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  1. Jesus

    Luton info

    Bugger, really want one of these but not looking like it will make general sale now If anyone has a spare going please let me know
  2. Ok, so noticed that my WBA ticket order clearly states on it that I have to get it from the ticket office.... is that our ticket office or theirs as there is no chance im getting up to Sheffield today
  3. Jesus

    Bannan Injured

    I thought our injuries were all the fault of Carlos?
  4. Some fine work there Sir
  5. Carlos played attacking football in that first season and we were great. Then he bottled it in the playoff final and thereafter. Attacking football works in this league
  6. Jesus

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    Luton away please so we can have a good look at their manager
  7. Jesus

    Clare joins Swansea

    People name calling and wishing misery on players like this really need to grow up. He is a footballer who has moved from one club to another, get over it
  8. We need to sign players on 100 year contracts with clauses in to end them after 2. Bring the amortisation figure right down with that. Sorted!
  9. Oh b*ll*cks. I was hoping to be able to afford a membership next year too
  10. Does this calculation work on a rolling 3 year period or can we go flipping mental again next year?
  11. Jesus

    Membership Pricing 2018/19

    No idea what logic has been applied in this decision. Normally get one, won't be bothering this year Just as a bit of feel good factor was coming back it gets deflated again by more over-pricing.
  12. Not trying to turn this into a club versus country debate for people to say how much they hate England etc but my question is, were the emotions the same for you last night watching England win? I lost all enthusiasm for England but am behind Southgate and the team this year a lot more. However still sat there last night and struggled to get that emotionally involved in the game. Didn't cheer when we scored, I was pleased and may have even smiled, but didn't cheer. When Wednesday score I go mad. Yet the friends around me went mental, much more so then when the clubs they support score. Does it feel different to you? Should it feel different?
  13. Jesus

    Danny Rose

    Yoann Folly?