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  1. not sure if its that one or the one before it but Mons Ivar Mjelde from Brann you could get for £600k and he scores 30 every season Happy memories
  2. He needs a song My attempt Big Daz had a dream To buy a whole new team He bought some and got the rest on loan Got Hunt for the back A whole midfield and attack We're Sheffield Wednesday We're just glad if we're paid Or something like that
  3. True. I will settle for a 3-0 win on Saturday instead of 5-0
  4. Regardless of how well i think we will do on the pitch this season i think im most optimistic that we have a manager in charge that we can all get behind and that there is a feeling of positivity within the fan base again. Its just nice to actually want to go back and actually have a bit of pride back in the club
  5. I actually really like both of them
  6. I'll have a walk down and see. I wont be too upset if i miss out
  7. I am actually in Ossett this evening, might go have a little look
  8. I have Looked decent to start with and then was utter rubbish last season apparently. They opted to play midfielders at left back instead of him.... But new club, lower league and fresh start, lets hope he does the business
  9. National embarrassment from day one then. Awesome
  10. England Denmark Czech Rep Ukraine That could be a qualifying group normally and one we would expect to win no problem. We have no excuse to not get to the final now. Which really isn't easy to say!!
  11. Sterling and Saka have to play, pace seems to be Germany's weakness. If nothing else it might make them sit a little deeper and allow Kane to actually touch the ball from time to time
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