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  1. thanks - resigned to traffic to be honest, was just curious if some reason couldn't use Kingsbury tub station I wasn't aware of
  2. why can't you jump on at Kingsbury? that's my plan
  3. perhaps a daft question - but for friends and family set up on my system - I can see their IDs but not their post code (at least their post code as per my friends and family list). Is there way to see these in my account? I have a few people with different post codes (as have moved since first setup) and I'm not sure which one is correct
  4. yes, unbelievably. End product very unpredictable from JJ or Antonio (JJ was worse) BUT both could and would pick up the ball anywhere in our half and run with it, power strength pace and get a shot off, or create a chance or a moment of magic from themselves. Yes they're be the row z ones, particularly JJ long rangers, but they could do something. I always thought it was papering over the cracks that we relied on those players to do that - it is blatantly clear now. We do not have anyone who will make a run and take players on, someone like Helan does it once every so often but not enough - whether that's tactical I don't know. But you can tell when players pass it, they stand still and expect something to happen now. Before, to a degree, that was ok as Antonio or JJ would run at teams and get something. When you have Maghoma, Maguire, Palmer, Mattock, Nuhui, May etc etc none of these have a spark to go and take on three players and get something. The quicker balls across midfield from Mcgugan will hopefully help rather than the painful build up we've had, but it needs the whole team to get involved and for me JJ and Antonio probably covered up a big gap in our team.
  5. Not long is my opinion, but also what I want. If gray can't sort this out then he goes. Yes it's not his fault the players can't score, but he's very defensive and ultimately whether you're gray or any manager the book stops with you, your fault Or not. I thjnk if we lose another he's got to worry
  6. Gray needs to get over this pitch malarky, black pools pitch today was shocking, yet Blackpool and forest managed a 4-4 draw - 8 bleeding goals (also both teams have been at best indifferent and worst woeful this season and yet still score as many as goals between them in one game as we've managed at home all season) http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/blackpool-slammed-over-dismal-state-5163690
  7. true, it is getting a bit boring. is it a mess? absolutely. But is it the reason we can't score or win at home? no. He's probably mentioning it non stop hoping the new owners will fix it, but as I say, if/when fixed, he will have to produce the form that's been sorely lacking so far.
  8. given our recent influx of players, the pitch seems to now be the only thing gray can cling to for our abysmal home form.
  9. exactly this. They have good players, but their league position shows results haven't been good enough and there are no easy games in this league - sooner or later we have to think we can win games and not be scared of the opposition whoever they are. Some of our fans seemed happy we only lost 3-0 to Watford and it's ok because they are a good side, yet Birmingham who were bottom (or as good as) went and beat them a week or so after we played them. The lack of goals is scary, and one home win is frankly appalling, as a ST holder £360 per win isn't great value for money - even under DJ where we didn't win until November last year we had won the same amount of home games. Let's see some attacking play tomorrow Mr Gray, and get some bloody service to May and Nuihi. Hopefully Mcgugan can show what he's all about too, don't remember him having a touch last Saturday.
  10. don't understand any logic of being priced out of it on the South or North. I love the Kop, so understand people have a personal preference. But if you're that bothered about going, and sit on the North/South and renewal is too much, swap to the Kop. It might not be your preferred seat, but if you really wanted to watch Wednesday you'd shift. Not as if the Kop is sold out. If you don't want to renew fair enough, but I can't see how you can be priced out when you can sit elsewhere for less but choose not to.
  11. the sad thing is he claimed he'd seen it on the camera replayed and it was a def penalty. idiot - clearly a dive., he grazed Llera's leg (by kicking it!) and wanted a pen. scum. All 3 reds deserved, frim pong (despite Agent Wilson's crying) was clearly warned after his first dodgy tackle that was his last warning, then gets booked, then gets a second deserved but stupid second yellow. For Wilson to cry about Marriner is pathetic that he dealt with it wrongly - he should be furious with ping pong, on a booking you do not make such a stupid tackle. as for Melis - well the footy league highlights show his reaction and he clearly says "stupid" in response to Melis diving in so can't argue that either. JJ straight red and also deserved.
  12. don't be soft - I picked one game I vividly remember him playing well in. It's hard to remember too many others because our tactical genius Jonesy wouldn't play Madine other than 5 mins here and there. but you go on being selective. I haven't said anywhere Madine is the answer, but I genuinely think he can score goals in this league,. Can I guarantee that? no. But can you guarantee he wont? No - because he hasn't had his chance
  13. how many proper chances though? It's ok being a 5 minute sub or starting one game ,but then being out of the picture fore 6 weeks then getting a start again. Wickham has shown exactly what can happen when you are playing week in week out and confident. wickham is clearly different gravy, but Madine is a confidence player - the L1 season we went up he was scoring for fun and a beast. Last year against dingles at home he was a beast. Get him in that form, with some service (NOT long balls up to him and expect miracles) and who knows.
  14. He's messed up, not only once either, but hopefully having to go to jail will have woken him up a bit. He punched someone - stupid? yes? Deserved? I, nor anyone else (unless they were there that night) knows if it was. I suspect in all honesty, certainly in respect of the guy who said madine asked why he was looking at him, it was some drunk idiot giving Madine some grief (as many wednesdayites did every week for no apparent reason when he dared to get a touch of the ball or even warm up as a sub) and Madine also being drunk overreacted. Does it make it ok? No, but the other guy he allegedly punched (a piggy too?) actually changed his story in court and said it wasn't Madine he thought. At the end of the day, he committed a crime, as convicted by his peers. do his time sorted. it's not like he did something like a certain someone formerly employed at S2, or got behind the wheel drunk and killed someone like certain footballers still in employment. We need strikers, Madine I've always said could score goals for us, given service and a bit of commitment from him to bulk up/get stronger. I would happily have him back. and also - I think Dave Jones clearly said in a post match interview before Madine was jailed that the club had suspended his pay - so seriously doubt we're paying his wages - but it makes sense to keep him on the books and hold his registration as if we do want him now he's out we've got a ready player, and if we don't we may as well get a fee for him from someone else rather than getting nowt.
  15. well he clearly wants the job, so I'd say if it was me I'd be getting pretty annoyed - especially after being told a decision would be made, then again that a decision would be made, then beating some nearby sc*m 6-0 and still not getting the job!
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