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  1. They are doing this alphabetically arent they ? Phook.
  2. The only way Pearson survives with us if if he does a good job and is lured away to another job, one that fans can understand he can’t turn down Otherwise one day he WILL get sacked and he will join the list of failed ex-players that managed us.
  3. Twatter calling for the return of Carlos .. Presume those fans dont remember the 3 months leading up to his sacking ...
  4. YAWN .. No it wasnt . Was a genuine question. More of a query about people getting out the habit of going, financial pressures and of course our utterly pathetic team. I wouldn't make a veiled attack on Monk. I'd do this : Monk is dog shitt. Get him sacked. Nothing veiled about that. Not sure anything has to be veiled anymore.
  5. If covid magically disappeared and we were allowed back in ..... I reckon you'd struggle to get 12000 to go .
  6. T0sss up whether to spend £10 on iFollow or £10 on Wycombe 1st win of season.
  7. Interesting how we went from this thread to the ones seen over the last couple of days , when all of these players were heralded as good signings are all now cast-offs and has beens. Regardless of what people think of DC, Monk has demonstrated that he simply isnt up to the task. Hes been an absolute disaster. Sadly, I do not have the foggiest as to how bad it needs to get before he gets sacked. With no discord in the ground , there isnt really any way to voice discontent. Social Media perhaps., but i think we know what DC thinks of that. Perhaps he
  8. We’re going to get a pasting tonight aren’t we ?
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