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  1. Yesterday wasn't so much a case of everything we hit going in as it was presenting a better quality of chance and controlling the finishes. Sure Paterson scored a worldie but the other goals were not quite laid on a plate but much, much better quality chances than the usual 25 yarder or shot from an acute angle. How often would Paterson have shot for the Rhodes goal previously? Would Windass have cut the ball back for Reach in previous games? We converted a large number of our chances because they were quality chances... We equally were a few last ditch chal
  2. Try watching less muck. It won't improve your eyesight but it'll stop it getting worse.
  3. I forgot to mention in my earlier post... I had an issue at a supermarket where we were stopping... first day there, paid for a small amount of shopping (milk, fresh bread, etc) with a 500kr note, shopping came to maybe about 80kr... cashier chatted to me in pretty flawless English whilst scanning stuff then gave me no change. When I asked about it she said that the shop policy was to not give change. I was pretty incredulous and tried to argue with her but all of sudden she couldn't understand English... I ended up ringing a Danish mate who spoke to her on the phone, presumably gave her an ea
  4. That was a far worse challenge than the one he was sent off for earlier in the season. Awful decision when already on a yellow.
  5. So what you're saying is if you ignore the good seasons and only focus on the bad... All our seasons have been bad? That's certainly true.
  6. Richard Evans... for the briefest of brief periods preseason in 2004/05 (I think) he looked like he was going to be an absolute star for us in an otherwise dark period... skillful, pacey... injured all the time.
  7. He doesn't kick up a stink though, quite the opposite, he just gets on with it. I imagine if you were a porter and were asked to work as a surgeon you wouldn't be as effective.
  8. I was just trying to say, maybe we could have bought someone... anyone... and that wouldn't help our cause. If we can't get the right people in its better to bring nobody in.
  9. Only team I'd be 'worried' about in terms of January recruitment is Forest, who have picked up some decent players at the pointy end of the field, other than that its all a bit meh. I wonder whether the fans who complain at no signings are the same as complain when we make signings and they turn out to be gash.
  10. I can't believe our team of journeyman championship players and a backline almost exclusively made up of kids lost to an Everton team packed full of internationals. Not good enough.
  11. I did the round trip up to Helsingor, across to Helsingborg, down to Malmö and across the bridge... Good use of a day off you run out of stuff to do
  12. United are on BBC iPlayer for anyone wanting to watch. Started well which bodes well for when they're playing these types of opposition week in week out in a couple of seasons.
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