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  1. flipping tug guaranteed chucking book at us!!!! Probably 25 point deduction knowing our luck.
  2. Actually delighted with that performance we gave everything against a good side. Dominating the second half and did enough to win. Iorfa was a man mountain again love him, but gave it to Fox just marginally who was outstanding against Costa. I take my hat off to Fox he has silenced alot of people and worked harder than anyone pre season possibly superb attitude. Big shout out to Hutchinson who was excellent at CB (his natural position for me!) Also Bannan,Fletcher played superb as did all the team. Lots of positives. Uto
  3. Horrid game to watch, poor performance. But over the moon with 3 points. Uto
  4. Westwood Iofra Lee's Borñer Palmer Murphy Iloungo Bannan Harris Fletcher Nuhiu Just think Wigan will set up similar to Dingles and be exposed to pace in wide areas. Hence dropping Reach. Hutch needs a rest and Iorfa a better RB but done alright overall at CB but miss Lee's.
  5. Very disappointed last night. But upon reflection we weren't as bad as people make it. We had 2 clear cut chances you HAVE to take and a penalty not given surprise surprise. Hull had about 2 shots all night and took there opportunity. We tactically looked disciplined but in the attacking phase we where too disjointed. Fletcher ties this link for us both linking play and in the box arielally. We move on. Need a reaction Saturday and positive one. People should expect this from Wednesday only we can go from a brilliant away demolition to a defeat and look timid in 3 days. It's the Wednesday way.
  6. Think hes a Tottenham fan. Sure heard that somewhere?
  7. Superb performance yesterday 1st half fast,incisive and ruthless. Second half resolute,strong and professional. Overall Fletcher was Mom in my opinion. He won everything worked tirelessly. Scored again and his overall game was superb. Big D was a monster also and is really making that CB slot his own fantastic performance. Westwood 7 Palmer 7.5 Borner 8 Iofra 8.5 Odubajo 7 Reach 8 Bannan 7.5 Hutch 6/ Iloungo 7 Harris 7 Fletcher 9 Nuhiu 7
  8. Fantastic underappreciated player imo
  9. Got a good feeling about him being very successful here. Great start 7 points from 3 games in charge. And 2 tough away games and a difficult home game sandwiched inbetween. Long season but sincerely hope it's a great one. Garry Monks Barmy Army.
  10. Think whoever's was appointed after Bruce was going to cause a degree of underwhelmingness. Obviously the majority wanted Cowleys to take over me included! But it is what it is. No point crying and bitching over it. He isnt a poor manager as his record suggests. Hows about we get behind him and accept this is the best way to achieve success. Instead of divisions in our fan base. Uto. Good Luck Monk.
  11. Do we think this is a definite appointment? And has @Semedo's ferret confirmed?
  12. Although I dont want Pulis. I believe if he was appointed with Megson at least we would have an identity. Because for the last 3 seasons we haven't! We just dont have any sort of plan when things go south nor do we have a successful way of playing to use consistently! Maybe under both we would have a identity not necessarily pretty but effective maybe?
  13. 5 or 6 years ago definitely. But not now! Be a bad appointment.
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