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  1. Bullen is a pair of safe hands. We will be fine under his leadership. Fine, but that's it. If we want to move forward we need a proven manager in this league. I love the man, he is Wednesday, but not everyone is cut out to be a manager. Doesn't mean is isn't vital for the club, just not in that role.
  2. Coming up to a week to go now...… lets just go and get this basket case and enjoy the ride!
  3. The more I think about it the more im starting to think Holloway would be a good choice. When Carlos first came in we played with a freedom and were attack minded and we were a joy to watch, at times we were sensational. Holloway would give us this attack minded football I think, would create a feel good factor around the place and he actually has a much better record than people give him credit for. I also cant think of him having been able to work with such talented players as we have now so would be very interested to see what he could do with them He would also put smiles back on fans faces which right now I think is as important as anything
  4. so what are the latest odds looking like then?
  5. Just to top it off, the picture in this article clearly shows he has stolen one of our footballs too! Does the man have no shame??
  6. Buy a business to try and make money, it's hardly unheard of. I don't think they are in a position much different to loads of other clubs, just they get the media wankfest around them like Liverpool do due to them having 'the best fans in the world/such loyal support' etc etc
  7. To be fair most clubs would be happy with that wouldn't they? We would take that, most bar 3 or 4 clubs in the Prem would take that really. What do Newcastle think they deserve that others don't?
  8. Big Sam was on Talksport this morning saying they approached him but he turned it down. Maybe there is a chance Bruce wouldn't want this. Has Pullis been mentioned at all? If they would consider Big Sam again why not Pullis?
  9. Why would he? He has had plenty of opportunities to do that before but hasnt That said this next appointment is massive for us. Get it right and we can be competitive, get it wrong I fear the worst
  10. I thought Jeffers would be the poacher we needed at the time.
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