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  1. Sick of black / dark away kits. Yellow please .... all day long..
  2. When I looked at our run in and tried to predict the results... honestly took defeats against Leeds and Norwich , but getting 4 points against Stoke / Villa. Now that we lost to Villa.... we need to beat Leeds or Norwich to put us back on track... Realistically, we wont do it , but its nice not to be playing dead rubbers for last half dozen matches.
  3. There was an altercation with that group of people when we played Middlesbrough this season as well ,. i think ..
  4. I don't think its the tills.. .Its the brain cells operating them . The Kop kiosk is beyond ridicule... How can it take 5 minutes to push a hot water button into 4 cups of pre-made drink ?
  5. What happened to him at full time ?
  6. System is fair but open to abuse. I wonder how many of the 6000 in attendance are actually season ticket holders with 500 + TPP. Not knocking it. If I thought it was going to sell out I might have done the same. I missed out today but that’s how it goes
  7. Wonder if the keeper has the “ roll out to nearest defender” instruction rescinded ?
  8. Well. If at least one of them doesn’t even make the bench ...
  9. If Jos gone and Hutchinson/Boyd/Westwood not involved to some degree tomorrow who are we turning our attention to ?
  10. You carry on believing that. Every time one of our players makes a pass the crowd don’t agree with , we are very vocal in making it known. Its a poisonous atmosphere. If you don’t think that has an effect on players you are mistaken.
  11. Where have i said that ? I'll give you a perfect exanple of why our fans contribute to our form . Lees had the ball and the simple , correct, pass was back to Dawson, but he knew what the reaction of the fans would be if did that ... so he passed it sideways to Hector and it was almost intercepted by a Rotherham player. Like it or not... Our fans arent totally blameless.
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