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  1. I think Jackson is still at the club, Render was released.
  2. This It's not usually an issue as teams don't normally start training until July but they've had to start earlier this season due to the ridiculous timing of the World Cup and the domestic season having to start in July as a result.
  3. I suspect insurance considerations also come into it.
  4. AHH is that how it works. I wonder why my Mrs bought me UC06 UNT reg plate for my birthday.
  5. Depends on the clause in the contract. One or two on here supposedly ITK said it was a % of any fee Reading receive.
  6. My interest in Rugby League (or Union for that matter) is such that I wasn't aware there was a World Cup being played in England let alone Sheffield this year.
  7. Always find it strange that folk visit a transfer rumours thread in the hope of learning some transfer news concerning their club then when someone posts some information whether accurate or not they get ridiculed.
  8. Portsmouth at home 30th July
  9. Henegan was 1st I believe so hopefully we're going to be far less vulnerable at set pieces.
  10. Me too. On his question and answer session earlier today Dom Howson said he expected 2 or 3 incoming loans later in the window. I would hope these might be younger players from the Premier or Championship.
  11. He was offered a new deal. I was saying they that for me he didn't do enough to warrant being offered a new deal.
  12. I'm glad he's gone, he didn't do enough to be offered a new deal.
  13. Maybe we put a deadline on the out of contract players. "Re-sign by the time we return to training or the contract offers will be withdrawn".
  14. Be interesting to see if DC has gone for the all singing and dancing flashing light show floodlights.
  15. Haven't the EFL previously said that a Derby takeover needs to be sorted prior to the fixtures being released or they won't be included in them.
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