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  1. If we are offered a refund ... one part of my thinks ... I wont bother , the club needs it , then i remember it will go to paying Jordan Rhodes £40k a week and then I change my mind.
  2. Season Tickets ... for all postponed fixtures remain valid for the rearranged dates. What a fantastic gesture. I thought I’d have to pay again.
  3. My dogs know how much of a chore it is to go recently. They've tried to force the matter. I now have to make the effort to go and get this replaced if i want to go on Saturday.
  4. Afraid I fear the worst. Pretty much an ever present for 2 and a half seasons , almost impervious to injury , sidetracked by a mystery toe ailment at the same time Hutch was banished and following Monks “players who don’t deserve to be here” speech.
  5. misplaced loyalty ? where else should we place it.
  6. They can all afford it when they want to . Thats not a dig or criticism, its based on history. Not a point you can argue with, if we were top 2, playing lovely flowing football and we were drawn at home against any of the top 5 in Premier League, it wouldnt be an issue . If somehow we beat Man City and draw Sheff Utd / Chelsea / Man Utd in Qtrs ... at £30 a ticket, i bet they can somehow afford it and dont get me started in if by some miracle we made semis at Wembley .....
  7. My Son summed up our attendance Rather be there to see us get beat than stay away and miss us winning. Unlikely, but in the event that we do pull out all the stops and get a result , it will be something to remember.
  8. How would one obtain a refund ? asking for a friend.
  9. of course it is By "practicly" , you mean Lees, Palmer and Nuhiu that were involved out of the 18 on that day ?
  10. Fan Base summed up "Rest our best players, we need them for the league " "FFS dont play the youngsters , you'll wreck their confidence"
  11. Is there a boycott we’ve not been told about ?
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