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  1. Morning mate. That chap was always our first choice ,sometimes Beres or the Chinese Chippy next to the ground for their fishcackes but mostly it was the liver and sausage (with brown sauce).
  2. If it was as good as the liver and sausage sarnies,with brown sauce, that bloke with the mobile wagon served just outside then maybe.
  3. It's a way of life...a natural happening......written in the stars.......nowt complicated about it.
  4. Fair point is that mate.
  5. Morning mate. we had several disappointments that season such as losing away at Chesterfield and at home to other sides we clearly should have beaten. For whatever reason Chris Turner wasn't the man who was going to turn us round and give us any success.
  6. Always was a doubt about his age but could be very effective at times.
  7. v Stockport County 13 September 2003
  8. These are the teams from the match on 23 September 1986.
  9. Our record against Stockport,apols if image not very clear.
  10. WAWAW We are mate,always have been and always will be. Despite feeling disappointment they will be lthe ast thing on my mind tonight and the first in the morning.
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