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  1. Well manager after manager have left us on the precipice of the 3rd tier, so just maybe they got it wrong ?
  2. Have Rhodes and Windass started a match together since the Watford 0-0 ? They looked to be forming the closest to a partnership we've seen upfront this season vs Cardiff then Watford. 4 points from 2 matches. All downhill since then.
  3. Anyone claiming on section 75 will probably need to create a new client ID to ever buy tickets again knowing t'old DC Anyway, I got my refund back in November, looks like I was a lucky one.
  4. On my early bird receipt it said 'new card to be issued', check what it said on yours. Obviously I've not heard anything or received it yet though.
  5. And look what the pisstakers said when the season was suspended, in short - keep paying us those installments.. '
  6. Derby have just announced their refund policy, it's basically a straight refund with no ifollow or, 20% discount off next season+ifollow access to all remaining games this season. I think we'll see most clubs announcing something tonight now the EFL have put out their statement.
  7. This is spot on, anyone who paid by credit card will be able to successfully claim back if any clubs are crazy enough to try and screw their fans over this. I'll be doing it for last season's if it starts up behind closed doors before any refund is issued. Can't see DC being mad enough to try in on though, especially after still paying the squad of bums in full. It would be the last straw for many who'd never come back.
  8. Dawson signed a 4 year deal so he won't be going anywhere. I don't think an enforced clear out would do us any harm anyway after the shower we've witnessed this season.
  9. Mark Hooper 1930 FA Cup semi vs Hudders ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlHAGEsJjUk
  10. Fletcher - if he'll take a year deal, probably won't Fox - improved this season and the bar is so slow he's close to being our best player at the moment. Pelupessy should be shot behind the barn, the rest I'd just let leave. Big clear out this summer as Monk builds a squad that he can work with, hopefully anyway.
  11. I think we just couldn't stop them pushing us back as we had nothing in middle of the pitch. That pretty much carried on until half time.
  12. Indeed, the corner king Joey Deacon must take that honour surely ?
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