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  1. He played alright today. He will feature more than what people think next season. Well put it this way, he has a decent fitness record, which is a start.
  2. Why do I have to keep defending this guy. We need to extend his contract by one year. Absolutely wonderful player. Can't wait for next season.
  3. Is João on £40k a week? I don't think he is. His contract was renewed just after the first embargo. I've picked the best 4 strikers we have on our books. You need a minimum of 5 strikers in a squad. Keep the best sell the worst. Unless we really need to sell to bring in finances, which maybe the case, but each one of those 4 I've picked would need to be replaced. João performed well last night and he has in most games that he's played this season. "He's lazy, he's inconsistent, he doesn't fulfil he's potential...." Bla bla bla. Fickle fans who don't know what they have. I think he's misunderstood as a player, a bit like Pogba at Man United.
  4. If people can't see that we need to keep João after last night's performance then there's no point in getting in a discussion with then. He's the best athlete at the club. (Him and Iofa) FWIW I would keep Fletcher Hooper (1 year extension) João Nando I would sell Rhodes (sell) Nuhiu (sell) Winnal (sell I maybe missing someone. But we need another striker who can be fit for a full season.
  5. Going off the video evidence I've seen the club need to put in an official complaint and get the second yellow card rescinded, regardless of what the current rules are. Like most, all I've wanted to see, is FF play against the pigs at home. At his best. He's missed this fixture for one reason or another and it's frustrating. Whilst his two game ban means he's actually fine to play against the pigs, what it means is the following... He will only start against them if we do not win the next two games, without his involvement. I want us to win the next two games. If he does start against them it means we haven't picked up 6 points. The next two games are also home games, where I want to be entertained by our best player. He's currently picking up form and may need the next two games to be at his best against the pigs.
  6. Take this view point. Look at where we are in the league, in the time you claim Reach and Bannan have been prominent. Look at where we finished in league when FF was prominent. Look at the end of last season when FF came back from injury. Look at that free kick against Preston, look at how we looked more of a threat when he was in the pitch. Look at the excitement in the crowd. Bannan and Reach do not offer us what FF offer us. Bananan is also prone to injury. Now I'm not advocating to sell them, but I would sell them above FF any day of the week.
  7. Here we go again. Every. Single. Season. Do not sell him. He's out best player. Sell Reach/Bannan first if must.
  8. That's the issue I'm getting at. Season ticket holder with 600 points gets ticket, but doesn't go, gives it to a friend and gets 10 TPP. Season ticket holder without enough points sits in the home end of an away game, doesn't get the 10 TPP, but goes to the game. Next big game that same season ticket holder has 10 points less than the required amount and misses out. The system on a whole is trying to be fair, (I get that), but it needs tweaking a little and a better staggered sales process could make the system even better. Anyways I'm done, it is what it is. This club really deserves to be in the prem with the support it has.
  9. That would be great thank you. Lol. Look all I'm saying is that the system needs tweaking, i.e the staggering of sales. The allocated time for those with more points seem to be a lot longer, for example if you had 500 points you had the whole weekend to buy tickets. Those with 490 points would have had from 9AM until 1PM, if there were any left. This takes out the competition of those willing/prepared (or more organized) to queue early, whether that be online or in person. Final point is that 6000 season ticket holders with 500 or more points seems strange to me given the amount of season ticket holders we have and the amount of away games I know I've been to.
  10. Unfortunately you only get TPP for games attended. Otherwise my TPP would be much higher.
  11. The problem with the system is that friends who buy tickets for games say Forest away and then can't turn up, don't return the tickets to the club, they sell them to friends/family. They then still keep the 10 TPP, when in reality that 10 TPP should go to the friend/family member or someone who wanted to go to the game that was next in line. I agree that it should be staggered with Season Ticket Holders/ Membership and then general sale, but how season ticket sales are staggered need to be looked at.
  12. I think they need to stagger the ticket sales differently. Alllowing those with 500 points the whole weekend to buy the tickets and leaving those with 490, such as myself literally 30 seconds before they were all sold out is a bit harsh. It's now a closed shop. I prefer a system where it allows those who have shown loyalty/commitment AND those who are prepared to queue early to actually have a chance to get one of these headlining games.
  13. You post makes no sense and I shouldn't waste anytime on a nonsense post, but eff it. Sometimes you have to spell things out to thickos. A better player doesn't mean a better team. For me, Bannan takes too much control of the ball, he collects it too deep and gets out of position when he goes on his mad runs. The two noticeable occasions we have played (alright) is against West Bromwich and today. In both matches Bannan didn't play. In both matches Onomah started and got took off. In both matches when he got taken off we were noticeably worse. Over to you.
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