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  1. He's just got to keep himself match fit for the World Cup, then he can retire after that. He's been semi retired for the last two seasons at least, so can't see him wanting to go much further than the new year. Actually expect to see players doing this MLS route at an increasingly earlier age , as they become multi millionaires in their early 20's and have achieved everything they want in the game before 30.
  2. You are right of course, it was bought and paid for by Putin. I love how all the computers they used were destroyed after the bidding process. However, Qatar is another couple of levels higher on the corruption scale. Same bigoted laws and attitudes, same corruption, but add in a country - or basically a city as Doha is Qatar - that is a totally inappropriate and illogical place for a football tournament to take place. Playing it in November /December is the thing that's going to kill it. Russia in the summer was always going to be very hard to resist. With Qatar, we are going to be settled into the domestic season, SWFC will still be playing , peoples thoughts are turning towards Christmas. As I've said earlier, I doubt that the coverage from the TV Channels is going to be as exuberant as usual for a tournament. I think the bear minimum will happen for the BBC in particular, coverage starting 15 mins before kick off, no tourism pieces, just pure business. They know this is a very controversial occasion and won't want to be seen as enjoying it too much.
  3. I think if Southgate left England, having taken them to a semi final then a final in consecutive major championships, he would be very sought after all over the continent. That 'we ' as football fans on the internet think he has been tactically inept is neither her nor there - it's an opinion we are entitled to have but no way do we have more tactical nounce than Gareth Southgate and his team of coaches.
  4. We are not talking physically tired, we are talking about the mental checkout and mental fatigue after a long and competitive season. I can fully imagine players zoning out or not having the concentration to follow the game plan and instructions they have been given. Remember , whilst we feel being a footballer and playing for England is the most amazing thing in the world, at this stage for the likes of Kane, Maguire, Sterling etc it's just a job you really like mostly, but like anyone else who does a job , they need a holiday from it. These players just haven't had that decent break for about three seasons. The carrying injuries and no recuperation thing I fully agree with.
  5. I've said on other bits of social media...Gareth Southgate is not popular with fans, and not just because of his football decisions. His defence of his players taking the knee in the face of booing by large sections of the teams support didn't go down well, and he is seen as a bit of a ' lefty' , which I believe is in direct contrast to the England teams in ground and travelling support. It was never going to take much for them to turn on him. If you are looking for a possible replacement, there are slim pickings if we want an English coach. Almost immediately we are down to Lampard and Gerrard, who the FA would probably choose between. English club managers like Potter, Dyche and Howe don't really fit the bill.
  6. But they are also humans, and no other English players are going to be more enthused. These are a new generation that put club miles before country. It's June, after the season has ended, in a tournament that is neither the Euros or the World Cup which they could get up for as they are only every 4 years. I'm intrigued to see how ' up for it ' they are in this coming WC . I can imagine the likes of Pep, Conte and Klopp will have quiet words with players , explaining they need to come back ready mentally and physically to resume the domestic season. This won't just apply to the English players either. Perhaps we will have a World Cup that's very low on commitment!.
  7. Also, look at some of the other results in this league. France are also bottom of their group with 2 points from 4 games. It's very poor, and Southgate needs to learn from this, but it's not pitchforks and flaming torches time just yet I don't think.
  8. The Nations League isn't the World Cup though. This isn't about physical fatigue, this is about mentally switching off, and simply rather being anywhere else than on a football pitch. Not one player is going to come out and tell the truth- that they were going through the motions and couldn't be bothered to follow a game plan, concentrate and have discipline. We all know that England players don't seem to take the same pride in playing for their country that other teams do. That was the difference tonight. I honestly believe this tournament and these results have absolutely no bearing on what will happen in Qatar . There will be different mental challenges there, and players still might not 'show up', but it won't be related to this ridiculous competition. Make no mistake, England players have embarrassed themselves over these 4 games, but we aren't at 2010 South Africa levels of hopelessness and disinterest yet.
  9. Who am I thinking of then ..Dan Agger? I guess the point is that Sterling and Kane would have faced more intimidating centre halves than Dejan in the previous Premier League campaign. Can't believe I've aged Lovren by an extra 10 years.
  10. Also, in that tournament we got completely outclassed twice by Belgium, and could easily have lost to Colombia. I still maintain that Croatia team was pretty decent - Modric, Peresic, Rakitic and Brozovic were man for man better than our midfield, but their defence had a 38 yr old Dejan Lovren and Vida, who looks a like a villain from Lethal Weapon, so we should have outscored them. The Euros we did better, beating Germany, putting away a Ukraine side with some dangerous players, and getting past a highly motivated on fire Denmark.
  11. Problem is, Sterling and Kane are always going to be two of a front three if fit. Sterling is a big game player now, Kane is Kane, leaving Grealish/Foden/Saka/Rashford/Sancho/Bowen/Maddison all fighting for one place. If all are fit, Foden has to play. This leaves the others filling for injuries, playing in dead rubbers, or coming on as impact subs.
  12. Widely acknowledge as a 'teachers pet' who does exactly as instructed on the pitch, and understands complex tactics and game plans a lot quicker than other players. Yes he can play a bit, but if you are playing two out of Rice/Phillips/Bellingham as the double pivot, then a front three , there shouldn't be a place for him. Very good player though.
  13. As Scram says, just because you don't protest about everything, doesnt mean you can't make a stand on this occasion. I see some fans are using the 'Well you didn't protest against...' as a reason to have their usual En-ger-lund lads on tour beano. Not for me, Clive.
  14. I'm really not trying to be smart or edgy when I say I hope that doesn't happen. Fair enough the country won't disgrace itself like it did last summer due to the time of year the final will be , but let's face it the last thing this country needs is Boris Johnson surfing a Xenophobic wave of football goodwill.
  15. Might just watch games from the brilliant 1986 World Cup on YouTube whilst there's games on, if I need a fix.
  16. No Panini sticker book either this year for me, that's going to be tough. Thought about taking the little 'un to some women's Euros games, but not sure if I can cope with that. There's still time for individual players to ' retire ' from International football, even if teams are committed to going. Always had this bizarre thought that Kane will break the goal scoring record over the summer and warm up friendlies, then say he's not going to Qatar as he wants to spend time with his family and concentrate on his club career. Genuinely think some players will see this tournament like the fans are seeing it..a bizarre circus and not really a genuine World Cup. There has to be temptation to sack it off if you have played in a WC before. Even the winners will feel it has a caveat attached to it. A number of Wales fans celebrating them getting to the World Cup have also said that they probably won't go, as opposed to definitely going if it was in South/North America, Europe, Australia & NZ.
  17. Now that would be weird, well worth a pint though if it happens!
  18. I think as Taz says, the absence of it this summer will ramp up the absurdity of it another notch. I have no intention of watching it, and I think I will stick to this due to when it's taking place; I'll just not be in the 'tournament ' frame of mind. I'll certainly not be booking any days off to watch a three game marathon. It won't have the feel or vibe of a proper WC either, and I imagine the broadcasting will be less celebratory and more perfunctory. Finally, I can't fathom the mindset of any fan that actually wants to go there and 'enjoy' it, knowing how it has been awarded to them, the human cost and the bigoted laws of that country. I appreciate no regime is squeaky clean, no tournament or country pure as fresh snow, but this is on another level. Fans will probably use the excuse of ' We are just not hypocrites' , but morally there has never been a tournament as disgraceful as this.
  19. I've not regretted switching to watch Stocksbridge Park Steels, think they are 8th tier. Thing is, it's like going to a proper football match; you really do get that match day experience. Pay through a turnstile, buy a programme and a half time draw ticket, get a hot drink/beer, pie , crisps whatever. Pick whether you want to sit in the reasonably impressive for the level stand, or stand on the terracing. There's a P.A. with music and team announcements. Much more 'wholesome ' and worthwhile, and a better atmosphere for kids. Quite frankly, I don't really notice the difference in levels of football quality either. Games are often exciting with great goals/saves/ tackles etc. I think the problem with watching SWFC is that it is an expensive habit. The minute you miss a few months, you realise you have something better to do with your time and money- that it simply isn't worth it .
  20. Division two , calling you, Sheffield Weeeeeddnessdaaayyy From when we got promoted 1979/80.
  21. Southgate needs to look beyond his pet centre backs of Maguire and Stones. Neither are what's needed at very the top level. I don't care if Maguire has made the team of the tournament in the Euro's etc..he can get in the way if stuff sometimes and that's it. Stones is just a generally poor defender and footballer. We need to be looking at Tomori & Guehi , players with a more modern approach and skillset. I'm not happy with Pickford either , but until someone else arrives with a strong claim, he's not going to be replaced. We are strong at full back/ wing back , across midfield ( I've accepted we will never have a Pirlo type creator ) and our wide and striking options are plentiful, if you accept that Abraham is Kane's back up, and we have Saka, Sancho, Sterling, Rashford, Foden, Grealish , Bowen, and Maddison as supporting cast around them.
  22. You would need very good segregation between drinking and non drinking areas, so families could still go and enjoy the match. If you just had a general rule, it would be carnage . English football fans just cannot behave well enough with alcohol for that to work. As someone has previously said,if you can't go 2 x 45 mins without a beer, or even 1 x 35 mins & 1 x 45 mins if you're a beat the HT Queue merchant, then you have a serious problem.
  23. Sort of serious, but more what @1961OWL says. A player like TAA, young lad that's played , what , 60 games this season including 3 finals and missing out on the Premier league title and Champions League at the last stage..that has to be mentally draining, never mind physically. Last thing I imagine he wanted to do was travel to Hungary to receive racist abuse in a weak tournament. Of course, a player can never say no to playing for England, but maybe for a tournament like this Southgate could have picked an experimental squad who would have more to prove and would have been, quite frankly,more up for it. I'll never forgive the complete disinterest of the England squad in WC2010 in South Africa, where they simply looked like they resented being on this biggest stage in football, but I can forgive a bunch of players looking out of sorts when having to play in these friendlies after 9 months of a football season.
  24. Sounds like the players were not up for this at all, and to be honest I'm not going to criticise them for that. Multi millionaires an all that, but fancy having to go to Hungary to play more football when all your mates are going on holiday.
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