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  1. relegation will be confirm on saturday Derby win or draw against sheffield wednesday derby stay up derby lose to wednesday rams go down to league 1 Sheffield wednesday win will stay up at derby wednesday lose or draw at derby going down to league 1 Rotherham united win will stay up at cardiff or rotherham lose or draw at cardiff rotherham going down to league 1 Wycombe win stay up or lose draw go down it depend on rotherham and sheffield wed results
  2. here is relegation might be confirm tonight. if rotherham united win tonight sheffield wednesday and wycombe are relegated if rotherham united draw sheffield wednesday and wycombe will not relegated tonight if rotherham lose sheffield wednesday and wycombe another alive down wire on saturday.
  3. ls Rotherham 1 Blackburn 1 Swansea 2 Derby 1 Wycombe 1 Bournemouth 0
  4. Swansea 0 Derby 1 Wycombe 1 Bournemouth 0 Rotherham 0 Blackburn 1
  5. Rotherham 0 Blackburn 1 Wycombe 1 Bournemouth 0 Swansea 0 Derby 0
  6. stop posting ruined this thread it is real serious today if we draw or lose we are relegated to league 1 if derby win later today will send rotherham and wednesday wycombe down.
  7. Wednesday if wednesday beat forest change stay up or wednesday draw or lose going down to league 1 if wycombe beat bournemouth change stay up or wycombe draw or lose going down to league 1 if rotherham win all three games stay up if rotherham draw or lose going down to league 1 if derby county win draw tomorrow at swansea send rotherham wednesday wycombe down to league 1 if derby lose all three clubs got chance to stay up on final game a week tomorrow
  8. ht brentford 1 rotherham 0
  9. scoreflash Brentford 1 Rotherham United 0
  10. yes we will get relegated one those two games i can't see us win over forest.
  11. Sheffield Wednesday remain fixture list Saturday Nottingham Forest Home Saturday Derby Away
  12. here is rotherham united remain fixture list. tonight Brentford away Saturday Blackburn Home Tuesday Luton Away Saturday Cardiff City away
  13. Next weekend relegation games Swansea V Derby Rotherham V Blackburn Sheffield Wed V Nottingham Forest Wycombe V Bournemouth
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