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  1. We go through this discussion most seasons. He needs dropping. After the Brighton game, Monk dropped Pelepessy. That's was the wrong call. He should have stuck with the same 3 midfield. I know most will disagree, but he's actually a good disciplined defensive midfielder. (When allowed by his partner to actually play that role). Since Carlos left, we play better as a team without him and that's the truth. Carlos often played him as a wide man, not a main central midfielder. Our Central midfield was usually Lee and Hutch/Lopez. At this point Lee was so good we were effectively playing with 12 men, he was everywhere. Carlos used Bannan in the centre with Jones in his final (half) season. This is when everyone was injured and Abdi, who I'm sure was brought in to challenge Lee, wasn't up to the job, for whatever reason. Bruce also tried Bannan wide left. It didn't work in that particular game so he brought him back in midfield. But he must have thought something wasn't right. Saturday's thrashing of a result has to be looked at as a blessing in disguise. We started the game with 10 men as Winnall is not championship level and is incapable of doing the basics. Not his fault, I do believe he has the intention of trying. We then went down to effectively 9 men with the sending off of Luongo. With Bananan playing as a centre back that result was inevitable. This result has come at a good time. It tells the chairman we need 3 new attacking players before the end of January and it tells Monk he needs to play players who are capable of playing to his system. Thus drop Bannan to the bench. Further to the above I would make Borner captain for the rest of the season.
  2. The players aren't good enough and need changing. That's for sure. 3 attacking players this January please. However, despite their limitations, we should not expect a result and performance like that. EVER. The blame lies with Monk. We are 1-nil down with 10 men, after 25 mins. The only solution is to shut up shop and see out the defeat and keep the score line down. Being optimistic we could even grab one. Games not entirely over. We should have been compact and the players dying to defend every ball. The question is do I think the like of Bruce would have had us in a higher position in the league with this 'nowhere near ready for promotion squad'. Yes. I also think that would be the case with Pearson, Warnock and dare I say it, Carlos. In Carlo's first 2 seasons Bannan was not the focus of his attacks or defence. He was simply involved in a minor capacity. In Carlo's third season, Bannan was central with Jones and became the most important player to lead our attacks. The season Carlos left. This continued with Jos. The only senior player he didn't really move out unless forced to do so like with West Brom at home game. A game we ultimately lost but played so much better. When Bruce came he did actually try to move Bannan out wide. He must have known that him in the middle wasn't that effective. We played Brighton the other week without Bannan. It was Joey Pelepessy in that defensive midfield role. We played well and won. There is a constant theme here and until people start to see it, we won't improve. Monk needs to add 3 players in by the end of January and needs to address the elephant in the room. Bannan in the central position. Some fans also need to smell the coffee about their star player.
  3. Looks like Salmonbones is now stalking me and negging away. Go ahead fella. x
  4. This is the exact sort of nonsense I was talking about on another thread. Why have you gone out of your way to create absolute rounduns. Is it for the attention? Is it because there are supporters who disagree with your view on him. Childish. Grow up.
  5. I don't know, P1ssing him off? Doesn't read OT though, does he. No one does, do they? It isn't like one of the leading social media/defamation cases doesn't involve OT does it? So I'm completely wrong. I'm sorry. My bad.
  6. This is where I actually disagree. He was the top scorer for 2 seasons. Both those seasons we ended up in the playoffs. He has value! We currently take a playoff spot and our main striker will be out for the rest of the season. We know he can score goals. If he doesn't perform in training he won't get the chance on the pitch. If he doesn't perform on the pitch he won't get a decent contract with us or elsewhere. It's bonkers to be so self disruptive. AND WE WON OUR LAST 2 GAMES FFS.
  7. Lol, The guy isn't even playing right now and we won our last two games. There is no need for this thread at all! Like ziltch. It's even crazier to do it in the January transfer window. Even if you think I'm wrong.... Why risk it?
  8. I want us to get promoted. I honestly don't see the point/benefit in slagging a player off, with Nando's ability at this stage of the season. That is what I find bonkers. It's crazy. Protect your assets! That is all I'm trying to say. If we fail to get promoted and he fvcks off in the summer, then slag away. Until then, keep schtum or be positive. Promotion this season is a real possibility.
  9. No. You insinuated that I specifically said anything mentioned on OT would have an affect on his value. I never said that. I said.... It's "this type of chat", which could devalue him, if we are wanting to get rid. However, it's more concerning that you really believe people don't check on social media. Everything has an effect on everything! If you are considering signing a player and you know the fanbase is getting on his back. By viewing let's say..... a 10 page thread, slagging him off. (In this day and age it's perfectly reasonable to gauge this by social media). Then yes, the notion that anything written on OT can have an affect on his value is very real. To what extent, who knows, could be 10p, could be 10k, but don't be so naive to think fans views aren't considered as a factor in valuation.
  10. Firstly.... This is what I actually said...... "it's the type of chat seen on this thread that reduces his value, so economically it makes no sense!" Secondly, please mistake me if I'm wrong in thinking that posters on this very site have been sued, (rightly or wrongly), for the content of their post before? I actually don't want to finish my point, for various reasons, which would see me win the argument. So on this very issue I will bow out. But think about. Really think about it.
  11. Here we go again...... He's still the best forward at this club. He will score goals from open play, free kicks and penalties. He will defend from the front and he will be an outlay when we are under it and need someone to bring the ball out and dribble 30+ yards. We will need Nando to be bang in form for the end run. The end run will determine whether we get promoted or not. We don't have any other players who can score consistently. Fletcher is pretty much out for the season. He will be rotated with Harris/Murphy/Reach, Nuhiu/Winnal/Rhodes. Nando himself will need to be in form and he will need to get us promoted, (taking into account our current league standing). For the very reason of getting a contract with us or another club. (On a side note he may be more protected in the Prem by the use of VAR, but that's another issue for another day). What is not useful is this current obsession with bashing our most talented player. He's under contract until the end of the season andI doubt anyone is signing him now. So rather than bash what could turn out to be a very useful asset; why don't you lot try and back him or just keep schtum. Even if we wanted to sell him this January, it's the type of chat seen on this thread that reduces his value, so economically it makes no sense!
  12. I'm not having this "there is no end product" bollx. Harris, (8/10 times), gets the ball in the box. That's his job. Nothing more nothing less. It's up to the strikers to get the ball in the back of the net. Reach should have scored today. How many times did Harris get the ball in the box to the amount of times Reach did today. Think about it. He is currently/recently our only threat. That's why in the last 2/3 games in the second half there is an extra man on him. In fact, today there's were 3 Hull players on him, which in theory means that's there is space elsewhere on the pitch, but our players still seem to pass him the ball when they shouldn't. Probably because Hutchinson is out of position.
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