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  1. using computer now, no sound while casting to tv. went to club homepage and match centre.
  2. casting w computer on chrome, but no sound while casting, anyone else having this problem? or maybe a solution?
  3. working nicely on my iphone. Would like to watch it on tv, anyone have an idea how to watch the game on computer with google chrome so I can chromecast it?
  4. Back in the day we were about 70 Wednesday fans in Norway, had our own fanzine mind you :) Facebook has taken over, and we are ca 100+ in a group called "Sheffield Wednesday FC Scandinavia.now. We are passionate supporters and try to travel over as often as we can, some more than others (I'm sadly in the latter group - cue part timer comment). Loved when Rudi came to the club, his first season wasn't all bad, but I started supporting the Wednesday in '91, and I'm all aboard the Gray bandwagon. UTO Heia Uglene!
  5. Semedo - Senhor Wednesday! He bleeds and breathes blue and white.
  6. Resigned as Elfsborg manager just days ago, really gave it all to the bitter end. Respect. RIP Klas.
  7. Muito obrigado Semedo! Some, if not all, of the credit should go to head coach Gray, seems to me he gets the best out of most of our players, Lees was crap in the 6-0 game, but now he's playing some really good football. Come on you Owls!
  8. Gray is the best thing that have happened to the Wednesday for ages, finally a manager (jejeje, head coach) with some modern football thinking. Gonna finish in the top 10, and hopefully in the to 6 this season. Life is good for a Wednesday fan all of a sudden!
  9. Can't we just put on chupa chups again? Soooo much better than the dictatorship one we have now...
  10. Jeeezez, this team is a work in progress, can't win or keep a clean sheet every game. Gray is doing his best with the players he's got. Have some faith ffs.
  11. THIS is why wednesday and it's supporters are the greatest club in the world. I'm in Norway, but I'd sing my heart out at 12 minutes if I where there. All the best to you my friend.
  12. Top bloke, top player when he's fit, well done Reda!
  13. Kristiansand, Norway, some other norwayowls saying there are loads of owls supporters in Norway, well, 104 last I counted (on facebook), so, maybe not loads, but we are the brightest and smartes in all of the land :D UTO
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