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Community Answers

  1. 4-2-3-1 BPF Hunt Iorfa Hutchinson Brown Adenrian FDB Corbeanu Bannan Shodipo Berahino
  2. Must have watched a different match thought palmer was awful.
  3. 4-2-3-1 BPF Hunt Hutchinson Iorfa Brown Adenrian FDB Corbeanu Bannan Berahino Gregory
  4. Give the guy a break we are 6 games in he will come good. Plays better when we have Dennis in a 3 behind him.
  5. BPF Hunt Hutchinson Iorfa Brown Adenrian Wing Bannan Corbeanu Berahino Shodipo
  6. Only positive Corbeanu who looked positive. rest absolutely horrific! Must win next week we move on. uto
  7. Sorry people! Only on my second coffee and a terrible nights sleep.
  8. Sorry 6 game!! My mistake. Neil can you amend the topic title please?
  9. Another good bit of marketing and good pricing from the club. Catering for non season ticket holders. Im a season ticket holder but think this is great for people who can't get to every game! . https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2021/september/owls-announce-six-game-ticket-bundle/?s=08
  10. BPF Hunt Iorfa Hutchinson Palmer Adenrian Wing Bannan Corbeanu Sow Gregory
  11. Professional job done could have been any number we wanted. Men against boys and does highlight the big step up from academy to first team. Thought Sow looked lively and impressed with him. Dele and Brennan both played well. As did Corbeanu who will be a big assest once he gets fully fit.
  12. Good Luck to the potential to be a VERY good signing. UTO.
  13. Think Moore correct manager for him to re invigorate him and his career. He is only 28 and if he gets his head down and works hard. Its a win win could easily get 15 plus goals from him in the right set up. Was a £14m player recently.
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