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  1. Early 90s Home against Forest on a roasting hot day. During a break in play , Palmer gets a drink of water. Referee books him for leaving the pitch without permission. Brian Clough was so annoyed with such stupidity from the officials , he called his entire team off to get a drink. None of them got booked.
  2. and again... with conspiracy hat on ... .There is no way that the club could begin to even hint that this could be the case as it amounts to defrauding supporters .... not the same as Hirst situation. I dont want to believe that this is even a possibility, but the injury situation ... or rather the complete lack of transparency on injuries with updates etc .... lends itself to suspicion...
  3. I know .... but if player x needs 8 more games to trigger an appearance bonus of some kind ... and he shows up with 7 games to go.. All good conspiracy stuff...
  4. IF , IF there is any weight to these rumours, what might be interesting is if players begin to trickle back to the first team because there are not enough games left in the season to reach certain milestones.
  5. Sorry, I wasn't clear .. The caller to PoG mentioned the Newpaper report .... I cannto remember if it was Buchan or the caller who mentioned the £7m, but it was for last year.
  6. Not read rest of thread but this is inaccurate The report was that they wanted to avoid the £7m they paid out last year . There was no mention on this years figure
  7. Agree. I don't see a team lacking ability. I see steam lacking confidence. Yet I know if a player misplaces a pass in first 3 minutes , that’s it. Some “Fans” will be all over it.
  8. Keep telling them that.
  9. They already have. Theres a couple of cracking versions knocking about.
  10. Got a good feeling about today. 3-1 Reach Joao x 2
  11. It will be a tempestuous and awkward event tonight. Lots of ill feeling flying about and it could become a really bad tempered affair. I’d go but but I don’t like confrontation.
  12. Bullet after Bolton?

    Nope. I am saying don’t destroy what confidence there is. For example. Last night. Boyd tried to take down a high ball over the North Stand touchline. It wasn’t easy. He got it. But as he tried to bring it down it bounced off his chest and went out. I clapped and said “unlucky” , it was a difficult pass to control. He did his best. I tried to offer some encouragement. Contrast that with the Ape sat 4 seats from me “BOYD YOU USELESS FUUKING CUUUNT . YOU ARE SHIIIT . FOOKKING GET OFF THE PITCH YOU USELESS BASTTARD” Then he went back to watching PSG on his phone. I
  13. Bullet after Bolton?

    Can you drop an email to the club outlining this ? I am am not sure how they have managed to overlook this.