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  1. Watched it in New York, which made a brilliant trip even more memorable
  2. Well, they have in the Daniel Craig era.
  3. I liked it. Didn’t feel too long , there was no filler. I agree that the villain once again crept into Austin Powers territory but Bond films have to do that. We went from the excellent Le Chiffre torturing a naked bond with a length of rope to Blofeld having him strapped to a futuristic surgical chair. I don’t like that the ante has to be upped every time. Casino Royale is the benchmark. My go to Bond film.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58622433 Wycombe Now. Understandably
  5. Not looking back through thread. Does anyone on here have an e-bike ? I have a hardtail Cube MTB but my legs are giving up on me, so I have gone in with entry level E-MTB. Ive been called a cheat etc , but the decision as to whether you turn assist on is in your control. I have done more cycling in the last month than i did in 2 years on the Cube. I try to refrain from turning assist on wherever possible, but the fact its there has opened up all sorts of possibilites to me, considering routes I would never have entertained on the Cube.
  6. Was thinking exactly the same after about an hour. What is our playing style ?
  7. Kate. Netflix Truly foooking awful. Could have turned off anywhere through but had to see it out. Poisoned assassin has 24 hours to find out who did it. You will know within 2 minutes of the start. You are welcome.
  8. It’s awesome. Some genuinely ridiculous incidents (an 8 month pregnant woman lifting an unconscious man onto a bed) and that’s before we get to the actual action but nevertheless , it’s proper binge material. Can’t wait till 3rd December now.
  9. I watched it. Quite enjoyed it. Thought I’d got it figured out after 2 episodes. I was wrong. You wont see it coming.
  10. They did. The ball flashing across the 6 yard line I thought was going to be knocked in I thought they were going to score. Luckily for us we managed to keep the ball in the corner for 5 minutes against bottom of league We sparkled at times tonight and we were sloppy at other times. Good result , okay performance. Rotherham and Sunderland will be much sterner tests. Keep the momentum going. .
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