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  1. It's expensive for all clubs in the Championship to compete at the top. Only 3 teams get promoted. This means ALL clubs will be in debt. We had a shot and it didn't work. We go again with restrictions. We are not in threat of administration, unless Chansiri leaves. The alternative is to balance the books and play lower end Championship or League 1. I personally don't want that.
  2. Non monatry value in this scheme:- 1) You can avoid games when you can't or would struggle to make it. 2) More connected to the club. 3) there is no commitment to a full or half a season. 4) if the team are under performing you don't have to commit if that is your choice. Monatry value:- 1) There is a saving compared to buying 6 tickets individually. 2) cheaper than a season ticket.
  3. I honestly don't think they would come flocking until we are successful on the pitch. If we become a mid table championship club with no real hope of promotion with £20 tickets we would have lower attendances.
  4. There comes a point when the fan base needs to understand that we as fans need to put money into the club to keep it ticking. Nothing is for free. If I didn't have a season ticket I would have bought a membership, even if I was only able to attend 1-2 games a season as the membership would make me feel more connected to the club. That's probably why I disagree with most on here as whether this is a good offer as my starting point would be I'm already a member which has added value in non monetary terms. If you are going to dissect every offer the club make then there will be holes and cheaper options. The club could have lowered them to £20 per games and you still have complaints.
  5. Gold? Of course that is not including the £90 membership fee, which has its own added value.
  6. This is a good offer/scheme. People will moan until it's free entry. That ain't gonna happen. This allows people who are unable to get to every match to pay £25 per match for 6 games. The only valid criticism on this is that it should be for the full season with the exception of the derby and the last game of the season. The club have to generate money. Don't see what all the negativity is about.
  7. Manchester_Owl

    Cardiff in for FF

    Stop being pathetic.
  8. Manchester_Owl

    Cardiff in for FF

    I'm glad some of you lot aren't running the club. Some of the prices quoted are rediculous £10mil, £12mil, £15mil. Nando is worth £27 million in this market. I wouldn't sell him, but I would consider £25mil upwards if £20mil was paid straight away and we have replacements lined up. However, I revert back to not selling him. It may turn out that him kicking off at Norwich was a blessing in disguise as it got his contract extended (assuming we got promoted). He is the life and soul of the dressing room. He's the main man, he's the fans favourite and I'm glad Chansiri knows this and won't be bullied into accepting shitty deals. He stance with the BBC should tell all the footballing world that Wednesday are not to be fvcked with. You want Nando then get your £30mil bids ready with adequate loans lined up for us. Fvckers.
  9. Manchester_Owl

    50/50...which route then?

    If you adhere to the rules then you don't get promoted. Wolves completely took a mockery of the rules, but they did it the right way. Forest this season appears to be using the Wolves model and are strong favourites. Brighton got promoted just in the nick of time otherwise they would have been stuffed. And those that sell and fall within the rules ie Derby, Brentford, Villa, Leeds have not got promoted. The system isn't right, but it is what it is until all clubs agree to get it changed. We tried our luck it as did Birmingham and it didn't pay off. However we still have a large section of year 1 squad so we may as well go for it whilst they are still under contract.
  10. Manchester_Owl

    50/50...which route then?

    This is the first year FFP really kicks in. Cardiff and Fulham have had parachute payments in the past. Only Huddersfield are the exception to the system (an to a certain extent Cardiff last season). Even so, had the owner not covered operating losses Huddersfield would be in administration. This is the system we are in and always will be unless we get promoted or the rules change. Cutting players now changes nothing except admitting defeat.
  11. Manchester_Owl

    50/50...which route then?

    Well there lies your problem. Unfortunately, the way the system is set up for football league clubs is that you have to get into serious debt to compete, even for the parachute payment clubs. If every chairman/owner in the championship stopped covering operating losses over night then every club would enter adminstration. Therefore we have no option but to trust the chairman when he says he will cover the operating losses. And even if we didn't trust him the facts are that there is no other way of competing in the championship without getting into debt.
  12. Manchester_Owl

    50/50...which route then?

    Sell our best players and will be odds on to be relegated this season. Whilst we have the players it makes sense to go for it. We have the players to challenge for top 6. The majority are still here from season 1. I simply don't get why our fans want to self destruct and accept poo football for 3+ years and flirt with league 1. Administration will not happen as long as the Chairman covers the operating losses. He said he would.
  13. Manchester_Owl

    50/50...which route then?

    Keep them all and stop being soft. Selling them would admit to starting from scratch with the added threat of relegation. We would at some point have to buy these type of quality players back again and the extended cycle continues until we get promoted, because that's what the current rules allow. Whilst we still have a shot you have to go for it. How many times I have to say this..... Our chairman will be covering the operating losses so we won't have adminstration concerns. FFP is completely different from administration.
  14. People don't seem to understand. You sell Forestieri and co now and we'll/( we may) be in the same situation in 3 years time, unless the rules and regulations change. Or we do a Cardiff/Huddersfield. (I would like to point out that Brentford and Preston haven't got promoted). At that point (in this hypothetical scenario) we would have already used the naming rights money). We have a chairman (ATM) who is prepared to cover our operating losses so the club won't have adminstration concerns. This is the main thing. Ps - stop weeing him off. We will always have operating losses until we get promoted. It makes more sense to keep the good players we have and when the embargo is slightly lifted to extend their contracts, in particular Forestieri, João, Bannan (and possibly Westwood, Lee and Hooper). Only if they don't agree to new terms quickly should we sell them. I would rather try and get promoted and have an embargo than sell all our valuable assets and flirt with relegation and wait for the rules to change so we can compete fairly, which may never happen. The doom and gloom is off the scales. Had Wolves not got promoted they would be in the same situation. Forest will be if they don't go up this season or next. The problem is only 3 teams get promoted and the current rules in place, which are widely accepted, are unfair to say the least mean that to get promoted you have to rely on parachute payments, spens over the allowed amounts with the threat of an embargo or get lucky. We have tried our luck it didn't pay off. We go again, we don't lose our ambition and accept mediocracy. People wanting to get relegated to league 1 to start again. Get a grip!
  15. Manchester_Owl

    Transfer embargo (sort of) confirmed

    Yes I remember at Preston away. I remember being in the pub and there was a flat feeling when the news came out.