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  1. I liked where prison break ran out of money so Michael's tattoos began getting covered with him wearing long sleeve shirts ..... and the epilogue where the casually mentioned that he'd had them removed actually brought proper belly laughs.
  2. Yep... I watched that and that happened every episode towards the end ....if in doubt turn the character into a Follower ... Was lazy. Prison break was great 1st season apart from the prison sized plot hole in it The whole premise of the 1st season was to persuade Sara to let them use her key. They needed that key or the whole escape was off. If we cant get into that room, the whole plan is blown. Cue prison riot and they get into that critical room through the ceiling, without the key . The subsequent seasons descended into farce.
  3. It chuffing is That handicap needs butchering. Playing to your hanidcap shouldn't be something you should manage to do every round .... Playing to 7 under par is just pure banditry .... WIn a comp with that score off that handicap and your tyres get let down whilst you are tkaing your spikes off
  4. Is that right , youve got people playing off 19 going round in 83 ? Is it a pitch and putt course ?
  5. Have they been paid on time at all this season ? I dont know...... only seems to be when its a month late that it gets reported . Could have been going on for months this. Like i say ... once morale is affected, it's a slippery slope
  6. How on Earth do folk think that not getting paid doesnt affect you mentally or subconciously ? Its all about attitude and morale surely .... and anything that is detrimental to that will have an impact .
  7. Gutted for Murphy. Really wanted him to win. He's a great character and I hope he's back for good now. As for Selby. 5 snookers required and just colours left on the table ... and he carries on playing. He's anti-snooker. He's Snooker's Tony Pulis.
  8. Don’t watch the TV version of Midnight Run Was the first film I realised De Niro had a comedic range. Awesome film.
  9. He’s the most joyless individual in sport today. Hope Bingham puts him out of his , literal, misery.
  10. Didnt work for me . Club told Bank in process of refunding so bank said cannot proceed.
  11. I get a lump in my throat just remembering some of the trigger lines ..... It has a resonance with me , i dont know why. I have loved it since the moment i first saw it .
  12. Midnight Run.... Great cast . Great script. Field of Dreams .. Gets me in the feels every time. The Big Lebowski. ... Its just perfect.. Edge of Tomorrow. my favourite Tom Cruise film... its just eminently watchable , over and over. Shout out to all the Marvel films..... Perfect entertainment. Cant decide between Ragnarok and Infinity War
  13. We are down... Middlesbrough was the game we needed to win Bristol was the must win game We won't beat Forest Players not up for fight blah blah blah We have a chance. a very slim one. I can imagine even if we beat Forest and Derby lose , there will still be folk on here refusing to believe we *might* stay up. "We wont beat Derby... " "Rotherham will win their last 3 games" etc etc The amount of backtracking on here will be legendary if we do pull it off. Hall of Fame s
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