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  1. Input a capital 'P', then change the font for it to Windings 2.However, might not help if it has to be submitted online.
  2. de g.

    WEB Design help

    The question is more, can it be done legally? I'd check who owns the copyright in the .css files, as breach of copyright could cost far more than the £50k cost of a new site.
  3. de g.

    Excel help

    The simplest way to create a dropdown list is to use data validation. If you're sorting, put the list for the validation on a different sheet, then create a name for that range (Insert>Name>Define for versions of Excel pre Vista). Then when you set up the validation (Data>Validation and select list from the Allow box), rather than putting in the cell range from your current sheet, type in the name you've defined.
  4. Shouldn't the fact that the URL starts "http://www.currys.co.uk" indicate that there's numerous better deals around?
  5. de g.

    Excel help

    Eh what?I'm sure it is (it's possible to do anything in Excel), but I'm not clear what you're trying to do.
  6. I use Free Virtual servers at www.freevirtualservers.com.They've got a top notch control panel (cPanel), really easy to use, you can set the parameters as you need to (important if you're running a CMS, especially so if you're a n00b like me and don't know what you're doing with it). You get 100mb bandwidth per month on the free package, or 500mb per month with the £15 p/a package. It's also dead cheap to get a domain name through them. I get (on the £15pa package): 150mb webspace 500mb bandwidth up to 500 email addresses up to 25 email addresses up to 3 MySQL databases Webmail (Horde
  7. de g.

    word help

    Right click on the toolbarsTurn on the 'Reviewing' Toolbar Then you have three options. To see it without the notes, from the drop down box select 'final' instead of 'final showing markup'. Or from the show button, turn off all the items you don't want to see (comments, annotations etc). If it's just a case of getting rid of marked changes, you can accept all by clicking the 'Accept Change' button and select 'Accept all changes in document'.
  8. de g.


    You won't stand a chance.COBOL (COmmon Business Oriented Language) is one of the oldest languages around, and as such there are a lot of very experienced programmers around who are specialists in that and some of the earlier languages.
  9. Oh good, I'm glad I was right in the end...Do you ever use the fomula auditing tools? I find them really useful for tracking where an error is - can save the time in having to go through it all again from scratch. They're all on the forumal auditing toolbar, and as well as tracing precedents and dependents, you can get it to highlight and trace where errors occur, allowing you to pinpoint it much more quickly.
  10. did you manage to sort it?
  11. Have you checked the quality of the data? The only thing I can think of that would be confusing it is if one of the inputs is text rather than a number. It could be as simple as returning a O instead of a 0, or it could even be that something is returning a blank cell with "" in it, which counts as text.
  12. The example in your second post seems to achieve what you're looking for - when rationalising your initial formula that's the same as I came up with.I think, to solve it, you just need to put a check to see if they're all zeros - if it is, return a 0: =IF(COUNTIF(D12:Z12,"<>0")=0,0,IF(COUNTIF(D12:Z12,"<0")>=1,MIN(D12:Z12),SMALL(D12:Z12,COUNTIF(D12:Z12,0)+COUNTIF(D12:Z12,"<0")+1))) Hope that helps.
  13. I might be being daft here but... Can you not just use =small(D12:Z12,1) That way, it will give you the smallest number in the array. p.s. pm me if you want me to have a look, I'm not bad on't old excel
  14. www.freevirtualservers.comThey are, as the name suggests, free. They've also got a very good control panel and everything, all you'll need.
  15. Edit: Note to self - read down to the bottom of the thread before posting!I do find Publisher quite a clumsy program to use, but then I'm not a graphic designer and so it is as good as anything else if you know how to use Word.
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