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  1. Agree with you about Man Utd game. Like you I have a bucketful of memories but that match is near the top of 'em. You are right also about a full ground. Who can forget leaving the Ozzy Owl club to stand on a roofless kop. Great days.
  2. 9th March 1963 .We beat Man City 4-1 with David "Bronco" Layne and Colin Dobson bagging the goals. Cant honestly remember which came first,no doubt someone on here will. Still got the programme too.
  3. Pity there’s no transfer window for BBC presenters.
  4. Barnsley fan right. “He started it” says Andy Giddings,childish and unprofessional journalism as usual.
  5. Football League World article tonight adds to the mix.
  6. Don’t let’s kid ourselves it’s just about Newcastle, Bruce would go to the highest bidder anywhere. That’s him ,just a greedy selfish individual.
  7. I agree but this Steve Bruce who finds loyalty by looking in a mirror.
  8. Let’s not be too harsh on old ‘Brucie after all he has shown respect to Sheffield United, Huddersfield,Wigan,Crystal Palace,Birmingham,Sunderland,Hull,Aston Villa and the mighty Sheffield Wednesday. I hope he gets to continue his career of respect with Newcastle or any other club needing to be respected immediately.
  9. If Mr Bruce wasn’t so treacherously disloyal we wouldn’t be having this discussion would we. I say that out of respect to Mr Bruce who just doesn’t know the meaning of the word.
  10. “Sheffield Wednesday is not the country’s most glamorous club” Like you I’ve been going for over fifty years. They were the most glamorous for me on the first occasion on March 9th 1963 when we beat Man City 4-1 and they are still the most glamourous. The difference between the likes of us on here and Bruce can be summed up in one word...loyalty.
  11. May as well say it,get it off my chest and take the flak. Steve Bruce is only ever interested in Steve Bruce,always has been and always will be. The jury was out for me when we appointment him because his track record of loyalty to clubs leaves a lot to be desired.I came round and bought in to what he was trying to achieve in turning us round after the Jos disaster. We are now in a difficult situation because of that loyalty issue. If he goes he goes,if he stays he stays but at what cost to many fans trust in him.
  12. One things for sure through all this. As per usual we the fans are being treated as mere bystanders that don’t matter. No statement from the Club or Steve Bruce regarding anything. We are just expected to keep nodding with approval and chucking our money at the Club,which we have done for years. Whether Bruce stays or goes there is one cast iron guarantee and that is we will still be here come what may. WAWAW
  13. Top post and spot on with the comments. Bruce has a history of being disloyal but I really thought,when he came, that this was the real deal for him and us. Sadly he has lived up to his treacherous reputation and as far as I can see he has burned his bridges with us. I just cannot see any way back to us now if the Newcastle post falls through because a proportion of the fan base will simply not trust him again.
  14. Steve Bruce’s whole managerial career has been based on loyalty.....hasn’t it.?
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