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  1. Where is Carlos ?

    Do you honestly think I'd come into Matchday section during International Break. And a Transfer Window ?
  2. Bullen running technical area.
  3. What's Happened

    Its not just on here. It's everywhere. Twitter. Facebook. Every Wednesday related article is a reason to moan. Even if it's not about the article in question. A good slice of our fans are too precious at the moment. It's embarrassing that we present this impression to other football fans , least of all those down the road.
  4. It's almost as if Neil has taken the £15m Fulham bid for Gayle being rejected by Newcastle , holding out for £18m , and changed some names around
  5. Issue for me is that Winnalls reward for scoring on Saturday will be a place on the bench at best tonight . Our players are not getting into any kind of rhythym. You can be MoM one game and not playing the next .. I can't imagine what that does to a players morale.
  6. Can we wear the 3rd kit every week ?
  7. Can we have this pinned in politics section
  8. Proud dad moment tomorrow

    Did this with my son. He duped me. Was about the 4th time I had taken him and he starts 'Dad........' I say if you are asking me if we are going home forget it. Don't ask me if we can go home' 'I'm not asking if we can go home ' 'OK. What's up ?' 'When are we going home ?' We were 2-0 down at home to Reading. We left. We won 3-2
  9. Roy Hodgson

    Rather get t0ssed off by a crab.
  10. Bursitis. 1st and hopefully last time I have it. :-)
  11. 1st fixture I looked for pre season. 1st home game I've missed stuck in bloody hospital
  12. Not read while thread. Just wanting to make sure it's noted that on the day Dem Blades get promotion club legend Brian Deane is watching The Owls.
  13. Have we ever played well in this dogsh1t kit ?
  14. Dingles and toytown

    I think it's ideal we have these matches next.
  15. Seasons over for me

    It never wasnt.