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  1. Who is fastest, Haaland or Ronaldo? in the final you're looking at Westwood kicking the ball out with 2 men left, advantage would be to whoever was nearest or if Westwood went long who would be quickest to the ball. From there the player has to beat his opponent and then score the one on one
  2. what did you call a pile on of kids all just shooting into 1 net? The first few rounds are ripe for the poachers As the numbers dwindle down advantage would go for quicker players who would be first to the ball from a goal kick, and those that can shoot long Centre halves would likely be the first to be eliminated I reckon winner would be a quicker player, who can beat a man, but would need a bit of strength - I'm going Ronaldo
  3. We called it cuppies, I suspect that's derived from couples but we most often used to play cuppy singles, anyway the game was that it would be every man for themselves shooting into one net, if you scored you would go through to the next round. Each round would eliminate the player that didn't score. Probably everywhere called it a different name, anyway. Also no shots in the 6 yard box. Anyway the worlds 30 best players on the pitch + Callum Paterson. The arena is Wembley stadium, I'm putting Keiran Westwood in net. Who wins? (some dodgy Allen Stanford type businessman is funding it)
  4. bet this restaurant he eats at everyday in Wetherby are absolutely gutted
  5. I don't know, I still imagine he could do much better than Bradford so might be something else drawing him there?
  6. the thing he's missing is that he's not won anything or done anything in Europe or a good relegation survival job. Basically he's not really done anything to make the headlines. He's clearly done a steady job everywhere though.
  7. who was our 1000th sub ever used? did they win a special prize?
  8. Imagine if when Wing was playing rubbish, we gave Byers a bit more of a shot
  9. They shouldn’t be- but he’s insisting on doing a round pegs in square holes thing, fullbacks in wing and centre, outside centre at inside centre. They can all kick amazing, but there is nobody to make a line break or a speedster to finish a move. We can potentially grind out wins against Ireland and France if our pack stays disciplined but the attacking side is awful. It’s a shame because with smith we have a guy that can provide that threat but he doesn’t have the ammo.
  10. It’s funny but sadly it seems to have taken a bit longer than his usual clubs with Leeds
  11. My Jermaine Johnson paradox is applicable to him “well if he could do that, he wouldn’t be here”
  12. No bielsa - flawed genius everyone realised it
  13. I thought England were awful yesterday. The backs are so basic
  14. yeh it's nothing new, I remember a Rovers fan dying a few years ago. At the end of the day there are loads of old people there and the game is stressful/exciting so it's going to happen
  15. Is that what happens or what you think should happen sorry?
  16. Haha and if it happened then Deportivo may well have been in it and relevant to this day. That’s why anyone who can wants to be amongst it cos they are motivated by money. in the USA it’s like $100 dollars to watch a Ppv, the none traditional football fans from here and Asia have money to spend and they couldn’t give a damn about the history of the game they just wanna see big stars face each other they’d much rather watch Chelsea V Munich than a domestic league game.
  17. That’s an interesting one in itself. Doctors don’t want to be a medic responsible for emergency care of tens of thousands of people
  18. Because leagues peak and trough potentially? Like through the 90s and 2000s it was Italy then Spain which always had the big clubs and biggest transfer fees. I remember I used to mess around on games making super league’s and would only have Man Utd/Arsenal sometimes Liverpool in them and about 7 Italian clubs- Juventus, Milan clubs Rome clubs seemed huge at the time then you’d have some of the others too, Fiorentina and Parma seemed low down the pecking order compared to that lot but always seemed to have some huge names. Spain had a similar period too with the usual teams and Valencia, Deportivo etc. if the teams that are big now group together they’ve got a good chance to secure success for sometime to come. It’s those that get in while somethings on point that benefit, look at us how left behind we have been with our awful period coinciding with them PL boom. If this happened in the early 90s it would probably be a completely different story for us.
  19. Spurs kinda push themselves in there with little basis.
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