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  1. First away game my six year old daughter has been to and we were right next to it - thanks a lot you set of mindless two hats
  2. And people use to moan when we couldn’t beat the teams toward the bottom of the table!!!
  3. Don’t agree but I’ll accept your point. Simply allows the culture to become what it is which is why it is. Leave it with you
  4. Massive difference though! Only way to get rid of them is to highlight them for what they are. This won’t do that sadly...
  5. Interesting over the years where I sit, same people who think Palmer is worthy of a place also thought Sean McAllister was a good player at the time!! Cringe!!
  6. Jesus Christ!! Have you seen him when he has to deliver a key ball or finds himself in a good position at an angle in front of goal. Corner flags start shaking - horrendous!!
  7. When he eventually leaves will quickly become a league 2 / conference player. Simply nowhere near good enough and kept because he doesn’t command a wage and occasionally does a job although a bad one...
  8. All I’ll say is it’s an absolute steal mate and well worth it and that’s due to Martin...
  9. Just wanted to place on here my thanks to our club for allowing things like this to happen!! After getting in touch with the club a few weeks ago (didn't think it would be possible), Ozzie Owl (Martin) attended my six-year-old daughters birthday party yesterday and surprised her when the cake was on its way out!! She had absolutely no idea he was going to pop out on her and it made her day even more special. He was a top sport throughout, dancing along and getting involved in all the other entertainment that was going off!! Brilliant memories - Top bloke, Top club!! Roll on August!! UTO
  10. That proves my point even more. We are overpriced.
  11. We are overpriced irrespective of injuries. Over the last six home games, Blades are 17th in form table. Over last 6 away games despite all the injuries we sit 10th. Not saying we will win but its definitely a risk worth taking at the price offered. £27 from me on away win...
  12. Yet despite being so unfit we finished 6th and then 4th out of the 24 super fit teams. Strange that - getting boring now
  13. On we go. We are 'literally' unbeatable at the moment. 7 and counting. 12 off the all-time record!!
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