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  1. What was the names of the two daft ‘uns on the balcony in the Muppets? They would make a better job than the Manager and Chairman.
  2. Never been owt else and never will be. Ozzy Owl Club, Kop with no roof...the list goes on. ‘Appen we just don’t agree on this.
  3. My first game was also 1963,it was March 9th and we beat Man City 4-1 with Bronco Layne getting a hat trick. No intention of going anywhere else it just isn’t allowed BUT I don’t support this Chairman or Manager and won’t them both out now. Ive been here longer than those two clowns and they are making our lives a misery and I don’t feel guilty about wanting them gone.
  4. Steve Bruce is the bloke who drifts from club to club and never wins anything major. Disloyal and just thinks of himself until the next offer comes along. On top of that a win rate of 38%. Is that what we really need to take us forward.?
  5. Football Heaven tonight had several comments from Owls fans saying let’s get McCarthy in. Dont understand it myself when his career win rate is no better then some managers we have sacked in recent times. Could he do us a job and lead us on to greater success....maybe fans of Ipswich,Wolves or Sunderland might have an answer to that conundrum.
  6. Saw Bob Dylan at the Isle of Wight in 1969....am I allowed to contribute. Also Led Zepp at Bath Festival in 1971...WOW.
  7. I remember Ron Springett ...as Redowl nods in his rocking chair sipping his evening cocoa.
  8. Let us down along with the others in the “betting scandal”. Still annoys me that good working folk were paying their hard earned money to be loyal to the mighty Owls. That loyalty was seemingly returned by betting against their own team if we believe all we are told and read.
  9. Hello mate,first game was against Man City in 1963,we beat them with Bronco Layne getting a hat trick. Was also at the infamous games with Southend when we escaped the old fourth by a whisker and Man City when we didn’t escape.Thats what Chansiri doesn’t get....its called loyalty. When he’s finished using us a plaything we will still be here. Also saw Bob Dylan at the Isle of Wight in 1969 but that’s another story.
  10. Bang on mate it’s our Club and I’ve been going since 1963. I don’t need a Johnny come lately telling my fellow fans how to behave.
  11. This is the sort of rubbish we expect from a Chairman who knows nowt about football or Wednesday and our heritage. Please leave all this sentimental “family” twaddle to those that believe in fairy stories and moons made of green cheese. Give us back our history and heritage and he may receive a little respect but to berate loyal fans for being unhappy is “crossing the line”...as someone has said.
  12. Chansiri is the root of the problem. A hard nosed business man taking the club for a ride in my opinion. Our heritage and tradition is being soaked away drip by drip by an owner that simply doesn’t understand football.
  13. Making me feel old. I recall Fantham, Dobson, Quinn,Springett,Eustace,Young and a shed load of others since my first game in '63 (we beat Man City 4-1). Sgt Wilko was a breath of fresh air and restored some pride and values as did Jack Charlton.
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