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  1. Genuinely puzzled at how the idea is laughable!? A player gets the ball and you look around to see if people have moved into space to give that player an option.
  2. I think you must have your zoom on if you can only see the player on the ball at any one time. What a strange post. Its pretty easy to see if there are players moving to receive the ball or not. Obviously you think our movement off the ball is fantastic and its why we look so dangerous in every game?
  3. For anyone to think Bannan is one of our biggest problems right now baffles me I spent the whole match last night trying to look to see what our movement off the ball is like now and how many options the player with the ball has. Sadly, nothing has changed. If a player gets in space Bannan is good enough to find them and more importantly, see the run. He is a very intelligent footballer and technically good too However if nobody moves to try and get the ball his only option is to pass back Everyone in our team look to pass him the ball and then g
  4. I envy those of you with any hope left. The way we have played all season, the quality of our players, our current league position, the fact if we go behind we always lose.... how do you still have any hope left? I wish i did
  5. We concede plenty playing negative and defensive football. Lets give the opposition defense something to think about for a change
  6. This is the chance to reconnect the fans to the club. I believe the appointment has already injected a bit of fire back into us after a season that seems to have zapped all enthusiasm, hope and pride from the majority of fans. All I personally ask is that you stick to your attacking football philosophy and don't change that when the pressure of this club hits, like it seems to every other manager. Lets try and attack our way out of this situation. If its not enough to stay up then fair enough but i'd much prefer this than just waiting for teams to score against us every game and a
  7. Genuinely very happy with this. Some light in an otherwise terrible season
  8. This would be a complete and utter disaster. Would also indicate that we can only attract desperate managers to come and work here
  9. I assume Windass will be off to WBA too then!?
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