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  1. Would have been nice to have a blu-ray. It is 2018 afterall. But delighted it is being released at all.
  2. If people can't see that he set up the move then I give up. Fantastic link up play.
  3. Can't see it in an earlier thread, but once again he delivered. What a player at this level.
  4. I was genuinely thinking about doing this...but frankly the way they cocked up the watch order means I am no longer considering it!
  5. Me too. I wouldn't mind but I got my order in almost straight away! What an f ing shambles! They can shove their replacement watch offer too.
  6. The club reserves the right to cancel it in the T&Cs if payments are missed.
  7. Yes Dave, I was just using Sygma as an example. Any club who offers interest free credit via a card or loan pays a subsidy to the finance company to cover interest costs. They receive the advance (less the subsidy) at the time of draw down.
  8. The company I work for owns Sygma Bank/Creation who do a lot of football season tickets on Credit Card. The Leeds fan is totally wrong. All advances via Credit Card are paid to the club up front. As Dave said, the liability for any default rests with the finance company not the football club.
  9. Yeah me too. Travel from London and I've seen 4 goals all season too. Enough.
  10. Due to travelling from London I've only made it to 10 of the 13 home games. I've seen 1 win and 3 goals all season, 1 of which was from open play. It's for this reason that despite our league position this season has been the most unenjoyable I can remember.
  11. Well I do. I travel from London so like to watch a few US series on the ipad during he 4 hour round trip. Therefore it will also be at the match. What an idiotic comment.
  12. I was there. I have a southern accent. I also have a season ticket. Idiot.
  13. Total idiot. I live near you and unlike you do not spend all my time on this forum. To read your self importAnt posts makes me physically sick. I (and a lot of Wednesdayites) meet and travel to S6 every other Saturday morning. You, on the other hand,spend the time on here.
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