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  1. Indeed. He has said that it's not his fault that the players aren't performing. I say it is. It is his job to inspire the players to give all. It's his job to make the players perform like they can. It's his job to put up a formation that the players can perform their best in. I am more and more convinced that Monk is shyte.
  2. You see, the thing is that we will hardly win owt if we don't try. The last couple of games we tried. That's the difference. Not great, but we tried proper. Trying proper every game would get us very far in a very even championship like we are in.
  3. We're back to stopping attacks and passing back in the middle of attacks. How do we expect to create space when we never take the chance of completing an attack without reverting? Wasn't this the kind of stuff we were messing at under Jos?
  4. Good to see Nuhiu finally getting something for being fowled.
  5. Yes that is true. We have lost and drawn to all the higher placed teams though. We drew today, but today was different class imo. Gives me hope for the season.
  6. Wow. What a difference from our last couple of games. And I thought Pelupessy and Fox impressed today. 2 players that have advanced in quality with us. Some great saves by Westwood. Well done to the whole team.
  7. To be better in midfield and maybe be able to beat top teams? All the games we have won this season are games against bottom 3rd teams.
  8. He's not all wrong though. We wernen't very good. I'm very happy for the 3 points though. But all the teams we have beaten so far this seoson are now bottom 3rd of the table, so I think we must improve. Or is this league just so close that anyone can and will beat anyone?
  9. Really slow frow us for 1,5 halves. I'd say Nuhiu and Murphy. Gave it to Nuhiu.
  10. Bullen Bullen-Bulle-Bullen-Bullen Bullen-Bullen-Bullen-Bullen Bullen-Bullen He should have the experience.
  11. He's actually saying he disagrees with you. Sarcasm doesn't really work then.
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