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  1. Hi Trev - Compatible cartridges for your SX218 (T0711/12/13/14 - CHEETAH) 1 Set Cartridges (1xblk,1xcy,1xmag,1xyell) £5.05 inc vat & delivery http://officeandinks.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&filter_name=t0715&product_id=2456 2 set £8.99 http://officeandinks.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&filter_name=t0715&product_id=2458 Cheers Steve
  2. Is it delivered by a fit blonde who comes into my home when invited and says "sooo..... Is this where all the action takes place?" Ill send Susan round, but she will prob say "sooo.... is this the place that needs a good hoovering" Just checked - mine has seperate colour cartridges? All Toners are seperate cartridges - 1 x Cyan,1 x Magenta, 1 x Yellow, 1 x Black Cyan 5k - CLP-510D5C/ELS 2K - CLP-510D2C/ELS Magenta 5k - CLP-510D5M/ELS 2K - CLP-510D2M/ELS Yellow 5 k - CLP-510D5Y/ELS 2K - CLP-510D2Y/ELS Black 7k - CLP-510D7K/ELS 3K - CLP-510D3K/ELS
  3. YES WE DO!!! SAMSUNG CLP-510 Originals - standard yield (colours 2k,black 3k) £204.31+vat High yield (colours 5k,black 7k) £403.92 + vat remanufactured high yield (colour 5k,black 7k) £143.64 + vat - 10% Online/Owlstalk Dissy = £129.28 + vat (bargain) ( i will have them listed on the site by close of play today, or if required contact us on - 0114 2334000 (9-5pm) Price inc delivery, hope of interest Steve
  4. Update on postage - We've now reduced the shipping price, for deliveries outside the Sheffield area on all original inkjet cartridges - Delivery now only priced at £2.20 (royal mail 2nd class packet post). Remember its free delivery in the Sheffield area
  5. 99% of our compats are chipped, the only ones we do without the chip are the hp364xl, but we also sell them chipped. cartridge ink saving per cartridge as i said i would compare a couple, HP301XL BLACK (550 page yield) original = £0.045 per page, remanufactured = £0.033 page - save £5.98 per cartridge HP301XL COL (330 page yield) original = £0.065 page, remanufactured = £0.053 - save cost £3.96 per cartridge Brother LC1100 BLACK (450 page yield) original = £0.037 per page, compatible = £0.0046 - save £14.71 per cartridge Brother LC1100 CYAN (325 page yield) original = £0.029 per page, compatible = £0.006 - save £7.40 per cartridge Above costings are based on our own sites sell price inc vat, but exc any delivery charges, except on the brother lc1100 comapatibles where delivery is included You will find on HP inks their is a smaller saving against originals, as most Non HP cartridges are chipped remanufactured cartridges, where as most epsons/brother/canon inks are chipped compatibles which are much cheaper to make.
  6. We are as yet to hear about this one! kinda defeats the object from manufactures as if this was the case most would be out of business. The reason being if they wanted their machines to break as soon as you use 3rd party inks, they (the manufacturers) will under their warranty (if the machine is still under warranty) have to replace the machine, so why would they do this? the myth that they say your warranty is void if you use 3rd party inks is wrong and against the law - see chapter 50,section 2302 of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act which is backed up by American an EU Law. Also to add to this point why are companies like Xerox selling their own brand of re-manufactured toners covering various other printer manufacturers. I'll check the comparison cost per page on some hp XL cartridges tomorrow - the saving per year will of course depend on how many cartridges you use each year. but you can work it out per cartridge used. Also (because owlstalk sorted it ) my web-designer is currently altering the delivery rate on original ink cartridges - the new rate will come down from £4.00 + vat to £2.20inc vat - royal mail 2nd class packet post), This rate only applies to customers outside of Sheffield, where delivery is Free.
  7. Hi Mark, We could't recommend you the best printer to buy because theres two many to go at, i wouldnt want to recommend anyone a printer unless ive used it myself, everbody has a different opinion about which is best, ie some people love epsons over hp etc. i would certainly look for machines that you can get compatible cartridges for, because some original cartridges are very expensive. have a look at the links below - hopefully you will find what your looking for. if you find what your looking for give us a shout, we should certainly be able to price one for you. with ref to printing onto cd/dvd's we can supply the adhesive labels. http://printers.toptenreviews.com/all-in-one/ http://wireless-all-in-one-printer.toptenreviews.com/ regards Steve
  8. if the delivery address has sheffield post codes bewtween s1 - s60 it should default to zero delivery charge, any other areas it will charge the £4.00 + vat charge, unless the value is over £50.00 exc vat. if it does not do this,please advise and ill give my webman a little kick to fix the glitch, if you are outside the area then the delivery charge will be applied, we are aware that this is a little expensive for just one cartridge, we are looking at changing this to royal mail packet post (£2.20 no vat), but at the moment as we put on more general office product, businesses that will use the site will tend to have a mixed basket of goods,which makes the delivery quite fair. the compatible inkjets are already set up to include delivery charges,
  9. Hi Darra, The postage cost are only incurred if you are not in the Sheffield Area as we have to out-source the delivery (also every order over £50exc vat becomes free as well). Any orders from customers or businesses based in and around Sheffield, there is defaulf in the checkout giving you free delivery. - This prob explains itself a little better when you look at our Delivery Information tab at the bottom of the home page. Have you got a link for the article you have read, tried to find it but theres a few to go at.
  10. Been a long time coming, just like the Anthony Gardner saga!!!
  11. Please let me know what your machine is, if they are stock/available, ill send you one to try - see if we can tempt you back across from the dark side
  12. Hello People of Owlstalk!! Inkjet cartridges delivered from £1.82!!! We are an Independant commercial office stationery supplier based in S6, We have just launched our new online store which specialises in inks for most home and business printers. We are very competitve in compatible inkjets and toner inks saving £££'s against original manufacturers inks!! All our inks come with a minimum one year guarantee, We offer free delivery on all our compatible inkjets nationwide, All Sheffield based businesses also receive free delivery with no minimum order value required. Theres also a 10% voucher code - enter firstorder at checkout to receive the discount (discount expires end August 2012) If your ink is not listed and its available - let us know what machine you have and we will find it - mail us at [email protected] Website address - http//www.officeandinks.co.uk Follow us at our new Facebook Page - officeandinks.co.uk Follow us on Twitter - @cosoffice4u Require a little convincing on the quality, check our feedback on our e-bay shop ps = hope the links work
  13. Reluctant sale - now need 5 door motor due to little addition hope link works - (if not,then the old copy & paste trick should do it) http://www.autotrade...age/1?logcode=p thanks for looking
  14. tempting but afraid the pro's out weigh the cons, i mean hows a man supposed to know how to use a hoover or an iron even!
  15. kind of car id go for, but afraid the missis has her heart set on an astra!!!! an ASTRA!!!!! why me
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