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  1. Moore needs 3 seasons minimum. We will go down too much to do now unfortunately. But a complete rebuild in League one maybe mid table, Then push on season 2, Season 3 back up to championship as Champions in alot better feckle. UTO
  2. Well that's that then 100% League one next season. Complete set of heartless, gutless ********. No leaders no desire to win that game. Against a dreadful outfit. Wednesday in a nutshell Corner 94 minutes and we lose the game. Pathetic. Feel for Moore he has a huge job on!!!
  3. Plays great stuff, Infectious personality and if or when we go down I think he is the man to bring us back. Very Happy with this! Welcome and good luck Darren.
  4. Ffs Im not his biggest fan but how the fizz is this defeat associated with Reach???
  5. Sounds Mike Basset but play 442. Two most established wingers we have playing where they should. And try and put as many balls in the box as much as possible. We may as well go down trying to attack. And force the issue than play monk/pulis ball. Thompson isnt the answer but has done alot better than I thought.
  6. Hutchinson was only player with any credit he was excellent.
  7. ******** utterly pathetic!! League one here we come. Dreadful in every department against a woeful Birmingham!!!
  8. Dreadful game so negative. Against the worst team iv seen thus far.
  9. I honestly think that team would do half decent in the championship now. Obviously at the age and form they where in then. Big Reda and Mig absolute tanks.
  10. 5 wins on bounce at Hillsborough 5 wins out of 7 Second best defensive home record in the league Rhodes scoring again Urgohide & Shaw both very good players and hopefully tie down soon Some positivity on a cold Wednesday morning UTO
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