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  1. Anyone Wednesday fan wanting Wednesday to be relegated over -12 points to stay in the championship is a fvking idiot. Also, what is this attitude of its not right that it's applied next season. Well two things; season 19/20 is over by EFL rules AND the only true fair season to deduct the points is the season we went over FFP, that would still mean we are a Championship club. So stop with the BS it's annoying.
  2. For those asking why the deduction this season and not next season.... This is taken from the EFL website. 'Normal Playing Season' means the period of the year commencing with the first League Match and, for each Club, ending immediately after the completion of the Club's final fixture of the League Competition, excluding any Play-Off matches. https://www.efl.com/-more/governance/efl-rules--regulations/section-1----general/
  3. At one point I thought he was a real threat for us, but he was really poor last season. He doesn't seem interested. He points to open space whilst pretending - (opinion not fact), to be tracking back. I agree he is better as a wide player, but I don't feel he's given his all. That's what your stats won't show. His efforts. Position, covering, energy, (relative to his ability). Stats don't show these things and that's what the fans see. We lack leadership in the team. Reach could bring in a fee and I think it's worth selling him for
  4. What about staying in position, covering for players, actually challenging opponents.
  5. Do you have a stat for influencing the game?
  6. It's completely selective and you know this. You could have also given a more accurate reflection of his contribution to the club if you included stats of all midfielders, that includes Harris and Murphy and even Da Cruz. Also some players have a more defensive role eg Pelupessy, Luongo (ish). You've failed to mention this. For those saying Bannan is our best player. Iofa is a better player. Lee, is still better. The new boys Harris, Murphy, Da Cuz, Windass Hunt can over time show they are better. And don't mistake this for a Bannan bashing post
  7. Yes. This has been my main and biggest issue with the club. The idea, (and how I understood it at the time), was that we would pay for higher than average ticket prices whilst we were in the Championship to make us competitive. However, once we got promoted the ticket prices would be reduced due to TV revenue etc. However, due to 3/5/10 year season tickets on offer, it would mean that reducing prices on promotion would put those who has purchased multi-year season tickets worse off. Now a spanner in the works is that if we get rele
  8. Treacle, the keeper contributes to added pressure.
  9. Yes I know it was City, but in all honesty that game showed that we are light years away from being a premier league team. We basically need a whole new squad and a new manager. Monk set us up to contain, that's just not good enough. Being a Wednesdayite is to be proud. There was nothing proud about not attacking or at least having an attacking plan. On the very few occasions we got the ball we had no idea what to do. The point of a football match is to score goals. At the very minimum I expected us to start building up pressure after the first h
  10. Any Wednesday fan who thinks or wants us to get relegated in any circumstances is an idiot.
  11. Quite the selective reading you have there. No. I am saying Bruce had to try Bannan left side in the first place. Ask yourself why!? Then come to the conclusion that he probably thought something wasn't right with him being a cm. Unfortunately Bruce joined after the transfer window, was unable to change it. He then f'ked off.
  12. You are missing the overriding point. He had to make a comment on it in the first place. He wouldn't have said, "I think Fletcher is a better winger than centre forward". It wouldn't have come into contemplation at all. He had to physically try Bannan on the left. Why was this? Because he saw from day dot he wasn't effective as a CM. He wasn't going to publicly bash him and say he's also a poo CM as well as a left sided player. That's not good for business. Bannan needed selling ages ago. He's been picking the ball up from our centre backs just outside of o
  13. That's not Bannan's best role and wasn't when Carlos was in charge, when we were half decent.
  14. There's a breaking point. The club is getting close to it, if not already It's all compounded and not one issue. A season ticket is a commitment that's means sacrifice elsewhere. To put it simply, I ain't buying a league one football season ticket, (I have in the past, before anyone jumps at me). I'm also not buying a season ticket with the FFP situation unresolved. There was a contract when he came in. That contract was;- fans pay higher than most clubs in the division, (whilst we are in the Championship), and the club will make us the most competitive. In
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