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  1. Sky Sports Arena according to this. https://www.skysports.com/watch/tv-guide
  2. Isn't this a trick the Italian national players used in the 50s to the 80s?
  3. Let me extend the meaning of my shortened sentence : I am not one to pick on the general Joe or Jill, but a radio reporter should know. He has been at Radio Sheffield for years.
  4. Luckily he has laid away the bias he seemed to have against us when commenting years ago. But he still hasn't learned how to pronounce etcetera. It is not exetera. I'm not one to pick, but a radio reporter should know.
  5. Here's someone that thinks it can be done.
  6. Maybe because nobody has posted a source saying it can't be fixed?
  7. I've heard that before but do w have a link/source to this rule. I've also heard that we have asked the FA if it can be be done. But I have no source or link.
  8. His commitments seem to be there. But many times it has seemed as he just doesn't have a clue, and lacks the ability to appoint someone that has a clue to take care of stuff. Or at least guide him a bit.
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