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  1. It is simply cosmetic changes to the appearance of the back of the stand. Nothing major will be done unless we are promoted. DC said this at the last SG meeting. From my understanding, one of the big issues with Leppings Lane lower is lack of proper segregation between upper and lower at the back of the stand and also lack of facilities on the lower tier. Due to this it looks as though SAG are having a proper toys out of pram moment.
  2. Does anyone know when the next meeting is? I think it was summertime the last time one was held.
  3. Wednesday - Chris Waddle Anyone - Paul Scholes
  4. He just said it pre dated him so I'm guessing it was Milan.
  5. It's not possible due to catering contract. They have literally got us by the balls and it sounds like there is very little we can do about it.
  6. I got the impression he was just baffled as to the reason behind it. He kept saying that in Thailand people support their team (in whatever sport) through thick and thin and that he thought it would be the same here irrespective of cost. Also kept saying that he's tried cheap tickets and expensive tickets but always ends up with 22k turning up. I still think he's underestimated the wealth in this area and the available cash people have these days. One thing that was clear though is that he repeatedly said that if we get more through the door consistently we'd get cheaper tickets. I got the impression that sme of the points we were trying to get across were maybe a little lost in translation and therefore not understood as they were maybe intended. Just my opinion.
  7. Pretty much sums it up. Just a few more I thought of...Apparently ticket office phone rang over 8,000 times today. New badge is permanent, not just for anniversary. Sondico have been warned about quality of their gear. Looking at ways of getting tv's on upper north concourse. Chansiri's English is getting much better. Pie and peas were nice. My arse is now numb after sitting for 3.5 hours.
  8. Fair enough mate. I'll just post a complete load of crap then shall I? Only sharing what I've been told.
  9. Just had an interesting chat with him in Asda. He's a really nice bloke and happily posed for a photo with my little lad. Asked him how he is finding it is this season and he said very frustrating. Said that he has only played 2 cup games and both on the wing, to which straight away he said he's not a winger and doesn't want to be a winger - seemed to be a little dig at CC. Also mentioned that none of the players like CC's rotation policy but they've just 'got to get on with it'. Asked him what's going on with McGugan to which he said to his knowledge there is no rift and it is probably just 'his turn' to be dropped. I hope I'm wrong but reading between the lines there doesn't seem to be a harmony and togetherness in the squad which is something that was so evidently there last season under SG. I may have just taken everything he said and added 2 and 2 together to get 5, but it does sound a little concerning to me.
  10. I live on Vere Road and pay £1.50 ground rent per year. Not to anyone in IOM or IOW though.
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