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  1. What is going on to the right of Moore here ? My vision is all screwed up... Its that a person or the back of a hood , is the yellow in front of him, behind him ?
  2. Rhodes' 8th manager here.. .Wonder if he will start consecutive games now
  3. Ground "worth" £60m Club valued at £30m Who will pay £90m upwards for us for ? and thats basic isnt it ? Not including the possibility of the Chairman upping the price to claw back what he's put in ?
  4. The players got full pay for all lockdown when they were doin f all, not even training. Would have been a fantastic gesture if they had contributed to season ticket refunds. The thought of the Chansiri suggesting I shoulnt ask for my money back whilst players were getting paid thousands a week. Nope. Not having it.
  5. Thats never 1989 Read it properly dammit
  6. Yep, the form I filled in raised a Chargeback. Called them this morning and Section 75 now raised.
  7. Lloyds Mastercard. I've just rung them and said this 120 days limit is bllx... what if i pre-ordered something 6 months ago and company went bust . I have to ring them back in the morning. I wont let it lie
  8. Couldnt find it on the banking app, so googled Lloyds Section 75 Takes you to a claim form asking for detatils, then submit. You will need card number date of transaction, disputed amount etc .. The just submit.... I will be contacted at some point.
  9. I've raised my section 75 today. It's not something I wanted to do , but the clubs lack of urgency on this is frankly obscene.
  10. I've declined to pay for 3 matches on iFollow this season. v Middlesborough v Preston v Bournemouth It cant be a coincidence. I will continue my boycott of purchasing games until its time to think about if we finish 4th or 6th . You are welcome.
  11. How do I delete my ifollow account ? I need to be physically prevented from spunking any more money on this
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