11. Bannan getting his place back straight away reverts us back to the last 3 season..... Not getting promoted. We have a good squad and yesterday showed we have some top midfielders. Bannan will get his shot like everyone else. It's so important than we don't rely on "fan favourites", but actual ability and form, which includes fitness. He's currently not fit, he has to go to the back of the queue. After yesterday's game if anyone is going to replace Reach it's got to be Luongo. And to be honest Pelupessy played well, but you lot won't want to hear that.
  12. Bannan gets the bench and that's it. He will have to fight for his place. Plus I think he slows the game down. Today was all about speed and my gosh those wingers are fast. We have options, keep playing the same players despite others doing and we won't have options.
  13. What's all this faster rate business about. Out of the last 4 seasons, Nando has been top scorer twice. João and Hooper have gone. Therefore he starts. And pens do count.
  14. I've just checked the stats since year 1, (Chansiri takeover). 15/6 - Nando (15), Hooper (13). 16/17 - Nando (12), Fletcher (10). 17/18 - Nuihu (14), Hooper (11). With all the strikers we've had that is actually some grim reading. In the 17/18 season Nando got (5) and bearly featured. For me, Nando starts in his favoured position. We need to score more goals and there is little point in putting the player who has performed better than others in the last 3/4 seasons at scoring goals on the bench. If he drops form then fair enough, sub him.
  15. Do you have the stats for the last 4/5 season on who has scored the most goals. Genuine question.
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