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  1. Agree. We should always be Wednesday. we were 'The Wednesday' I think first and the Sheffield prefix came later? Given that I could stomach RB Wednesday if it meant we were less poo.
  2. Haven't had a beer in the ground for years. Both beer and service is crap.
  3. In isolation yes but defending as a unit yesterday was a joke. We were lucky not to be two nil down at HT.
  4. When he announced the team for yesterday half of them.woild have been thinking WTF is going on? Think he lost a few players and fans with selections and "tactics" yesterday. Once respect of players has gone it's a long way back. Nice guy or not.
  5. If the plan is keep it tight and win one nill then you just cannot afford individual errors. They will always cost you, as they have done.
  6. Like literally one clap? What if he misses it will you do another?
  7. Yes please. It really make it difficult and takes away from something that is awesome and helpful. Cheers
  8. Nothing I noticed mate. It was as it always was. Apart from bogs and exiting gangway it was easy enough to dodge most of crowded areas though.
  9. I thought we were jammie dodgers at times yesterday but will try and digestive the result before I give my opinion a whirl.
  10. Very unlikely they will all be 100% fit at same time, all the the time. Shodipo is injured right now.
  11. Just says "adult hospitality" so must be strippers. I'm in!
  12. According to transfermarkt we sold darko kovacevic for 7.2m. Your point still stands though!
  13. That's literally the worse chant ever mate. Too long and not very catchy
  14. Thing is, if they were bullet proof and had no injuries they would prob be regulars at their own clubs or other prem sides. It's only because we have to take a risk that we can near these types of players.
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