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  1. fizz em absolutely despise them. The stick i have had over last few years! The best one is when I just turn around and say. We havent been in premier league for over 20 years!!! Yet still been in premier league more seasons than you. Absolute nothing club no history. And thsts coming from us who are dog meat.
  2. Looked well looks quite quick and has physicality also so that is a plus. Hope he comes on as a player.
  3. Got a sneaky feeling Iorfa will move to Rb in a 442. Lees and Borner will be Centre back pairing.
  4. Westwood (best keeper) Iorfa Lees Borner Penney Windass Bannan Loungo Reach Patterson Marriot
  5. Just trying to put a more positive spin on things. Just desperately want a Wednesday side to be proud of!!
  6. I wasn't all far the appointment initially but the more I think about it. The more I think its a very very shrewd appointment and a manager who imo is underated and branded unfairly in certain ways. If you look at the teams he has managed and where they lie in the league since. I think every team has gone backwards?? If he was such a crap manager & his anti football isnt the champagne stuff then why is this? WBA fighting relegation in Prem. Under Pulis had them at times comfortably mid table Stoke Struggling up till this season in Championshi
  7. Winning mentality now!! hopefully. A team of horrible ******** who arent pushovers and are winners. UTO WTID. Take winning over champagne football anyday of the week.
  8. No but more I think yes! As he will give us an identity and whether it be for aggressive,nasty horrible football it will likeky be better than monk and considerably better chance of success.
  9. Not happy with appointment but will get my unified backing whilst Wednesday manager as all managers will. UTO WTID. Sincerely hope we are successful and gives a team to be proud of.
  10. Still hoping a smoke screen and we finally appoint Mark Cooper
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