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  1. Thorniley has a bright future no fear, excellent leadership qualities and good positioning. Will improve as well.
  2. Think way too many fans obsessed with age anything north of 29 people turning their noses up? How anyone can question if Austin would be a good signing baffles me? Guaranteed 20 goals plus. Probably testicles tho. Going back to age Sharp got 23 last season for pigs he is 33. It's all ultimately about desire workrate, leadership and fitness.
  3. Wickhams Mrs a big Wednesday fan as well. Not that means a great deal. But not impossible to think could end up here. Had such bad luck with injuries and only 26.
  4. Super player, link up and football brain in abduncance. But fitness key. And we couldn't take the risk. With how many strikers we have.
  5. From the inevitable players who will be released how much per week are we looking at saving roughly? Westwood (hope stays) 25k Lee 20k Hooper 30k (hope stays) Abdi 30k Boyd 25k Matias 20k Pudil 20k Hector 15k loan wage (hope stays) Onamah 10k loan wage Jones 20k Palmer (keep) 8k Lazaar 5k loan wage Preston 2k Nielsen 1k O Grady 1k. Make it 232k p/w around £11m per year if all go. That is a substantial amount if figures roughly correct. Even if we could keep Hector,Palmer,Westwood,Hooper add a few frees and loans at 25k per week average. Would give us a real chance of Bruce adding real quality. All FFP permitting tho !!!
  6. Love Big Dom. What a man. 200k is insane what a deal.
  7. Dawson 7 D Unit 8 Lees 8 Hector 9 Lazaar 6 Reach 7 Pelepesay 7 Bannan 9 Boyd 7 Joao 7 Hooper 7
  8. Forestiletcher because I couldn't separate either! Forestieri looked like 2016 version. And Fletcher lead the line superb worked his nads off.
  9. Get Dc's Dad to buy 30k Club1867 and gift them to the fans £1800 x 30k equals £54 Million In return fans buy shares in John West.
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