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  1. Heard a whisper season tickets £365 kop £445 North.
  2. We are dead as a club literally gets worse by the day. Close to going out of business. And yet we still hear zero from the club. Absolutely pathetic, so angry and sad at the same time. My expectations are currently that low that even if we start the season id just be happy with staying up. As we will have points deductions ect. ******** sickening.
  3. We will be lucky to fetch £25m at present. With all the uncertainty and ground situation complete and utter chaos.
  4. Never ever understood the hatred towards CC? He had us playing 1st season the best football in like 25 years. And closest we have ever been to the premier league. Convinced be no worse off than we are now if he was still here even though soured season 3.
  5. From what I know he has relocated all his family in Sheffield and joined Abbeydale golf club. Can see him staying until this season at least tbh.
  6. Season ticket holders like myself should get say a free shirt and a voucher and ticket rolled onto next season at the very least if POTG tickets put down to say Kop £16 South £20 North £25 In everyones interest we get good attendances and momentum for a good season. Need everyone on board. Shame we have DC as chairman.
  7. We are ******** horrific. Deservedly going down.
  8. We are so pathetic. Zero accountability or desire from anyone on the pitch. Shyyytte. Cant wait to not watch Harris and Reach ever again utterly dreadful.
  9. Just get it over with!!! its just sooo painful. Worst in memory we have had worse sides but so many factors to this and mainly being or absolute utter gutless mindless mentality as a bunch of players to not get 1 fckin point! From a losing position.... Pray this reverse psychology works!!!! UTO
  10. We really really really dont deserve to stay up. The End.!
  11. Get well soon gaffer! Sounds terrible. Praying he makes a full recovery. We are seriously cursed as a club with bad luck and bad news.
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