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  1. Vaughan

    Team talk today.

    Wonder if the keeper has the “ roll out to nearest defender” instruction rescinded ?
  2. Vaughan

    The Missing Men ....

    Well. If at least one of them doesn’t even make the bench ...
  3. Vaughan

    Jos Gone ?

    If Jos gone and Hutchinson/Boyd/Westwood not involved to some degree tomorrow who are we turning our attention to ?
  4. Vaughan

    Our fault again

    You carry on believing that. Every time one of our players makes a pass the crowd don’t agree with , we are very vocal in making it known. Its a poisonous atmosphere. If you don’t think that has an effect on players you are mistaken.
  5. Vaughan

    Our fault again

    Where have i said that ? I'll give you a perfect exanple of why our fans contribute to our form . Lees had the ball and the simple , correct, pass was back to Dawson, but he knew what the reaction of the fans would be if did that ... so he passed it sideways to Hector and it was almost intercepted by a Rotherham player. Like it or not... Our fans arent totally blameless.
  6. Vaughan

    Our fault again

    It took 45 seconds and the first misplaced pass for the crowd to get on the players backs on Saturday. Whilst i am not excusing the performance it must be abundantly clear to anyone that we have turned Hillsborough into a very difficult place for our own team to play in.
  7. Vaughan

    Our fan base at the moment

    Worse gif ever. I’ve been staring at it for 2 hours and nothing’s happened.
  8. Vaughan

    Our club is dying

    Perhaps @JohnFand @Big Malc will call you something unsavoury for using such a grotesque analogy.
  9. Are you asking me why Joao couldnt hit the target from 12 yards out ? There are 2 answers. 1- Jos, which is the answer you want, through his team selections and tactics. 2- The toxic fanbase that harangue our players when any mistake is made. Dont get me wrong.... 1st half was abject.... worst i have seen in years.... but booing them off is counterproductive. That was perhaps the stimulus for our players trying to gee up the crowd when we scored. I overheard the classic line last night ... "I dont mind if we lose 1-0 tonight as long as the players try" Matias had an indifferent game but you couldnt fault is effort, he never stopped running..... When he was taken off .. same person : "About time .. .he's w*nk" Quote from Parkinson : "On the night you could sense there was a lack of confidence from Sheffield Wednesday. I felt the game was there for the taking tonight." Our players are frightened to death to play at Hillsborough...
  10. and it's the managers fault that Reach , Joao , FF , Bannan all had chances (some very good) and they didnt hit the target ? Criticise the team selection, the formation , the squad rotation, the tactics.... but dont lay the lack of shots on target at the manager' feet. Thats the fault of players with absolutely no confidence.
  11. Vaughan

    Lees goal “celebration”

    I am all for criticising him where its due, but i remember that clearly .. he had no chance of reaching it..... I thought the team improved with Nuhiu last night ..... he played reasonably well comparatively speaking. I would have brought on Joao instead of Nuhiu but the managers decision was justified.
  12. Vaughan

    Lees goal “celebration”

    He did ... but not in the way the OP has suggested... He did it as a way of saying "get behind us.... we cant hear you" ... that sort of thing... then moved his hands to say "be louder" Not really embarrassing.. but hey..... lets have a go at him .
  13. Vaughan

    Lees goal “celebration”

    The celebration where every single player, bar Dawson, congratulated him in front of the kop and half a dozen players turned to the crowd and tried to pump them up ? That passionlesss , joyless celebration ? So we've gone from knocking the display (which the 1st half warranted) to the goal celebrations now ? On a far more serious note.,.. on Saturday , the Kop ran out of Bovril.... so i had to go without.... Last night ... i asked for a Bovril and a Hot Chocolate.... £5 whcih I paid on contactless..... Guy looked around and said ... oh, we dont have any hot chocolate left....... i wasnt impressed... I said 2 bovrils then...... "We've no Bovril left either" So I asked for a refund.... I think i may be the first person to ever ask for a refund there .... not one of them had a clue what to do .. 2nd half kick off was approaching ..... eventually, they had to give me £5 cash ... Utter shambles everywhere at the moment.
  14. Vaughan

    Todays training...

    Are you you looking at my bra ?