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  1. Soon as we start singing that stupid fkin bounce song.
  2. Where can i find details on this and possible booking info ? I was going to drive on Saturday but think coach may be better..... SWFC coaches are sold out ..
  3. I thought he looked lively when he came on ... Seemed to ignite Bannan as well with the two of them working in tandem with the ball and also trying to win it back.
  4. Did anyone else see Bannan during the goal celebrations ? Tapped his wrist to their keeper as if to say “serves you right you timewasting twaat”
  5. Think I'm going to try and get tickets in home end We'll probably outnumber them anyway .
  6. One thing I learned from that. “Barns-early, Barns-early, Barns-early” What a chant.
  7. Sick of black / dark away kits. Yellow please .... all day long..
  8. When I looked at our run in and tried to predict the results... honestly took defeats against Leeds and Norwich , but getting 4 points against Stoke / Villa. Now that we lost to Villa.... we need to beat Leeds or Norwich to put us back on track... Realistically, we wont do it , but its nice not to be playing dead rubbers for last half dozen matches.
  9. There was an altercation with that group of people when we played Middlesbrough this season as well ,. i think ..
  10. I don't think its the tills.. .Its the brain cells operating them . The Kop kiosk is beyond ridicule... How can it take 5 minutes to push a hot water button into 4 cups of pre-made drink ?
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