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  1. Keep the faith everyone. Chairman/Owners/Directors and players are only tenants of their position whilst it suits them. We are the fan base and will always be there for OUR side. WAWAW
  2. Match day music ready. We are the Mighty Wednesday Three points this afternoon. WAWAW
  3. Has to go down as one of the best I've seen at Hillsborough throughout the years. His timing was impeccable and the strengths he brought to that Wednesday side contributed greatly.
  4. We will win tonight big time because we are Wednesday. There is no team that can compare to us because we are Wednesday. Forget all the pompous, pampered privileged playboy's of the Premiership we are Wednesday and nowt else matters.
  5. Fantastic thread as always,thanks. We are the MIGHTY WEDNESDAY We will WIN TONIGHT WAWAW
  6. If the men in white coats came to our house now they would take me away. This is hilarious,not seen it before.
  7. He's got Football Heaven on speed dial and he's on more than Andy Giddings.
  8. Maybe im amused easily but some of the regulars on Football Heaven are really funny. " Not many Benny" " Know worra mean" Always will remember the bloke that rang in to praise his butcher for the pork chops and the chap who made a call whilst in the bath. Priceless.
  9. We were spoiled then mate with the quality players we had available. Hirst, Bright Williams and Warhurst were a pleasure to watch,as they all were. We will come good again.
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