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  1. I will be in Sheffield Wed programme this sunday is coming my event on Monday against Sheffield United.
  2. neil can u do something for me on this site now please? I am not riding on muddle anymore I will be riding on dream full time.
  3. I will be in Sheffield Wednesday programme this Saturday is coming against reading for my charity I don't know which page it will be in.
  4. nicky have invited all come watch me on Monday 7th may she say to me it will take place Monday morning I am not sure what time it will take place.
  5. To Sheffield Wednesday fc and chairman also CEO I have just had word my horse riding tutor nicky today we will not put Sheffield Wednesday fc into administration. the money will go to Sheffield RDA Group said. I am captain Sheffield Wednesday if I beat the blades or not. the first goal will be winner. Sponsor will be online soon justgiving it help rda. if I win untied we will stay up if I lose to united we will be relegated. it will take place on Monday 7th may.
  6. I might sent off on dream if I do something wrong. liz is referee. I haven't got no pride our club at all. I am going let Sheffield united win send us down to non league we will be done and dust.
  7. no muddle can't do it. I have to keep riding on dream
  8. dream been bit naughty today she don't want to do it at all. nicky told me to tell dream off I have done. she has got nasty tempt on her. she don't want to play for us. I have to chase her like mad out on Friday get her going.
  9. one or two owlstalk members can't sponsor me at all. I had word with eddie last night at wednesdayite lounge. after we done it don't ask mitch for help at all u have to turn it down to them. something going off last week.
  10. Neil I am going to get my own back our club if I lose to Sheffield united I haven't got no pride for our club I had word with my horse riding tutor this morning she agree with me.
  11. To Sheffield Wednesday FC and Chairman also CEO I am doing sponsor for Sheffield RDA I have got football match on horses on Monday 7th May. I am Sheffield Wednesday captain Between Sheffield Wednesday V Sheffield United if I lose to blades our club will be relegated to non league football and also wednesdayites will be in administration and also we will be done and dust.
  12. wweboom

    After all games have been played

    neil I don't talk to chesterfield players at all I have started ignore them pass weeks. they keep talking to me from time to time. chesterfield fan called mick he swear from time to time to me and staff he has got dirty mind.
  13. wweboom

    After all games have been played

    neil emma is team captain of Sheffield United I am team captain of wednesday liz is referee. horses will kick ball pass to other team or my team. they is lot hard work to be done before 7th may
  14. wweboom

    After all games have been played

    neil I know wednesdayites will get behind me on 7th may when I have football match on our horses. I am Sheffield Wednesday captian.