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  1. BPF Hunt Iorfa Hutchinson Brown Luongo Bannan Corbeanu Windass Shodipo Gregory
  2. 14 players isnt a new team its a new squad. Takes time. We will get better come second half of season have no doubts we will be consistent in our results and football. UTO
  3. We are 9th 5 points off top 2. With a game in hand and yet to hit 3rd gear nevermind top gear. Take away the Ipswich dropped points and Oxford game where if we rightly get a pen and score we win. Thats 5 points we would be top. We will get better. UTO.
  4. Wildsmith Hunt Iorfa Hutchinson Brown FDB Adenrian Corbeanu Bannan Shodipo Gregory
  5. Wildsmith Hunt Dunkley Hutchinson Brown FDB Wing Corbeanu Kamberi Sow
  6. Literally for over like nearly 20 years. As soon as a good run ends we go on a worse bad run. Consecutive defeats and runs without a win. Going behind and losing. Countless different managers,players,chairman but same results. Cursed club.
  7. Far better than Dunkley. Thought Thorniley and there other cb where excellent. Dunkley isnt good enough. But we do him no favours with playing from the back poo. We are terrible when pressed.
  8. so sad condolences and prayers and thoughts for him and his family.
  9. Thought Gregory was excellent as was Patterson,Brown and BPF and Hutch. Great win away from home.
  10. Great win hard watch last ten where thought we would fold. Gregory or Brown mom tonight worked there testicles off. Patterson took his goal really well. Get behind em now. UTO
  11. 4-2-3-1 Wildsmith Hunt Iorfa Hutchinson Johnson Dele Adenrian Corbeanu Bannan Shodipo Berahino
  12. We win and no one moans. Not great performance but did enough to win. Two teams in transition with lots of new players and it shows. WE WILL COME GOOD. will take time. Sickening goal to concede tho.
  13. Embarrassing goalkeeping if thats wildsmith or dawson they get absolute pelters. BPF now cost us 4 points in last two games.
  14. Why is there so much negativity?? Yes we lost two games and drew last week. Morecambe we should and could have been 5 up at ht basically a freak result but fairly decent performance. Plymouth yes we where absolutely pathetic! And Shrewsbury again missed chances and penalty, goal disallowed wrongly cost us. We have 14 new players it takes more than 7 games to adapt and make a competitive well drilled side capable of promotion. Yes if we are still inconsistent and mid table in December then questions need answering. Personally think second half of season we will come on very strong. Charlton where bottom 7 or 8 if the table in late February last season in this league and finished 7th. So all is not lost in September. UTO
  15. 4-2-3-1 BPF Hunt Iorfa Hutchinson Brown Adenrian FDB Corbeanu Bannan Shodipo Berahino
  16. Must have watched a different match thought palmer was awful.
  17. 4-2-3-1 BPF Hunt Hutchinson Iorfa Brown Adenrian FDB Corbeanu Bannan Berahino Gregory
  18. Give the guy a break we are 6 games in he will come good. Plays better when we have Dennis in a 3 behind him.
  19. BPF Hunt Hutchinson Iorfa Brown Adenrian Wing Bannan Corbeanu Berahino Shodipo
  20. Only positive Corbeanu who looked positive. rest absolutely horrific! Must win next week we move on. uto
  21. Sorry people! Only on my second coffee and a terrible nights sleep.
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