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  1. Ordered it today. Also thoroughly enjoyed John D.yson's "Our Lowest Ebb' and Tim Whitworth's " Through The Modern Era"..
  2. We are the one and only incomparable, magnificent and superb Sheffield Wednesday. Just can't help missen......but it's true.
  3. Memories for those of us not as young as we used to be.....but still Wednesday after all the years.
  4. Spot on mate. It's maybe a bit of nostalgia with me but a superb kit.
  5. We are a big club, always have been and always will be....we are the Mighty Sheffield Wednesday. Just can't help missen....but it's true.
  6. I give this 4cd set a play from time to time. The fourth disc, the Millennium Concert is particularly good in my opinion.
  7. Afternoon mate. Can't comment on Thunder live as I've not seen them only on several dvds. I do find the banter on some of them off-putting as I prefer artists to just get on with it. That said I've seen several that hardly acknowledge their audience and that's not good either.
  8. Danny Bowes in Thunder can't half rattle on at times,sometimes in mid song. Good vocalist though.
  9. Yes mate,you are right, he's up there with the very best.
  10. Both of these are exceptional in my opinion, Live at Montreux and Guitar Heaven. Top quality from a master craftsman.
  11. Good choice mate,a superb musician is Carlos Santana.
  12. Reading this on today of all days angers and saddens me in equal amounts. We are loyal Wednesdayites that have given our total devotion to Sheffield Wednesday from day one of our lifetimes journey with our Club. We have grown older and taken our children ,as our parents did with us, because that's what being Wednesday is,it's a family affair. We have photo albums stacked with memories of all things Sheffield Wednesday and Owls memerobilia adorn our houses. We keep old programmes,press cuttings,season tickets and more besides because we are Wednesday and that's what we do. We live,breathe
  13. Been a Wednesdayite all my life through good ,bad and indifferent. Walking away isn't it in my vocabulary nor will it ever be......ever. I'm angry and disappointed, aye and maybe disillusioned,but deserting our Club isn't the answer.
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