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  1. So, the Mickey Mouse cup is over. But it has brought important experience to plenty of youngsters. Have any of them impressed you to the extent that you would want them to start league games? Either immediately or maybe in the near future?
  2. How long is it since you answered a simpler questionairre? 😄
  3. Somebody actually reads that thread?
  4. I prefer him lapsing in grammar rather than in football. And I'm surprised someone (presumably from Sheffield) would discover such a grammatical lapse. 😄 😄
  5. This is clearly a thin veiled attack on our manager for not signing players on the national team. Despite our brilliant start to the season. 😉
  6. Yes I can. The thread is MINE. MY OWN, MY PRECIOUS. 😄 😄 😄
  7. As it is still a possibility, I'll say it now . It will be 30 years anniversary next spring. What a great way to celebrate it would be to win it again.
  8. Would have thought a timer would be more reliable. 😄
  9. Is young Garner any better than we alreeady have in midfield?
  10. Yes, very much more confident for the season indeed. And very positive game against Rochdale showing that we have some very good reserves.
  11. That's more like a really promising fact.
  12. If Rhodes keeps on scoring we could be the new Rhodesfield. 😄
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