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  1. We are the mighty Wednesday,always have been and always will be. We will never give in Three points today. WAWAW
  2. Almost the same for me mate and I'll stick with em....it's a way of life.
  3. I don't fret about Hirst or Rovrum my only concern is three points. I don't care if we sneak one over the line in added time......I just want us to WIN.
  4. Wish we had the likes of Jim Mcalliog now......or David Ford....or Tommy Craig...... anyway three points tonight will be just fine.
  5. Yes I was there and all through those truly awful years in the seventies. As poor as it was I wouldn't have missed it for anything and would do it all again. WAWAW
  6. This is a pic of the Young Owls in 1981 taken from the programme v Swansea 21 Feb 1981. Some familiar faces......maybe not iconic but interesting for some.
  7. Told this many times but always worth repeating. Ron Springett travelled on the same train as us after each home game. Every time he was beseiged by autograph hunters and us all wanting to talk to our hero. He never ever said no to any of us and was a true gentleman....and the best keeper we and England ever had.
  8. Superb Wednesday team that day,every one of them gave their heart and soul for us. Been proud of every one of them ever since and allas will be.
  9. Yep without a doubt.......I always think we are going to win.
  10. Hello mate. Your comments have set me on getting out the old programme's and reading threads about the Ozzy Owl Club. They were bleak days football wise but I wouldn't have missed them for anything. Most games we knew what was ahead of us but it didn't matter as long as we were there. I agree about Jack Marshall and would add that we have a history of appointments that were not right for us but I suppose that will always be the case when we aren't successful.
  11. Tommy Craig is one of the best I've seen in a Wednesday shirt,a superb footballer.
  12. Me too mate and it sticks in the memory like it was yesterday. The beginning of our 70's decline but we still stuck with 'em all the way.
  13. Afternoon Utah. You are right as the support was all as one and the camaraderie very much in evidence. Never occurred to me once not to go despite the performances and having read John Dysons account it brought back many memories. Not so happy days but all a part of our history.
  14. Dark and miserable days for many of us in the seventies and not just with Steve Burtenshaw. From the game against Man City in 1970 ,when we were relegated from the then First Division, to the Southend match in 1976 where we narrowly escaped dropping into the then Fourth Division. Nowt really to look forward to on those match days but we still had to be there because that's why we are Wednesday.
  15. Three points tonight will be a real boost I reckon. Let's get out of the minus points as soon as we can and that will be massive lift to us all and then we can set about climbing the table.
  16. That day is in my memory and allas will be. You forget weddings, christenings,birthdays and other trivia.....but never that.
  17. Amongst many things there are three that probably are my favourites. I have a brick,inscribed with my Grandsons names,in the SWFC Wall of Fame Chris Turner Gallery.. The wooden plaque was done at school by my daughter in 1986 and the book means a lot to me as my son arranged for me to be listed in the Roll of Honour pages in the book.
  18. I've never booed them all the years I've been going,they are our team and I just can't/won't do it. I've stood there many times feeling disillusioned but booing is a definite no.
  19. Picture and biography of Albert Quixall on page 246 of the excellent book The Wednesday Boys...A Definitive Who's Who of SWFC 1880-2005. Before my time as my first game was 1963.
  20. Premiership is full of theatrical pampered playboy's who mostly have no loyalty to their club or fans. Compared with some that that contribute a great deal of good to society their wages are disproportionate.
  21. Came across this when reading through old fanzines from the 90's, might appeal to anyone who likes wordsearches. Apols if it's been posted before. This is from A View From The East Bank Issue 29.
  22. Said this before I know so apols for being repetitive. After each home game Ron Springett travelled on the same train as us and every time he was inundated for autographs. Never said no to any of us,not once and was a true gentleman. Johnny Quinn was in the same category,decent and loyal.
  23. A true Wednesday legend. Another of my boyhood heroes at the time along with Ron Springett,John Fantham etc. RIP.
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