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  1. No disrespect to Nicky Weaver but he’s had the gig on and off for the last 2 or so years hasn’t he? Not really seen a huge clamour for his head, and he’s a lot less qualified than Pressman. Arguably Weaver is the one that’s responsible for the progression of Dawson and Wildsmith too, as he’s seen them through from being kids too iirc. Pressman has a fairly impressive CV at Championship level when you drill down into it. He had Joe Murphy at Scunny who was an outstanding keeper at that time. Then oversaw the change of guard at Millwall when they eased out the extremely dependable David
  2. Everything else in that interview is completely pointless now, the £350mill is going to be the only takeaway
  3. Made me laugh when it says Preston provided other examples of players doing the same who went unpunished. Like that would exclude him from punishment!
  4. Nothing yet. Speeding towards 90 days too. 120 if you include the delay.
  5. Reach. Worked hard off the ball and carried a threat going forwards for the full game too.
  6. Outstanding. I’d prefer to see him in the right though. Caught out having to clear the ball on his left a couple of times. Seemed to want time to set himself given its his weaker foot, which meant he got closed down.
  7. Instead of signing rough diamonds that are capable of 40-50 games a season. We sign proven gems or ‘names’ that have fallen from grace because they can’t handle more than 20 games a season. It’s transfer policy as much as it is facilitates.
  8. What have we had? 4 years of League One football since we fell out of the PL? I wouldn’t swap them for one year in the VAR age Premier League.
  9. Yeah can do, because that’s obviously what I said...
  10. Coote is the ref that had a shocker at Hillsborough earlier this year against Millwall. Gave 7 yellows much to the bemusement of most there that day. Completely passive game but you’d think players were kicking lumps out of each other. He’s not even fit to ref our level, shows how bad the standard is that he’s running out at OT now.
  11. Hillsborough is soon to be deafened by the clap of seats closing, with people lurching to their feet in anticipation, as Paterson winds up a throw in 30 yards from goal.
  12. There’s loads of stories about it happening. Tons. It’s very strange behaviour but I suppose it’s bred from the attitudes in changing rooms and the friendships people have in football meaning they push the boundaries. Fisher had a spell in Scotland nothing to say he isn’t mates with Paterson. Doesn’t excuse what he did but might add to the possible reasoning.
  13. Any notion the EFL would block his registration now but not in January is completely absurd. The circumstances are no different, he’s our player now just like he will be in Jan. It’s no different to adding one of the academy lads in should we want too. He’ll be sorted this week and in the team Saturday, if fit...
  14. When he was at Palace he was in a higher league with better players in his squad. He’s not going to drop Bannan in a league he excels in for a player that’s not as good.
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