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  1. wednesday please dont sign marvin johnson he is rubbish player from middlesbrough he is worse player for the blades three season again
  2. relegated has been confirm championship Wycombe Rotherham Sheffield Wed
  3. Derby 3 Sheffield Wed 3 Cardiff 1 Rotherham 1
  4. Derby 2 Sheffield Wed 3 it stand rotherham staying up Wednesday going down derby going down wycombe going down
  5. it is stand now derby staying up Rotherham United going down Wycombe going down Wednesday going down
  6. Derby 2 Sheffield Wed 1 good bye championship hello to league 1 next season
  7. Derby 1 Sheffield wed 1 Middlesbrough 0 Wycombe 3
  8. rotherham are winning stay up wednesday are winning going down only point behind rotherham derby lose to wednesday going down wycombe winning at middlesbrough going down
  9. Cardiff 0 Rotherham 1 Derby 0 Sheffield Wed 0 Middlesbrough 0 Wycombe 1 stand now rotherham stay up derby going down wycombe going down wednesday going down
  10. relegation will be confirm on saturday Derby win or draw against sheffield wednesday derby stay up derby lose to wednesday rams go down to league 1 Sheffield wednesday win will stay up at derby wednesday lose or draw at derby going down to league 1 Rotherham united win will stay up at cardiff or rotherham lose or draw at cardiff rotherham going down to league 1 Wycombe win stay up or lose draw go down it depend on rotherham and sheffield wed results
  11. here is relegation might be confirm tonight. if rotherham united win tonight sheffield wednesday and wycombe are relegated if rotherham united draw sheffield wednesday and wycombe will not relegated tonight if rotherham lose sheffield wednesday and wycombe another alive down wire on saturday.
  12. ls Rotherham 1 Blackburn 1 Swansea 2 Derby 1 Wycombe 1 Bournemouth 0
  13. Swansea 0 Derby 1 Wycombe 1 Bournemouth 0 Rotherham 0 Blackburn 1
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