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  1. I went to Huddersfield Uni for the 11/12 promotion season and gave up my ST as I didn't know how often I'd get. Barely missed a game and went to 15 aways too. Got my ST back for the next two seasons while I was still at uni. It's now I've got a bleedin' full time job I struggle...!
  2. I've had a ST for the last 10 years but had to jack it in this season for work - sods laws we finally get a good draw! Frustrating as I have 16 aways from last season on my loyalty scheme! If anyone with enough points isn't going and would be willing to let me use their ID to buy a ticket that'd be great, I won't pay double as not into touting but there will obviously be a pint in it for anyone who is willing to do it! PM me if so. Cheers!
  3. Yes, same bloke that climbed the gantry at Palace. He's flipping crackers but harmless enough!
  4. Three purchased here too. Should be good.
  5. We're on that train home.11.11 out via Donny.
  6. There's a spoons in the station?Excellent.
  7. http://yfrog.us/06v20wplrtnzmtptdtbzljdkz For anyone that's interested! UTO.
  8. Quality result, some reyt momentum going into Saturday now. If you've not got a ticket for Leeds get one first thing in the morning, pay the price through gritted teeth cos it's gonna be a quality day UTO.
  9. For anyone that's interested, we're on Sheff to P'boro (via Doncaster) @ 11:11 and P'boro to Sheff (via Retford) @ 21:15. £30 for two singles (£20 if you have a railcard! ) looks about the cheapest.
  10. Has anyone worked out what the best way to get there by train is yet? Bearing in mind the kick off time?
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