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  1. James-The-Owl

    Sacrificing Wednesday for Uni

    I went to Huddersfield Uni for the 11/12 promotion season and gave up my ST as I didn't know how often I'd get. Barely missed a game and went to 15 aways too. Got my ST back for the next two seasons while I was still at uni. It's now I've got a bleedin' full time job I struggle...!
  2. James-The-Owl

    Man city ticket

    I've had a ST for the last 10 years but had to jack it in this season for work - sods laws we finally get a good draw! Frustrating as I have 16 aways from last season on my loyalty scheme! If anyone with enough points isn't going and would be willing to let me use their ID to buy a ticket that'd be great, I won't pay double as not into touting but there will obviously be a pint in it for anyone who is willing to do it! PM me if so. Cheers!
  3. James-The-Owl

    Whose gonna weeds game ?

    Me + 2. WAWAW?
  4. 'The covered end choir'
  5. James-The-Owl

    Milkman at QPR (Walkabout)

    Yes, same bloke that climbed the gantry at Palace. He's flipping crackers but harmless enough!
  6. James-The-Owl

    Rotherham away sold out!

    Seems legit.
  7. James-The-Owl

    Rotherham tickets

    Three purchased here too. Should be good.
  8. James-The-Owl

    Peterborough Train

    We're on that train home.11.11 out via Donny.
  9. James-The-Owl

    Leeds Pubs

    There's a spoons in the station?Excellent.
  10. http://yfrog.us/06v20wplrtnzmtptdtbzljdkz For anyone that's interested! UTO.
  11. Quality result, some reyt momentum going into Saturday now. If you've not got a ticket for Leeds get one first thing in the morning, pay the price through gritted teeth cos it's gonna be a quality day UTO.
  12. James-The-Owl

    Peterborough Away

    For anyone that's interested, we're on Sheff to P'boro (via Doncaster) @ 11:11 and P'boro to Sheff (via Retford) @ 21:15. £30 for two singles (£20 if you have a railcard! ) looks about the cheapest.
  13. James-The-Owl

    Peterborough Away

    Has anyone worked out what the best way to get there by train is yet? Bearing in mind the kick off time?
  14. James-The-Owl

    Rate the Travelling Owls Fans at Leicester

    We were excellent today. Reyt loud.
  15. James-The-Owl

    Dave Jones on talkSPORT

    He's on after the break.