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  1. Bullen Bullen-Bulle-Bullen-Bullen Bullen-Bullen-Bullen-Bullen Bullen-Bullen He should have the experience.
  2. He's actually saying he disagrees with you. Sarcasm doesn't really work then.
  3. I'm not quite decided yet, but the teams we have beaten: Reading (20th last season) Luton (League 1 last season) Barnsley (League 1 last season) also With a whole 2nd half we get nothing against a 10-man Millway (21st last season). Last season's results do not have to mean anything, but just saying.
  4. Thought he had some good crosses today, and started the attack for our goal.
  5. None of the two are really the kind of player that Fessi is, so comes down to what kind of player Bullen wants on the bench. Not necessarily the more skilled player, no matter how good or bad one deems a player.
  6. 16. BoltonW 17. Leeds 18. Huddersfield 19. Burnley 20. Portsmouth Still no pigs. Edit: The 3rd criteria "seasons" should be "number of seasons in the top flight".
  7. I'v done a calculation based on top league wins (PL&1st div.), all time top division table and seasons and I got this result: 1. Liverpool 2. Everton 3. Arsenal 4. Man U 5. Aston Villa 6. Man C 7. Chelsea 8. Sunderland 9. Newcastle 10. Tottenham 11. Blackburn 12. Wednesday 13. Wolves 14. WBA 15. Derby
  8. I didn't say I would do it, but we have the option. Of course we would need the playes to posess the qualities it would take. I don't know if they have it or not.
  9. We could do this: Börner-Lee-Bates Hutchinson Murphy --- Lee-Bannan-Luongo --- Harris Fletcher/Rhodes
  10. I was on chat with iFollow just a week or two ago, and the video streamed game is still not available to ChromeCast.But use the other mentioned method.
  11. They told me on iFollow chat that matches are not ChromeCast supported. I cast my screen with html to html cable, but that doesn't let me do anything else on the computer. Do you know a different way to cast my computer screen? If you had a cable free method it would be good to know.
  12. Probably not good enough to be left out either.
  13. Quality of the video stream last year was an immense increase in quality from the first year. It is now a very decent stream.A shame it doesn't sync with Chromecast. But can easily use a (long) HTML to HTML cable. Also be aware of what the first poster said about games not being video streamed when on Sky or equivalent, but you do get the audio stream then.
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