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  1. Are people feeling any more positive about this season and having Pulis in charge? I certainly am. My reasoning: We have been spiraling downhill for years now without a clear direction or plan. The only point we weren't is when we got in an experienced Premier League manager with a reputation for unattractive but effective football who made us hard to beat in Bruce. We now have an experienced Premier League manager with a reputation for unattractive but effective football who will make us hard to beat I don't understand why there was so much posit
  2. Look at the players we have available. Look at the position we are in Having Pulis for the rest of the season makes perfect sense. We need points and pride now not pretty football and opta stats Klopp himself couldnt get this bunch playing pretty football so getting anyone in to try and do that this season would be a disaster This makes perfect sense and if people stop the football snobbery then maybe we can all accept that I dont think we will go down now and thats all i care about this season
  3. I'm the only Wednesday fan I know. All Man Utd, Liverpool and London club fans down here
  4. Not for me, doesnt strike me as a manager equipped for the kind of battle we are in He is a step 2 manager who comes in after we have stabilized the club and can move us forward playing better football We need step one to come in and fight us out of this mess
  5. And thats the point you look for a manager who can do the next stage. We are miles away from that We are in a terrible position and at risk of falling so low we cant get back up. We need to act now Yes its short term thinking but in a time of crisis thats sometimes what you need
  6. We don't need him to get us promoted. We need him to stop us going down and then stabilize us. Promotion isn't even a discussion point
  7. No its not, you just dont want to answer
  8. Of course they should. Every human needs that in one way or another. Some can self motivate, some need a push.
  9. Whats your own personal world record of traffic on this site? At your absolute peak of your powers? Would you only ever get that same amount on any website you were put in charge of?
  10. Umm, yes it does NOT employing a manager who's never finished higher than mid-table to manage our football club For people NOT to jump on a manager name bandwagon and keep calling for him to come when they don't know his real record, the facts, the stats and are just doing it because everyone else seems to be Understand that changing the manager statistically makes no difference to a football club in terms of turning things around so changing the manager might not make the slightest bit of difference That on many occasions a struggling manager is simply a symptom of
  11. Your 5 point plan says as much. With Chansiri running things there is nothing anyone can do. Well last time i checked he was still running the club and there are no signs of that changing. Just pretty basic logic
  12. Wilson has as much charisma as a teabag Like i say, look at what we need out of a manager right now. We need a motivator and a fighter. Im not saying he is the answer to us gaining promotion and playing in Europe in 3 seasons. Im saying he is what we need right now. At a different club under different circumstances Monk would probably do well. He isnt what WE need right now though But if you think there is no way of improving we all may as well give up now, admit relegation and log in to mumsnet for a decent debate instead
  13. I think people that ignore the lower division promotions gained and the squads that manager had to work with and only look at league position are naive beyond belief We should be looking at the attributes of the individual and match them to our needs We need a man motivator, someone to get us fighting, someone used to working in restricting circumstances... Cook fits this
  14. Ah, so not serious and i fell for it and played along. Hanging head in shame as i type Thanks for clearing it up
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