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  1. one more wednesday song straight way full time. i have to sort wednesday songs order out for saturday tonight they are bit mess up.
  2. another wednesday song at ht and also after final whistle. i have to do the orders right on saturday.
  3. we love you wednesday we do oh wednesday we love you we love you wednesday we do oh wednesday we love you.
  4. wednesday songs about started playing now. before kick off i am started fit new theme now. then few wednesday songs will be on shortly.
  5. Westwood Palmer Lees Borner Van Aken Reach Luongo Odubjo Bannan Paterson rhodes Subs Wildsmith Pelupessy Penny Dele Bashiru Urhoghide Brown Shaw Hunt kachunga
  6. i will be playing same order last home game against bournemouth i will be playing new theme also we are sheffield wednesday tune on saturday is coming.
  7. welcome our new manager tony pulis get behind our team and new manager also chairman and the club
  8. moderator can u locked this thread please. i can't say anything to all
  9. i have throw it away for good. it is over stop tell me what i have to do it is my choice they not going to release at all now. no wednesday songs at all on match days it is over.
  10. nothing at all. all 23 sheffield wednesday songs video now scrap for good. no more questions it is over ok
  11. to sheffield wednesday fc i am going to stop playing all our songs on match days i have scrap all 23 wednesday song video after i done all hard work. they will not release on 21st november at all. i have change my mind today i will stop playing them during lockdown. i am blame all fans and myself want monk to go that is over top. garry monk has gone. no more all 23 wednesday video song not going on owlstalk video section. i am not going to hold press conference on 21st november i dont need it now. i am going to stop pla
  12. paul cook has got bad tempt when his team lose. i have heard him shouting chesterfield players on training pitch. i want him to do it to our players as well barmy army cook
  13. please appoint my friend paul cook i have ask him he was at chesterfield u want become wednesday manager one day he say yes. i have told him if u were manager wednesday i will back u to get wednesday back premier league land. paul is nice man i talk to him sometimes up chesterfield training ground. he has got chesterfield promoted to league 1 and miss out play offs a year later. then he went to portsmouth and wigan. come to wednesday paul cook.
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