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  1. next three games over christmas period Coventry home lose blackburn away lose on boxing day Middlesbrough home lose on tuesday 29th december i can't see us win next three games.
  2. andy we are going down all ready i accpet myself and also i have stop playing all wednesday songs and luck book that has been scrap.
  3. keep losing every games i cant see us win over forest coventry blackburn middlesbrough derby we are going down going down going down.
  4. no wednesday songs will not played next tuesday at all we have miss them. i have to cancelled my luck book and play wednesday songs i will be hold press conference and conference on my merge update thread on saturday. no wednesday songs will be played tomorrow night either i will cancelled it as well.
  5. i am playing different wednesday songs i have cross the owls on their way from my list i just play the owls on their way.
  6. wednesday songs started playing now without rushing before kick off. all different wednesday songs started play now.
  7. i am think some changes of wednesday songs on wednesday night against reading.
  8. Wednesday songs today we are sheffield wed conquest of paradise Soundtrack theme We are the owls Before kick off We love U wednesday Ht We 're all wednesday Before second get ready for this Full time Singing the blues
  9. one more wednesday song straight way full time. i have to sort wednesday songs order out for saturday tonight they are bit mess up.
  10. another wednesday song at ht and also after final whistle. i have to do the orders right on saturday.
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