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  1. These articles about Tarquin amused my son and I for ages....and still do. A Horn Of A Dilemma is from The Blue And White Wizard Issue 3 Winter 1993. Raffle Of A Simple Man is the same fanzine Issue 4 Spring 1994.
  2. Hello Nev. Just dug out Cheat 24 from April/May 95 price 30p. Brilliant quip on cover from Trevor Francis. A really good read.
  3. That's right mate. Just carpeting the living room with old editions of both.
  4. Can't help you a great deal but the name crops up on different topics on Owlstalk going back a few years.
  5. Evening mate. I have just one and it is Issue 1 from 2000/2001.Theres a picture of Paul Jewell on the cover and it's editor was Graham Lightfoot.
  6. Spitting Feathers, Wednesday Half Day Closing,Cheat,Blue and White Wizard A View From The East Bank and Out of The Blue were all top rate fanzines in my opinion. I was fortunate enough to contribute articles for OOTB for a short time and spend hours,especially nowadays,reading through the different fanzines I have. Some top class humour in them and thought provoking articles. For me they were a part of all things Wednesday.
  7. Is that an advert mate 😀...looking forward to it. Had some good times in that most respectable of establishments.
  8. I knew Joe personally and politically and worked with him for many years. A good man and the best MP I had the privilege of working with. A true Wednesday fan and loyalist. Sincere condolences to his family.
  9. Surely not.....he's seventy odd and still singing with the Manfred's.
  10. If this is true then the idiot concerned should get a life ban from all grounds. He should then be prosecuted for his wreckless and irresponsible behaviour that could potentially have done a lot of damage to others The fact that the report says he is not a risk means naff all....he is clearly a menace to do society. Rant over. Grr Grr Grr
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