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  1. Guess I'm just nitpicking here, but there are 3 more first team profiles on the official site: Isaac Rice Signed 1. July 2018 Jack Lee Signed 1. July 2018 Liam Shaw Signed 2. October 2018
  2. "Gob" is a commonly used slang word. The above is a grammatical mistake.
  3. I'd say there's only Norwich and Leeds we have left to play that aren't in the "in and around us" category. Bristol C and Derby are
  4. Well, we are 6 points off the playoffs now with 11 games to play albeit 6th and 7th have a game in hand. All teams apart from top 2 I'd like to think are beatable. So who knows if the good work carries on?
  5. Nope, that Rhodes mysteriously disappeared on the journey Huddersfield-Blackburn-Middlesborough-Sheffield.
  6. Aarons was a breath of fresh air technically, so he got my vote.
  7. Would like to see him start. Much more about him than with Boyd. Thought Aarons again made a real impact when he was subbed on. Is he not matchfit for 90 minutes?
  8. No.1. is funny though. Well yes, funny as, you know, f*ck.
  9. I think you should change 8.positive to 8.great or something. I'd say all were positive today, great effort. But not all were above 7. good. Well, I'll get my coat.
  10. Well, to be brutally honest: I don't think he's good enough.
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