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  1. Vaughan

    Chant for new season

    *they’re ** we’re ... and no thanks. The chant doesn’t really elaborate on Jos’ cunning plan. I was hoping we would get to that , perhaps a second verse is in the works?
  2. If we win , we can look forward to the next stage of this journey. We came into this World Cup expecting nothing from this squad and if we go out tonight then so be it. The way the draw has worked out means that fans and the media are doing exactly the same thing they always do and heaping pressure on a team that 3 weeks ago would have been happy reaching the last 16 i hope we win , I think we will but as it’s England it will either be 4-0 or on Penalties. Incidentally , I am watching the match in Old Town Sozopol tonight with undoubtedly a shed load of Bulgarian and Russian fans.
  3. Vaughan

    Love these...

    That is a proper kit .. Absolutley foooking glorious.
  4. I'll always remember Gascoigne and Lineker taking us to pieces at Hillsborough .. must have been 1990 before Gazza did his knee.
  5. I haven’t bought a home shirt for myself since 1998. Id buy 2 of these. 1 to wear and 1 to frame.
  6. I absolutely fkin love this design.
  7. Early 90s Home against Forest on a roasting hot day. During a break in play , Palmer gets a drink of water. Referee books him for leaving the pitch without permission. Brian Clough was so annoyed with such stupidity from the officials , he called his entire team off to get a drink. None of them got booked.
  8. and again... with conspiracy hat on ... .There is no way that the club could begin to even hint that this could be the case as it amounts to defrauding supporters .... not the same as Hirst situation. I dont want to believe that this is even a possibility, but the injury situation ... or rather the complete lack of transparency on injuries with updates etc .... lends itself to suspicion...
  9. I know .... but if player x needs 8 more games to trigger an appearance bonus of some kind ... and he shows up with 7 games to go.. All good conspiracy stuff...
  10. IF , IF there is any weight to these rumours, what might be interesting is if players begin to trickle back to the first team because there are not enough games left in the season to reach certain milestones.
  11. Sorry, I wasn't clear .. The caller to PoG mentioned the Newpaper report .... I cannto remember if it was Buchan or the caller who mentioned the £7m, but it was for last year.
  12. Not read rest of thread but this is inaccurate The report was that they wanted to avoid the £7m they paid out last year . There was no mention on this years figure