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  1. Hello mate.All I am saying,perhaps not too clearly,is that no matter how poor the situation is we the fans matter and will always stand by our club. As I knock nearer seventy than sixty i will never forget the first time I went or when I first took my son and daughter. We must keep the faith and hopefully times will get better.
  2. I understand how you feel mate because there's plenty of us feeling the same right now.My dad took me to my first game in 1963 when we beat Man City 4-1 and from then on SWFC have been a major part of my life,as it has for may other Owlstalkers. Through the disappointment of the '66 Cup Final to those awful nights like against Southend when we narrowly escaped the old fourth division by the skin of our teeth. In the eighties and nineties I took my son and daughter just like many others because that's what Wednesday supporters do,it's a family tradition. Through all that we have seen some highlights and many let downs but the one constant is us the supporters and our love of OUR club. The Allen years were unforgivable because of his attitude to us and I bitterly regret the day Chansiri walked into Hillsborough,though others will disagree. What Chansiri doesn't get is that to most of us our SWFC is a way of life that determines many things for us. He will never understand that,never had done and never will do. Supporters like you and others on her are the loyal backbone and will always be there,we don't kiss the badge and move on to the highest bidder. Keep the faith mate because the suits in the Boardroom won't always be the same but we Wednesday fans will. Rant over. Thanks.
  3. Morning mate. Fair point,his opinion of us was diabolical.
  4. Perhaps the worst Chairman /Owner in the entire history of our beloved SWFC. A man that has destroyed the club from top to to bottom . The sooner Chansiri gets out of OUR club the better and let's move on.
  5. There's one guarantee in my opinion and that's when Chansiri and his whole bunch of "rich men's toys" mates have gone we will still be there just like we always have and just like we always will be.
  6. Hope not mate I was there and still not got ovver it.
  7. Bang on mate. All FF has done for most of his career is play the "woe is me" card and hasn't been able to detach himself from his ego. Won't be missed in my opinion.
  8. Dont know why but for ages always played the Cult's Pure Cult on matchday before driving there or going on supporter's bus. Not new but will do it again today.
  9. Apols for poor typing...damn predictive thingy. Mark Bright was of course a good 'un.
  10. No probs mate. Will ask around for you and thanks for Mark Bright....a good ' in. Look after yourself?
  11. Hello mate.Not the ones you want but I do have these,all Wednesday v Palace. 14 May 1983 Division Two 5 October 1991 Division One 20 February 1993 Premiership 25 October 1997 Premiership 2 February 2002 Division One 31 October 2006 Championship If any of these appear on your list let me know. Thanks
  12. These articles about Tarquin amused my son and I for ages....and still do. A Horn Of A Dilemma is from The Blue And White Wizard Issue 3 Winter 1993. Raffle Of A Simple Man is the same fanzine Issue 4 Spring 1994.
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