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  1. Carlos didn’t believe in strength and conditioning if it didn’t involve a ball too
  2. @Danish @icelandowl @CopenhagenOwl be one of these guys
  3. Arsenal are going places, I thought Arteta was a bad call but he's proving himself a good manager. He's doing what I thought they needed to do for a long time- get rid of all their toothless instagram loving players and get some guys in that wanna win games.
  4. Like here rugby is a public school sport so they tend to get good quality coaching there so have a steady stream of decent players. In recent years they were admitted into the Rugby championship (former tri nations) and before pandemic had a team in super rugby which is regarded as the best club competition. So this enabled to keep more players in Argentina.
  5. It’s a vicious cycle, you get some injuries, so other players have to play more and they get injuries. You have to get loans to cover but anyone on the loan market hasn’t played much recently so they’re also more likely to get injured. It’s a sh177er
  6. Argentina have a long history of rugby due to the amount of English people that used to live there setting up clubs. What I meant was that lots of these Argentinians used to leave Argentina and play for Italy, I guess to get to Europe, probably their best 3 players of all time are Argentines, but now Argentina plays regularly in the rugby championship and recently super rugby, so they have more ability to keep their own players.
  7. Well they had a decent side in the years leading up to being included in the 5/6 nations They used to rely on poaching good Argentinian players too However since the game developed in Argentina they can't do that so much now. They're a lesser side now than before they came in.
  8. I hate that argument, but yeh the u20s did beat England this weekend so that's a fair point
  9. I think they do, they never invest to a level to definitely avoid relegation
  10. who is though Rotherham are quite happy yo yo'ing between 1+2 and as long as that happens, Warne is doing a good job for them. They have no expectation of staying in the championship. If somebody meets their expectations they will generally remain in the job, like Dyche avoiding relegation most seasons.
  11. Yeh I always got the impression he felt he was better there, and I think it's evident with him going into central midfield as he got older at lesser clubs but for me he was nowhere near as good as it as he would like to think
  12. I think it was a shame that Man U stopped playing him as a central striker. When he played deeper he wasn't as effective for me.
  13. which nationality do you think you wouldn't be embarrassed to be?
  14. Might be worth buying Smith if we go up, how much would he set us back @AlanLee ?
  15. well played pal, always rated/liked rotherham, ill be great if we can both go up together, glad I put £2 in your bucket so we could witness that today
  16. I think throwing things should have consequences on here. If you throw something at Hillsborough you get banned on Owlstalk.
  17. It's a tricky one, they still fair better than France did when they were introduced, so can still come good. They were a better team before they were let in as they had Troncon and Dominguez and are still awaiting another golden generation. They don't always finish bottom so I don't think relegation/promotion is on the cards. They bring more money in than anyone else in Europe so Romania and Georgia are not an option because it's still about making loads of money. And if they play Georgia who are cited as the next best European team they tend to win. Japan, USA etc are no better and aren't Europe- feels to me it should remain a European competition. Argentina are in the Rugby Championship already. Personally I would prefer they weren't in it and you could play the competition without having a rest week then. But now they're in it seems harsh to boot them out.
  18. I think Meggo is one of the most loved people on here of all time. He has his own cult.
  19. football fans behaviour is becoming very poor nationwide. I think the younger generations don't respond well to authority and then usually football shenanigans on top of that all contribute
  20. I liked it, reminded me of football in the 90s
  21. You must have your year wrong as we won the grand slam at Landsdowne Road in 2003 England making easy work of Italy, some were predicting this was a great chance for them
  22. I am amazed this guy played international football and helped Cardiff get promoted to the PL
  23. the proof is in the pudding though isn't it? though NML was lively there wasn't any end product. He would have caused much more damage in his normal position
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