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  1. 8 Days until we start the challenge and we are just shy of £5,000 as we aim to get as close to £25,000 as possible. Any help appreciated https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/ninetytwo-in-92
  2. We are getting some fantastic donations coming through people - a good majority of which are from Owls fans so thank you all very much - you know who you are....
  3. Firstly, thank you for reading this email, as I am aware there are quite a few similar topics that go on. I am hopeful that the football link involved will capture some attentions!! We are three serving police officers from Sheffield, South Yorkshire and in July, we will be taking on the challenge of visiting all 92 football league grounds in 92 hours. Within our trio, we have an Owl, a Blade and Spurs fan (That generally gets asked quite quickly!) One car, 3 cops, 92 grounds, 92 hours, 2,400 miles. We are taking on this challenge to raise money for The Children’s Hospit
  4. First away game my six year old daughter has been to and we were right next to it - thanks a lot you set of mindless two hats
  5. And people use to moan when we couldn’t beat the teams toward the bottom of the table!!!
  6. Don’t agree but I’ll accept your point. Simply allows the culture to become what it is which is why it is. Leave it with you
  7. Massive difference though! Only way to get rid of them is to highlight them for what they are. This won’t do that sadly...
  8. Interesting over the years where I sit, same people who think Palmer is worthy of a place also thought Sean McAllister was a good player at the time!! Cringe!!
  9. Jesus Christ!! Have you seen him when he has to deliver a key ball or finds himself in a good position at an angle in front of goal. Corner flags start shaking - horrendous!!
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