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  1. A true Wednesday legend. Another of my boyhood heroes at the time along with Ron Springett,John Fantham etc. RIP.
  2. Agree with your assessment mate, Rhodes just isn't going to deliver at SWFC for whatever reason. Week after week and game after game we try to analyse and justify why it's not working for him or us and never come to a conclusion. In my opinion he's had enough opportunities to justify his selection and hasn't done so. Sometimes it's best to accept for all concerned that a parting of the ways is inevitable. I genuinely hope I am wrong and he proves to be a real asset to us but I'm not convinced.
  3. Quality thread this. Already got the traditional pre match music going here.....Cults Rockers Ravers Lovers Sinners. Don't know why that but done it every matchday for yonks before setting off. Three points today. WAWAW
  4. Sterland was a firm fans favourite who we can say was " one of us". For me Roland Nillson was a class act and a player ,as you say,who made the game appear effortless. There have been a few over the years that fall into that category,one of them being Peter Eustace. Oddly I seem to recall it was when Eustace was manager for that disastrous period he fell out with Mel Sterland over the captaincy and he eventually headed for Rangers. Both of them, Sterland and Nilsson,will always be remembered positively by us at Hillsborough and deservedly so.
  5. Hello mate. Just finished the Don Megson a book "A Life In Football"and it's a very good read and I agree with you about Danny Williams who was poor. We can't forget Mel Sterland either who was a good Wednesday defender before Roland Nilsson.
  6. Consider myself lucky enough (and old enough)to have seen two of the best defenders we've ever had in Don Megson and Roland Nilsson. Both were miles(country ones at that) better than probably the worst defender we've ever signed being Mr Blondeau.
  7. Evening Tinkerbell. You are spot on,we are not out and won't be because we are Wednesday. WAWAW
  8. Good to hear a lot of praise and optimism from Wednesday fans that called in.
  9. One of my first Wednesday legends along with Ron Springett,Don Megson and others from that time. A good and loyal man.
  10. We are the mighty Wednesday and nowt else matters. Job done I'm happy now
  11. Ordered it today mate and will be delivered tomorrow.Looking forward to reading it as,like others,I'm old enough to have been through those years.
  12. Now he's resigned at Wigan it will be interesting to see what happens.
  13. Fair point and I was wrong on the Southend match,it was 2-1 and not 2-0. It's my age playing tricks in me.
  14. That is so right mate with league One being the old Third Division. Like others I was on the Kop on 29th April 1976 when we beat Southend 2-0, just escaping relegation to the old Fourth Division. Those dark days should never return but with Chansiri I'm not convinced they won't.
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