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  1. Stockdale Hunt Ihekewe Hennegan Palmer James Bakinson Byers Bannan Greggs Windyass
  2. Same injury as Cog had years ago gangrene.
  3. Stockdale Ihikewe Hennegan Famewo Hunt FDB Baz Vaulks Johnson Smith Windass
  4. Right wing back or a number 10 are probably??? his best position....
  5. Love Pato great character but never in a month of sundays been a striker. Surely he isnt on 18k???
  6. If stays fit. Unreal at this level. However a big IF" Bielsa broke him.
  7. Best kits in years not bought a shirt in about ten years. Apart from odd Retro ones and Pulp one. But defo getting this SUE PERB.
  8. Could Iorfa be developed into a CDM.???
  9. In all honesty got told this morning but seen Att seal of approval so thought post it.
  10. Signed today. Cb at Charlton last season parent club Norwich.
  11. Heard he's signed on loan announced tomorrow?
  12. Slightly gutted he has gone! Wanted him to stay at this level when fit a really good player. in fairness system didnt suit him.
  13. 200k is outrageously outstanding value. Will be a very good signing.
  14. Credit where credit is due to DC he gets an awful lot of stick. Deserves praise as well. He has made errors but honestly cant fault him last few years. In all honesty all he has ever done is pump money into us to achieve the dream.
  15. Forest Green away first game Boxing day Bolton away Ipswich last game home
  16. Love my shirt material is quality as well.
  17. He has signed announced Monday. Agent been on holiday now back and finalised.
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