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  1. It's more and more an aye from me. 4 of our best players are out, but we are pretty shyte.
  2. Nope. 4 new ones. Competition for each of the two forward spaces. We had no one on good form. We still have Rhodes with a chance to make it, but that will be down to him to determine.
  3. Can't disagree with topic starter really. To me it seems as though he is willing to invest, but he's not a very good business man and should have employed people to take care of business for him.
  4. Just a joke, but anyone would look pretty good playing for Scotland.
  5. ...then start pegging points from teams below us (after reaching zero).
  6. I'm just saying it's two different things. I haven't chosen sides yet. But Monk has everything to prove. I am still hopefull though.
  7. It is not given that a manager that can gather a quality squad can get the best results out of a team with them.
  8. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/zohore-sheffield-wednesday-wba-transfer-18928549?utm_campaign=swfc_newsletter&utm_content=SheffieldWednesday1&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=yorkshirelive_newsletter
  9. Good. Would be cruel to keep him here and not include him.
  10. Hopefully we'll just leapfrog the zero. If we now have 3 straight wins we will go from -2 to +1.
  11. Thanks. First comes laughter, then comes answer.....sometimes. Cheers.
  12. Who spesifically is "Att"? Seen that name been mentioned before.
  13. So, the Mickey Mouse cup is over. But it has brought important experience to plenty of youngsters. Have any of them impressed you to the extent that you would want them to start league games? Either immediately or maybe in the near future?
  14. How long is it since you answered a simpler questionairre?
  15. Somebody actually reads that thread?
  16. I prefer him lapsing in grammar rather than in football. And I'm surprised someone (presumably from Sheffield) would discover such a grammatical lapse.
  17. This is clearly a thin veiled attack on our manager for not signing players on the national team. Despite our brilliant start to the season.
  18. Yes I can. The thread is MINE. MY OWN, MY PRECIOUS.
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