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  1. LampsJnr

    Credit due to stoke city fans

    Jack Butland also looked at the scoreboard and joined in, never seen that from a player before and was a great gesture.
  2. Do you honestly not think the players know? Really?
  3. LampsJnr

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

    You do have to pay £99 if you want one tomorrow.
  4. You won't be buying the new shirt then, your optimism is misplaced.
  5. LampsJnr

    Sean Clare

    Not sure London is local! Understand the sentiment though!
  6. LampsJnr


    FF out Isaac Success in
  7. LampsJnr

    Next season kit

    What if the kit launch is delayed because Mr C is this week tying up a new sponsorship deal? Maybe that will give people more energy? And it's not bull. Clues and puns intended!
  8. The one who has just signed a new deal with them?
  9. LampsJnr

    Carvalhal to Porto

    Sorry but you are wrong, that's today. I know someone who saw them.
  10. LampsJnr

    Hirstys young un

  11. Robert "Bob" Jackson did all the half time scores. First prenter of praise or grumble
  12. LampsJnr

    Parking Tickets

    Why not leave the car in the park and ride at Middlewood? 5 minute walk to the ground and loads of spaces every game.
  13. LampsJnr

    Squad Numbers

    Billy Mercer?