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  1. No. Baring an unbelievable miracle.
  2. Carlos' frozen out 11..

    We won't agree and I won't go on and on about it as I know your point and you know mine. I think on the whole we have failed to drop out of form players and replace them with the players we have brought in to directly replace them with. This has IMO caused 2 things. 1) a lack of competition for places. 2) a lack of fitness from those players who should be competing for places. Over 3 seasons this crates an imbalance and a flat and predicable team.
  3. Carlos' frozen out 11..

    At the beginning of last season Abdi was fit. He was just overlooked when other players should have been dropped. He then became injury prone, by effectively lack of match fitness.
  4. Carlos' frozen out 11..

    Players won't be fit if they don't play. And by play I mean competitive first team 90 minute action. I don't think Watford had our pants down. I think we've managed him badly. Same with Matais et al.
  5. You are being a bit of a wee pipe really. Whilst I'm not one to be advocating protesting; our current form, entertainment and overall experience for the money we pay per match is unacceptable. It's unacceptable to be out of the top 6. Our aim should have been what Newcastle and Brighton were last season or what Wolves are this season. You mocking other posters who are rightly peeved at our current situation. (Still no away shirt on sale). Is accepting the current status and therefore you are apart of the problem. Grow up.
  6. Not the manager......

    Hindsight says we probably shouldn't have signed Fletcher and paid him (a reportedly £40k a week). That was the root of our problems. Unless of course he became the dominant target man he was brought in to be. I've still not seen anything near the level he gave us in his first performance against Villa. Our second downfall is not dropping out of form players. A prime example for me is at the beginning of last season Bannan should have been dropped (not now, he's been one of our better players) Abdi should have replaced him due to form. Essentially what happened is that a player (Abdi) not getting games when he should then picks up and injury and doesn't get a look in because of his injury then gets cameo appearances to get injured again. That management meant that we have no serious competition for a role which is essential to the style of our play. We have to use width in our approach to attack teams. This will stretch teams and then when the ball is brought back in the middle from time to time we have the quality (Hooper and K. Lee) to out smart and out play teams. Not popular but Palmer should be playing, he's a better defender. João and yes Nuhiu should be used a lot more to give the opposition more to think about. I do also agree that there is some truth to (SOME) players thinking if promoted they will be moved on, it has an impact. Finally, if we don't go out to win the match from the first minute we will draw many games we should win and lose the ones we could have drawn. Expectations:- top 2. Acceptable but a bit disappointed:- 3-4. No improvement:- 5-6 Disaster of a season:- outside of top 6. The above should be in everyone mind who is associated with the club in whatever capacity.
  7. Missing Forestieri

    I said at the start of this season in the big Forestieri thread that he's our best player. This was when the foolish journalist from the star, radio Sheffield and foolish fans wanted to sell him to freshen things up. Crazy! When he comes back we build the team around him and he plays wherever he wants as clearly we are a mid table side without him. I'm not even going to get in a debate with anyone trying to prove otherwise. As a team we are simply not good enough without him. End of.
  8. What has that got to do with his opinions? I can't play professional football but I know when I see a good player. Most of the time I disagree with CP's view on things (not this occasion), but I don't have the need to slag his managerial career off. It's irrelevant and shows envy in your character.
  9. I don't care if you hate the guy

    FF is our best player. No ifs or buts about it. If fans are still blaming him for everything in the world then DC and CC aren't our only problems. I still can't believe we banned our own (star) player this season. With regards to Winnall that transfer is still baffling. He needs to be recalled.
  10. the bouncing day massacre

    Wembley wasn't a massacre and neither was Sunday. We could have won 10-1 they could have won 5/6 -2, but that didn't happen. A true massacre doesn't have coulda/woulda/shouldas. They have the ruthlessness of doing the job good and proppa. BDM was exactly that. Don't give them the false satisfaction that this was anything more than a good beating. That's all it was. A good beating. History remains in tact. Just.
  11. the bouncing day massacre

    flipping scrubbers. Desperate or what. They won by 2 goals. They get the bragging rights, but thats about it. A massacre is officially a 4 plus goal margin. Don't give any reason to think this was a massacre, was it roger.
  12. Time to shine FF

    Repeat Oh Forestieri, oh Forestieri! Stop whining, we have the best squad on the division.
  13. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    I find it interesting that most believe FF had a bad season last year. When in reality he scored the most goals and had most assist in a team that finished 4th. He was the difference in games in the VIlla, Forest, Cardiff matches (off the top of my head). That's 9 points. He has a better injury record than most of our key players. 12 million is not enough for our (arguably) best player for a team that want to get promoted this season. Also a team that finished in the playoffs twice, with one final and one 4th place finish. 20 million is an amount I would consider, as I believe that we could/may be bring in two players of quality. Anything less and it's a waste. Thankfully our Chairman is quite stubborn when it comes to prices, so if he says 20 mil that's what it will be our he won't be going anywhere. But what really needs to stop is the negativity towards FF, it does us no good. If we don't sell we ain't making him happy, if we sell we are bringing his price down. 30 + pages of nonsense.
  14. All this Forestieri rubbish from Carlos

    Last night's match and second half of QPR would have suited FF. As I've mentioned in another thread our best formation with the squad players we have is 433. This actually keeps most players happy. (FF) (Hooper) (Winnall/Fletcher/Rhodes) And with Jones as DM giving more protection we will win more games than lose or draw. The issue I have is that we've gone to this formation through force of injuries. Will Carlos set us up like this from the start is yet to be seen.
  15. Lucas Joao vs Jordan Rhodes

    We have 6 strikers. If you don't score and miss an open net you must be dropped. He also should have scored the other chance in the first half.