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  1. Vaughan

    Its got to be done

    Yeah ... that lucky nine match unbeaten run ? That's me convinced.
  2. Vaughan

    Biased pundits etc

    Didn’t notice that. F00kers.
  3. Vaughan

    Biased pundits etc

    The only thing the ball touched after it left his foot was the underside of the bar. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/11505514/mcginn-scores-wonder-goal
  4. Vaughan

    Biased pundits etc

    Deflected ?
  5. Vaughan


    Fletcher “Last Christmas” song coming back this year. Missed it last season.
  6. Vaughan


    Promised myself I wouldn’t comment on this issue but the thread has broken me. Some fans would rather field a player who, if rumours are to believed is potentially disruptive, and may critically harm team spirit ? Even going as far as to undermine the current incumbent and damaging his confidence?
  7. I see the Fannies are out in force tonight.
  8. 2 minutes added on at half time. Lees is down for 90 seconds of it. Ref blows on 47:00 T0ss
  9. Vaughan

    Wednesday and Forest links

    Jemson Bart-Wiliams Francis Ron Atkinson Megson
  10. Vaughan


    As much as I love Westwood and what he’s done for us , I’m not missing our keeper taking 45 seconds to take a goal kick.
  11. The intended target for the pass was in an offside position when the pass was made causing our defender to react to said pass and the ball bounced to another striker who took advantage. All down to interpretation of the rules at that point. Not whether Lees knew where the strikers were.
  12. “I can’t be offside ref. The defender had no idea where I was”
  13. What does annoy me with linesmen and whatever version of the offside rule is in play currently is why they don’t flag an offside player until he touches the ball. There were here a couple of instances when Stoke were played through and player was a couple of yards offside as he tries to get onto the pass but isn’t flagged offside until he reaches the ball 20 yards up the pitch. Are we suggesting that if he reaches the ball but doesn’t touch it , he’s not interfering with play ?
  14. Even though my first reaction to the goal from the Kop was that 1 of them was offside I’m not going to bleat about it. I’d not given it a second thought until I saw this thread. After 20 minutes yesterday I was thinking Stoke could score as many as they wanted so a draw was a great result. The analysis here suggests the goal was offside depending on interpretations of how the rule should be applied. I am sure someone will be along soon with the rule book
  15. Are you seriously suggesting that a player cannot be offside if the defender can’t see him ?