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  1. I thought we were supposed to get a £50 'owls shop' credit and £25 ticket credit. Have I remembered that wrong?
  2. Is the Wednesday Tap still open midweek to watch it there, anyone know?
  3. Turn this into a positive.....make fans in the North Leppings Lane end walk though the 'gift shop' like they do at theme parks.
  4. Maybe the reason for the delay every year is more financial than anything else? There has to be an initial outlay to the manufacturer, where does that money come from? Might be paid for in next years accounts. If that's the case and I'm only guessing, maybe the answer is to buy a shirt up front slightly cheaper with your season ticket package. Guarantee to have it early and before non-season ticket holders. Another incentive to get a season ticket.
  5. Keep a stash of bottle tops in your pocket. Put your own top on it when they take it off. There's always a way
  6. I honestly don't know why people slag Fox off so much. I think he's looked OK in a team that's struggled. We cant name a settled side and settled formation. He's the latest scapegoat. I don't think he's a bad player at all. I don't go to away games but I go to every home game and he's done OK. Get behind them I say. Slag off the Away team's players. Afterall WAWAW?
  7. Don't think anyone can be against trying to make it harder for terrorists..... Except a terrorist could have bought himself a ticket and shown it to the Stewards on the bridge (or shown last season's season ticket as someone I know did)? Or he(or she) could just go round to the Leppings Lane or Penistone Road entrances and walk straight in? So not sure what it actually achieves. I would say personally not a lot.
  8. The point is there was no need to mention season ticket holders again unless there was a changeIn the past for games season ticket holders have been able buy another ticket each. And as I said it wasn't just me that got confused.
  9. yes...I know of loads of people that thought the same as me though :-) and loads of people that thought I was getting them a ticket today! :-)
  10. it says Season Ticket Holders then 'new' season ticket holders
  11. Thursday 4 May to Sunday 7 May Season Ticket holders, Members, Owls Foundation Members and new 2017/18 Season Ticket holders – one ticket per ID number. Read more at http://www.swfc.co.uk/news/article/2016-17/playoff-semi-final-home-tickets-on-sale-now-3699937.aspx#RdYQqHGijXzZvrCk.99
  12. Its confusing (not just for me) as it says on SWFC.CO.UK from today Season Ticket holders can get 1 ticket per ID. So its as if we can now get an additional 1 ticket from today onwards for friends or family. But that doesn't seem to be the case.
  13. exactly, football songs need to be simple for simple minds
  14. Take us home, Jordan Rhodes, to the place, we belong, Sheffield Wednesday premier league, take us home, Jordan Rhodes (to the tune of country roads) well I think its a winner anyway!
  15. But you can still pick up an iron bar or half a house brick that are all over the mound that the kop is built on discarded when the kop roof was built!
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