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  1. People seem to forget that we own one good player (Bannan) . Until we solve this it doesn't matter whether we have Monk or Klopp in charge
  2. To have heard nothing on this just makes it 'look' to the entire world that the EFL are just making stuff up as they go along
  3. Applying your logic we got rid of him and got new managers in and won the league and will be playing man Utd next season then? Our problems are much deeper than the manager. Keep changing them is doing jack s**t to move us forward
  4. Yes I like what Monk is trying to do with the formation and he needs a chance to try it with his own players that can play the positions we now need There needs to be huge changes in the playing staff but we need consistency in the management team to compensate that.
  5. So after what has been a disappointed few years after showing such promise in Carlos's Playoff Final year, what lessons should the club have learnt ready to push this club that we all love forward? If a player doesn't want to be here then sell them immediately? Attacking football works better in this league than negative tactics? If you want players to stay then sort out contracts as early as possible? Make the club as self-sufficient as possible even at the expense of attracting some players? Forget a quick fix to get promotion, I want to know what you think we need to do to make supporting this club enjoyable and leave us all with a feeling of pride again?
  6. Highfield Road. My first ever game. Cant remember the year but my excitement didn't last long as Dion Dublin scored after about 2 minutes. Lost 2-0 I think. All I can remember was Woods kicked every goal kick out for a throw in
  7. If this goes on further than April 3rd then it has to be void. If you start extending things you are then going to create a knock on effect for the next season etc etc. The only sensible thing would be to sacrifice this season and aim to resume normal practice from there surely?
  8. Take a moment to consider the disappointment for Bannan when he realises celebrating too hard is making his new and expensive hair fall out. Must be about a grands worth floating away there
  9. Bullen is a pair of safe hands. We will be fine under his leadership. Fine, but that's it. If we want to move forward we need a proven manager in this league. I love the man, he is Wednesday, but not everyone is cut out to be a manager. Doesn't mean is isn't vital for the club, just not in that role.
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