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  1. Nando's goal on first appearance looks like a scramble, but it was a really good worked goal. Firstly, you had Lee anticipating the spillage from Reache's shot and slotting the ball within 3 yards in front of goal. Then you had Nando who's run started from the edge of the box anticipating that Lee (who was anticipating the spillage from the shot), would slot the ball in front of goal. Nando getting to the ball was hard work, the ball was for the keeper to collect but Nando made sure any connection was to his left. Without trying to bash any players, no other strikers we have would have done that and scored that goal. We need to change our strikers. They aren't good enough at their main requirement. There is no point creating all these chances if they aren't good enough to actually score them. Nando is good enough to score. He comes on the pitch and we get two goals. Put Nando on the pitch and drop Westwood and we will start getting 3 points per match again.
  2. You would be surprised to know that when he's played and Bannan hasn't we played better as a team. There must be a reason for it. Barnsley at home this season and West Brom at home (for most of the match), last season.
  3. It's shocking that this is accepted as being ok. I've said it many times on here. We won't be successful if we play Bannan, Lee and Hutchinson in the same team. 1 /2 or all 3 need dropping and certainly one or two need selling. I would first try Lee and Luongo together as both of those are box to box players, which is what your midfield should be. I would also bring Pelupessy back to the bench, he's more of a team player than he has been given credit for. Finally, without trying to sound like Jos, I think it's time Dawson takes the shirt. Westwood has made too many various mistakes.
  4. I would be on the verge of dropping him to be honest. He takes far too long releasing the ball. He talks and shouts at his defenders when he should be releasing the ball to attack early. When he finally does release the ball they have 11 men behind the ball. He has underperformed this season. And likewise with Bannan, he wasn't in the team on our best performance so far.
  5. Also the Barnsley match was our best performance. Bannan misdeed it through injury. All I need to say.
  6. How long have I been saying that Bannan needs dropping. He slows us down and demands the ball when it isn't necessary. It also shows why Bullen shouldn't be Manager.
  7. Needs to drop Bannan and Reach and bring in Luongo/Lee and Forestieri.
  8. Drop Bannan, problem solved. Y'all don't want to hear that though.
  9. I think it's about time season ticket holders get the option to watch these midweek games free of charge. Could save me a fortune.
  10. If he starts tomorrow and plays at least 75 minutes, he will get a goal. I will then revert back to this post.
  11. This formation allows the wingers to get crosses on the box for Fletcher. It's gives Nando the freedom to roam, which is what was needed yesterday. This allows him to go wide or down the middle, as long as it's high up the pitch. Back 5 explains itself and with regards to midfield, one (or two) of the big boys needs to get dropped to get the balance right.
  12. Fletcher. Forestieri. Harris. Lee. Hutchinson. Murphy Palmer. Borner. Lees. Odubajo. * Westwood. Bench. Dawson. Iorfa. Bates. Luongo. Bannan. Reach. Rhodes. *(One more wee wee tail up and he's getting dropped).
  13. Bullen's reasons for not taking him are ridiculous. He shouldn't be our manager. With regards to Nando - a lot of criticism coming his way about his performances. The last stand out performance was against Norwich away (champions), towards the end of the season, when he pulled off one of the best goals the division has seen. It's absolutely criminal that he isn't even getting picked for the bench. And yes, he would have been the difference today because the guy scores goals. It's what he does.
  14. Why take Fox if you never intend on playing him. (I'm not advocating playing Fox BTW). We had a clear system from the first two games and now that is out of the window. If the midfield are unable to unlock the Millwall defense then you replace those midfielders with the ones on the bench. Shoehorning players will create a bad atmosphere.
  15. This needs addressing.... and yes I'm referring to my own quote here....... he didn't play Bannan from the off, however what he did was much worse. He took off two defenders to accommodate Bannan, Reach, Hutchinson and Lee all getting a game at some point. If we were unable to breakdown Millwall then replace the midfield/attackers with others on the bench. Do not move Hutch and Reach to fullback positions, that should only ever happen in an injury crisis. This alone, win lose or draw is probably why Bullen shouldn't be getting the job.
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