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  1. Cant be arsed to skim through 27 pages you sarcastic gimp. Hence the question.
  2. So is this just a load of shhhyyte and he isnt interested in buying us!
  3. We will win tomorrow can feel it in my waters. 1-2 Uto
  4. ****4-3-2-1 Dawson Palmer Lee's Iorfa Fox Luongo Bannan Lee Windass Forestieri Wickham
  5. Bruce stated he needed 4 transfer windows last Feb so with that said I think Monk needs at least 3 more to mould a side with leaders and some substance and quality. This group of players are weak mentality very weak. Only a selected few would remain from current crop.
  6. RIP Jesse must have seen some great nights over the years.
  7. Dawson Palmer Lee's Iorfa Fox Harris Luongo Bannan Murphy Wickham De La Cruz
  8. Thought he played well grew into the game. Always good to see. Let's hope he develops into a good player for us. He is Wednesday through and through!
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